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Camp365 Introducing the World’s first fold out Cabin.

Temporary constructions

A Motorhome You Can Easily Detach From: Meet the Fieldsleeper. On January 11, 2012 The Fieldsleeper is a unique motorhome designed by a company named Tonke.

A Motorhome You Can Easily Detach From: Meet the Fieldsleeper

I found out about these gorgeous campers thanks to the famous Lloyd Kahn over at his blog. By the way, Lloyd’s recently released his latest book, Tiny Homes: Simple Shelters, that you can order now through Amazon. But anyway you’re here to see the Tonke Fieldsleeper 1 Camper because it’s that AMAZING motorhome that DETACHES from itself. Pretty smart concept! Photos Courtesy of Tonke Campers.


Tipis. Yurt. Avantgardens - Timelapse construction of a Munsee Native... How To Build A Sami Hut In Wood. The last but very important thing to do is to cover the hut with some protection against weather and rain.I choosed to cover the hut with tarpaper because its easy and cheap, or you can paint the hut directly with tar if you want, but it is a messy project to do that....You can see that i have nailed some ribbons over the tarpaper that this summer will be used to mount some (i have not decided what type yet) outer panel on.

How To Build A Sami Hut In Wood

MODULE D’HABITAT NOMADE. Project Description Habitat autoconstructible et autosuffisant Le projet propose de revisiter un habitat de type minimum, autour du thème de la haute qualité environnementale et de l’auto-construction.


Il s’attache à offrir une réponse transversale mais non exhaustive aux questions liées à l’habitat d’urgence, au nomadisme contemporain, à l’habitabilité des interstices urbains et à la notion d’empreinte écologique. Klockan elva: Innovativa friggebodar. Dessa två innovativa friggebodar är unika på var sitt sätt men jag tycker ändå att de påminner en del om varandra.

klockan elva: Innovativa friggebodar

Båda är svarta med flera vinklar och vrån samt de ger en fin kontrast till sin omgivning. Poliedro Habitable on Behance. About El proyecto consiste en concebir en el jardín posterior de una vivienda unifamiliar localizada a las afueras de la ciudad, un pequeño parque o es… Read More.

Poliedro Habitable on Behance

Yurts (Ger), Tipis, Geodesic Domes, and Caravans for Sale in Portugal. In Portugal you do not normally need planning permission to site a ger/yurt, tipi, caravan, gypsy wagon, or other "temporary structure" as long as you don't put it on a permanent concrete base.

Yurts (Ger), Tipis, Geodesic Domes, and Caravans for Sale in Portugal

These low-impact dwellings can be an ideal solution for land where there is no planning permission, for a temporary home whilst renovating a property, as a guest room or holiday rental. These "Mini Casas" are perfect for those wanting to live a more sustainable life. Ikea's flat-pack refugee shelters go into production. Ikea is producing 10,000 of its flat-pack temporary shelters designed for refugees made homeless by conflict and natural disasters (+ slideshow).

Ikea's flat-pack refugee shelters go into production

The Ikea Foundation will supply the Better Shelter units to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), which will distribute them globally to displaced families and communities later this year. 550 Sq. Ft. Prefab Timber Cabin by FabCab. Hand-built By Friends, A Wooden Yurt Rises In The Adirondacks. Photos: Liz Vidyarthi via Re-Nest Yurts: they're not just for hippies anymore.

Hand-built By Friends, A Wooden Yurt Rises In The Adirondacks

With 2010 being officially declared as The Year of the Yurt by some, no wonder vendors have been popping up left and right recently, each hawking various updated versions of the traditional nomad home (made from canvas, wood, synthetics or even garbage). But even old yurts can have something fresh to say, like this 250 square-foot beauty nestled in the Adirondacks. Hand-built 34 years ago by the Farrell family and their friends, this amazing project shows that the yurt was merely a start for something bigger. Apartment Therapy's green-living spinoff blog Re-Nest toured the Farrell family's yurt retreat. Urban Nomad Redux: Build and Live in Your Own Microhouse.

Images: Alex Farmer.

Urban Nomad Redux: Build and Live in Your Own Microhouse

Eco-Built Homes. A super-efficient tiny house with retractable steel frame for easy transporting.

