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TREEHOUSES, Cabanes perchées

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Toutes les constructions au-dessus du sol

Building an Amazing Treehouse. Construire une Cabane dans les Arbres. Le guide, les méthodes - les cabanes - TUTO / Ma cabane Korowai. Construire des Cabanes en France. ARTE / Documentaire 2016 "Sur un arbre perchée" CABINITY.COM site de référence sur l'hébergement insolite. Out'n'About Treehouse Treesort & Construction. Treehouse Building Workshop with Pete Nelson. Treehouses by takashi kobayashi, japan. Takashi kobayashi is a self-taught designer that has brought treehouse vernacular to the japanese landscape. the carpenter and architect of 120 houses throughout japan, his prolificness is borne of a deep-seated investment in the creation of a new architectural tradition in his country added to the hefty, overall aim of each project- to erode the boundary between man and nature. using reclaimed wood, the designer and his collective treehouse people have developed methods since the first building in 1993 for the arboreal structures balanced on living boughs and limbs that avoid stunting the growth of the tree.

treehouses by takashi kobayashi, japan

Modern Wood & Metal Treehouse Floats on a Forest of Stilts. If the idea of a lofted forest home set up against the tree canopy conjures images of rustic cabins or nailed-together shacks, you might need to adjust your perspective when looking up at this expansive contemporary tree house.

Modern Wood & Metal Treehouse Floats on a Forest of Stilts

Set on a series of thin metal stilts (with tension rods to prevent torque), the design by HSWSG is a Japanese weekend getaway both apart from and a part of its surroundings – an unwalled ‘floor’ underneath is shielded from rain, but otherwise open to the elements on all sides. Above and inside, wrapped in a corrugated-steel exterior, is a rather modern minimalist interior with simple straight edges, wood furnishings, glass accents, broad windows and glazed sliding doors. Visite Privée : Une cabane perchée dans les arbres en Écosse. Ces 17 maisons construites dans des arbres sont extraordinaires. Quand nous étions enfants, l’un de nos rêves était d’avoir une cabane dans un arbre, un endroit ou un refuge secret où nous pourrions nous cacher loin de nos parents embêtants et nous amuser tranquillement.

Ces 17 maisons construites dans des arbres sont extraordinaires

A voir ces photos, il semble que certains d’entre nous le font encore. The Treehotel in Sweden. Treehotel, is a gorgeous collection of five uniquely designed treerooms, located in Harads, Sweden … The Mirrorcube The Bird’s Nest The Cabin The Blue Cone The Tree Sauna.

The Treehotel in Sweden

Tree tents by luminair. Nov 26, 2012 tree tents by luminair ‘tree tents’ by luminairall images courtesy of luminair the culmination of three years worth of research, these ‘tree tents’ by luminair are coming to forests near you. bringing awareness to the timber harvest and lifecycle, these suspended capsules bring comfortable and low impact retreats up in the canopies. the living spaces are contained by a sustainable structural frame enclosed with high density cotton canvas fabric. a combination of green ash wood and strong, lightweight hybrid aluminum sub-frame components are easily transported and assembled. steam-bent into a spherical shape, the form spreads loads across the structure to absorb movements of inhabitants. its 100% waterproof exterior is insulated with sheep wool, making the shelters perfect for year-round use and semi-permanent camps. it comes in olive green, red and natural.

tree tents by luminair

Carpenter builds incredible egg-shaped treehouse hidden from view on Crown land just yards from multi-million homes. By Leon Watson Published: 15:40 GMT, 23 April 2012 | Updated: 10:24 GMT, 25 April 2012 It took months to find the right tree to build on, and when he did the spot was on public land looking down on a row of multi-million dollar homes.

Carpenter builds incredible egg-shaped treehouse hidden from view on Crown land just yards from multi-million homes

But that didn't stop Joel Allen - he just built this incredible egg-shaped treehouse in Canada anyway, without telling anyone. The computer technician-turned-carpenter started off by creating a scale model of his design to test its strength and durability, before beginning the months-long quest to find the perfect tree. Cacacacabane. Les Galants. Document sans-titre. Réglementation sur les cabanes perchées. The Treehouse Guide - Seven stage tree house design workflow.

