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Japanese Timberframe Part I Stones and Sills. Raising our Japanese timber frame, no machines, just one mans hands, ASMR. 1306 A Different Type Of Wind Wall Rotor From James Cunliffe. Small Masonry Heater for our timberframe. Make amazing things with basic router bits. (10) WORLD'S BEST TREE FELLING TUTORIAL! Way more information than you ever wanted on how to fell a tree! Eleuther AI site. Can This Startup Rethink Nuclear Power? Unearthing 100 Years Old Wood Joineries 100年前の驚くべき大工技術. Want stronger engineering products. Product Search. Description: Imminent danger of CO poisoning is a growing concern in the care for elderly, child and immuno-compromised individuals.

Product Search

Monnit’s wireless sensor platform and online monitoring software provide a very affordable, simple-to-setup, feature rich solution that helps meet the growing demand of legislative and public concerns regarding the monitoring of gas leaks and emissions. The mems based wireless carbon monoxide sensor allows you to monitor the level of carbon monoxide (CO) gas in the surrounding air. Monnit wireless CO sensors have a small footprint and low cost but boast industry leading, premium performance specifications and are the longest lifetime sensors in the industry and the only CO sensor on the market powered by a coin cell battery (battery lasts over a year at 1 hour heartbeat). GitHub - OIOTC/Liteos. Mechanical Principles (1930) by Ralph Steiner [4min selection]

Bring Old Carpenter's Chisel Back to Life with Belt Sander. Chisel sharpening. How to make a CHEAP worm farm. My own "Tried and True" Dovetail Technique. Kyoto Joinery 1/2. The Ox - Portrait of a Master Woodworker. What the Ancients Knew - Japan. Japanese wood joints: CIDORI. Japanese Joinery, with Jim Blauvelt. Understanding Greek and Roman Technology: Locking Scarf Joint Keel. Double Plug Joint. Masugumi Wood Joint - SATO MOKKOU episode: 001. Three Way Mitre Joint - Hand Cut. Precision Japanese Carpentry. Clever 3-way joint (Kawai Tsugite) explained.

Timber Framing Scarf Joint. How to cut a Scarf Joint, Time Lapse. Barrel. Japanese Joinery. Building Without Nails The Genius of Japanese Carpentry. YouTube. Antik Japon Tekniği ile Ahşap Binaların Yapılışı. Norm Shows You How to Build a Whirligig. Multiplaz 3500 - Die Innovation beim Schweißen und Schneiden. How to create realistic textures. We can’t allow the tech giants to rule smart cities. Why are there so few perovskite ferroelectrics?

Los Alamos Discovers Super Efficient Solar Using Perovskite Crystals. Introducing Perovskite Solar Cells to Undergraduates. The Future of Free Energy is here now! The end of oil, coal and nuclear pollution! Cavitation - Sonoluminescence - Implosion Technology - Sacred Sciences Part 3.mp4. Attack on the pentagon results in discovery of new mathematical tile. In the world of mathematical tiling, news doesn’t come bigger than this.

Attack on the pentagon results in discovery of new mathematical tile

In the world of bathroom tiling – I bet they’re interested too. If you can cover a flat surface using only identical copies of the same shape leaving neither gaps nor overlaps, then that shape is said to tile the plane. Every triangle can tile the plane. Every four-sided shape can also tile the plane. Things get interesting with pentagons. The hunt to find and classify the pentagons that can tile the plane has been a century-long mathematical quest, begun by the German mathematician Karl Reinhardt, who in 1918 discovered five types of pentagon that do tile the plane.

(To clarify, he did not find five single pentagons. Most people assumed Reinhardt had the complete list until half a century later in 1968 when R. That same year an unlikely mathematical pioneer entered the fray: Marjorie Rice, a San Diego housewife in her 50s, who had read about James’ discovery in Scientific American. But then the hunt went cold.

Scrollitelling : quel outil pour vos récits multimédias immersifs ? Un an après Snow Fall, les formats multimédias immersifs (parfois baptisés « scrollitelling ») se multiplient sur les sites de presse, et des outils commencent à apparaître pour épauler les journalistes. Plateformes wysiwyg, extensions WordPress, scripts open source à coder : voici un panorama des solutions disponibles à ce jour. ↑1 » Les plateformes en ligne Pas besoin de mettre les mains dans le code… ou si peu. Temboo. Collecting all the cheat sheets. System of Transmission of Electrical Energy. SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 645,576, dated March 20, 1900.

System of Transmission of Electrical Energy

Application filed September 2, 1897. Serial No. 650,343. (No model.) To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, NIKOLA TESLA, a citizen of the United States, residing at New York, in the county and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Systems of Transmission of Electrical Energy, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the drawing accompanying and forming a part of the same. It has been well known heretofore that by rarefying the air inclosed in a vessel its insulating properties are impaired to such an extent that it becomes what may be considered as a true conductor, although one of admittedly very high resistance. Watreco. Watreco is a market driven research and innovation company in cleantech.


With an innovative and sustainable approach under the principle "from Nature to Industy", Biomimetic, the company develop and sell energy efficient products and systems for water treatment on a global market. The solutions are based on the patented Vortex Generator and the technology platform VPT - Vortex Process Technology. Energy savings with Realice Watreco focus is to deliver energy-saving and sustainable solutions. The Tesla Valve.