Eco-Built Homes

Glam Tent. A small cabin with canvas roof that can be rented at Dunton Hot Springs in Dolores, Colorado. Designed and built by Reclaimed Space. Fforest Dome. Fforest’s most famous feature is the dome. We were the first in the UK to have them and continous improvement means ours are still the best. Each dome is sited to offer privacy and take advantage of the wonderful views on offer. Some are located in open meadow with plenty of room to run around, while others are tucked into peaceful corners just a short hop from the cedar barrel sauna.

Tiny Swiss Geodesic Dome. A small geodesic dome in Zermatt, Switzerland. Dome built by Pacific Domes. Suspended Tiny Living Spaces. The idea of living in the trees is a fun one to imagine. Treehouses are one way to set yourself aloft, but suspending your tiny place with cables or straps is another. Here are a couple of clever examples of folks who’ve brought these visions to life. This first example is from Erik Pirolt, an artist in Norway. It’s called Flying View and you can see more of it on his website. This next suspended structure is a 20 pound tent that can be setup in as little as 10 minutes. The production model became available in March of 2013 and was developed in partnership with product designer Kirk Kirchev. If you have seen any other cool suspended tiny living spaces, please email me links at

Also… thanks for Oliver Swann at Natural Homes for the Flying View tip! Portable Geodesic Yurts that are Lightweight and Leakproof. Shelter Systems Geodesic Yurts are our most popular portable Geotensic™ shelters. Known for their lightweight construction and strength as well as for the large amount of light they let in, they are made with a strong, tear-resistant fabric and non-puncturing tarp fasteners. They are truly portable and guaranteed to be leak proof. These Yurts have served as family living spaces, camping tents, emergency shelters, studios, playrooms, retreats, fair pavilions, expedition tents, research tents, and more.

Note that on this site we use the terms domes and yurts interchangeably. Our Geodesic Yurts are used as Greenhouses, Disaster Relief Shelters,Tents, Portable Classrooms, Cabin Tents, Hot Tub and Spa Covers, Pool Covers, Guest Houses, Ski Huts, Base Camps, Youth Camps, Eco tourism Cabins, Camping Tents, Mobile Offices, Shade and Solar Structures... This photo shows the 31' by 16' tall Yurt , two 30' 11' tall and our 20' by 10' tall. Sturdy Design More Photos at Tent Testimonials Questions? The Log Pod Ltd. Projects in Green Architecture & Building. Our BatchGeo world MAP shows the locations of green building and renewable energy projects featured on Solaripedia. 2 brothers build green-roofed portable office in Lake Tahoe. When brothers Tyler and Shaun Bratt began building a structure in their front yard they had plans for a sauna, but mid-build they decided they’d prefer something more practical.

Hundreds of hours later, they finished a hand-crafted portable office for their construction company (Bratt Brothers). With hooks embedded in the living roof, the shelter can be moved by crane and flatbed. Though since it costs $1,000 per move, they try to leave it in one place. Yurts. ÁPH80. Nomadic Resorts Portable Looper Home. Prefabricated housing units have become all the rage all the design scene, but nothing has impressed us quite like the Nomadic Resorts Portable Looper Home.

This 30 foot long structure has been built from a sustainably sourced wooden frame draped in a lightweight tensile fabric. Although the caterpillar inspired design allows for maximum ventilation, the solar canopy atop the unit helps to power an air conditioning unit if the outside temperatures are just too unbearable. In addition to powering the AC unit, the solar canopy also powers LED lights and the solar heater for the hot water, while the harvesting tank recycles waste water.

Each pod includes a a changing room, sleeping area, bathroom, lounge with entertainment system, and even a small office with Wi-Fi to get some work done on the go. [Via] Joe’s Truck House. I don’t feel I missed anything beyond this form of life. IKEA Unveils Solar-Powered Flat Pack Shelters for Easily Deployable Emergency Housing IKEA Refugee Shelter - Gallery Page 7. G4G9 Zome. Bodhisattva Zome. Hivehaus » Modular Living Space.

Hivehaus. Inspired by the hexagonal honeycomb structures built by honey bees to store honey and pollen within a beehive – HIVEHAUS® has been designed by Barry Jackson to be an ultra compact but extremely comfortable living space suitable for a wide variety of applications. Glamping in the Tree Tops with a RooMoon: Hanging Tents. B-and-BEE Stackable 'Honeycomb' Micro Shelters. Fun FieldCandy Tents Range from Colorful to Camouflaged. We put a great deal of thought into the design of our homes … why not our mobile habitats as well?