There is a lot to learn about treehouses before you start building if you want a safe, long lasting and economical structure.

The Treehouse Guide - Seven stage tree house design workflow

This seven stage workflow will guide you quickly through the basics with links to more detail on this site. Check the planning/building regulations in your area Design the treehouse plan before you start cutting any wood Keep supports separate to the house framework Allow flexibility in the supports if you use more than one tree Use single large bolts for attachments to the tree Avoid restricting tree growth Build as much as possible on the ground. So you want to install a Garnier limb? Author’s note: This post was originally published in late 2008, and for those of you about to try your hand at treehouse construction and setting Garnier limbs, I hope this gives you a good start.

So you want to install a Garnier limb?

My treehouse business has since suspended operation, but I leave this post here because it still seems to help people find the knowledge and the courage to build a dream or two. For allowing me to be of that service, I thank you all. And remember, when doing any project, enjoy and stay safe. One of the most common questions I get asked is, “How do you install a Garnier limb?” My answer always starts with one word: Carefully. Garnier limbs are the foundation of the modern treehouse movement, and come in a variety of sizes to address different needs. The good news is, if you’re taking the time to look this up, you probably already understand that. You see, the Garnier limb is, quite literally, the foundation of it all. “Properly installed” being the key phrase in that sentence. How to Install a Treehouse Attachment Bolt (TAB) - Installation Video.


NID PERCHEE. ABANE. DANS MON ARBRE. REVE DE CABANE. CABANEO. GALOUPI / Construction de cabanes sur pilotis ou dans les arbres. ECOBANE / constructeur cabanes bois et hébergements insolites. ARBREHABITAT. CABANES ET VOUS / constructeur de cabane dans les arbres, de cabane sur l’eau. Le Toit perché / Cabane en bois / Cabane dans les arbres - Cabane sur pilotis. OPerché. “Charpentiers, acrobates, nous pouvons percher tous vos rêves” Ôperché est une SAS qui conçoit et construit des habitats et structures insolites en bois, généralement perchés.Spécialiste des cabanes dans les arbres; elle a pour objectif de se transformer en SCOP dans les prochains mois.


Cette exigence sur la forme rejoint notre volonté de mettre en valeur le travail manuel et optimise l'utilisation de nos savoir-faire à toutes les étapes. La conception, l'organisation, la construction et enfin le suivi de nos constructions. Il Était Un Arbre - Construction de cabanes dans les arbres dans les Vosges. Il était un Arbre.


Nelson Treehouse and Supply: The #1 source for custom treehouses, designs, consulting, DIY plans, supplies and vacations. Treehouse Masters. NelsonTreehouseSupply. The Treehouse Guys. TreeHouse Workshop - View kids treehouses and tree forts, including play equipment like rope bridges, cargo nets, ziplines, fire poles, climbing walls. TreeHouse Workshop. Treehouse Engineering – Charles S. Greenwood P.E.

TREEHOUSE PEOPLE. TreehouseSupplies. How to build a treehouse. Upload More Wranglerstar Wranglerstar Loading...

How to build a treehouse

Working... ► Play all How to build a treehouse Wranglerstar37 videos253,760 viewsLast updated on Jul 15, 2015 Play all Sign in to YouTube Sign in History Sign in to add this to Watch Later Add to. Foster Huntington’s Playground in the Sky. Foster Huntington made a name for himself when he bailed on the big city in 2011 and documented the joys of a more footloose lifestyle on his website and in his book, Home Is Where You Park It. While Huntington recently decided to put down roots, he’s done so in a way that proves again that you can have your cake and eat it too. In this case, the cake tastes a lot like a double treehouse with a hot tub and a skate pool. The video above documents the process. Building the “Cinder Cone” wasn’t easy. Construction rapide cabane dans un arbre. DIY treehouse inventor creates Ewok world in rural Oregon.

Would You Live in a Treehouse? Bicycle Elevator Version 1.5. Bicycle Powered Tree House Elevator. Tree House Construction. TREEHOUSE at The Mohicans built by the Treehouse Masters guys from Animal Planet.