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Projects. Keyers and Voice KeyersSpider Keyer - Arduino Nano based CW keyer Voice Keyer for FT-897Voice Keyer for Icom transceiversSound card <-> MIC CMOS switch with monitoring Long and Medium Waves Related:High-performance up-converter for reception of 0...550kHz Large loading coil for 136kHzSmall loading coil for VLF/LF/MF1 kW power amplifier for 136 kHz band Antenna Related HF Ultimate Remote-controlled ATU for Lower HF Bands Semi Automatic HF Antenna Tuner Controlled by Arduino HF transmatch 1 kW ATU for HF for handheld receiver AR8200 Beverage Antenna Pre-Amplifier (2N5109) Beverage Antennas Switch VHF DK7ZB antenna 4 x 4 elements for 144 MHz Low noise pre-amplifier for 144 MHz 14 element Yagi DL6WU for 2m band The rope antenna for 144 MHz Do you know what your antenna sees?


Panoramic view from the top of the mast. Index. The KA7OEI FT-817 page. The KA7OEI FT-817 pages The Yaesu FT-817 is an extremely portable HF through UHF all-mode transceiver, capable of operation on all amateur bands from 160 meters through 70 cm (excluding, unfortunately, 222 MHz.)

The KA7OEI FT-817 page

It is also considered to be a QRP transceiver - being capable of only 5 watts output maximum. Home. Yaesu FT-101EE One of the best looking and perhaps most classic of the Yaesu rigs - a short refurb Kenwood TS-520S.


Downloads - SteppIR, Inc - Antennas for Amateur Radio and Industry. Radial Systems for Elevated and Ground Mounted Antennas 2.2 12 2018. SteppIR BigIR Vertical Antenna Part 1 – Assembly & Installation. JTDX – Feature Rich Software for FT8 and Other JT Modes. DL4YHF's Audio Spectrum Analyser. Spectrum Analyzer with Waterfall Display and real-time audio processing This program started as a simple FFT program running under DOS a long time ago, but it is now a specialized audio analyzer, filter, frequency converter, hum filter, data logger etc (see history).

DL4YHF's Audio Spectrum Analyser

You can download it from this site. Or look into the manual (in HTML format), even though the manual included in the archive will be more up-to-date. STATION MASTER DeLuxe. Home. Past Presentations. Raspberry Pi for HAM Radio – Projets radio. Introduction Since 2012, the Raspberry Pi nano computer has become an increasingly important part of the DIY and « maker » community.

Raspberry Pi for HAM Radio – Projets radio

The increase in power of the Raspberry Pi over the years offers very interesting possibilities for radio amateurs. Indeed, it allows not to permanently monopolize a PC in the decoding of frames with software like WSJT-X, FLDIGI, etc…, without forgetting the possibility to control the Raspberry Pi remotely and thus to be able to work outside the radio shack as I can sometimes do on my couch. Moreover, this nano computer is now widely used in any Hotspot (DMR or D-STAR). Ham Radio Videos. Hamuniverse Ham Radio Videos and Ham Radio Video Links!

Ham Radio Videos

Ham radio videos from around the world! AmateurLogic TVYour source for practical ham radio technology hacks, mods, and tips.In each episode we'll present a fresh look at the technology around us and in ham radio, both old and new. Plus plenty of ham radio tips and information to help you get the most out of ham radio.Hi Speed connections required. Digital contacts. US National Lighthouse-Lightship Weekend (NLLW) – Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society.

Celebrating National Lighthouse Day Coinciding with the US National Lighthouse Day, the US National Lighthouse-Lightship Weekend (NLLW) is an annual lighthouse operating and activation opportunity celebrating the anniversary of the establishment of the United States federal lighthouse service.

US National Lighthouse-Lightship Weekend (NLLW) – Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society

This is a day to celebrate lighthouses, lightships and the commitment and service of those who tended America’s lights for generations. Dates National Lighthouse Day is unofficially August 7th each year. Files – Contest University© – Dayton Ohio. QRP ARCI - QRP Kits, Bits and Supplies. QRP ARCI - Awards. The QRP Amateur Radio Club International 'Elmer Award' may be submitted by any QRPARCI member for someone who has helped them along their amateur radio journey.

QRP ARCI - Awards

Traditionally Elmers were probably defined as someone, usually an older ham, who provided a helping hand and guidance for someone, usually younger, entering the ham radio community. In today's fast paced, ever changing world of technology, communication advances, and the advancing age of many hams the Elmer can be viewed from a different perspective. Grounding and Bonding for the Amateur. Size of Grounding Conductors On page 3.11, the statement "The ground conductor must be at least as large as the current-carrying conductors...

Grounding and Bonding for the Amateur

" is a good guideline but the actual wording of NEC Article 250.122 is that "the ground conductor can not be required to be larger than the current-carrying conductors. " (Other ground conductor sizing rules are also given for situations unlikely to apply to amateur stations.) This is a good example where the book must simplify the NEC rule in order to be understandable and useful to the individual ham. If your station wiring is in any way unusual, unorthodox, or combined with other non-ham equipment, you should consult with a licensed electrician.

Ham Radio Logging Software. Omnilog -- Logging program which offers control of your KENWOOD, ICOM, TEN-TEC , or YAESU (FT840, FT900, FT990, FT1000, FT1000D) radios directly from your keyboard or emulation of any of the above radios.

Ham Radio Logging Software

OPCLOG -- Personal logging program, support A.D.I.F export which makes it possible to produce custom QSL cards, by G0OPC Paper Chasers Log -- Track Awards, DXCC, IOTA, 10/10. Much More. Articles - Radio Enthusiast. The Fed Files Blog. James Burke: Connections. Connections explores an Alternative View of Change (the subtitle of the series) that rejects the conventional linear and teleological view of historical progress. Burke contends that one cannot consider the development of any particular piece of the modern world in isolation. Rather, the entire gestalt of the modern world is the result of a web of interconnected events, each one consisting of a person or group acting for reasons of their own (e.g., profit, curiosity, religious) motivations with no concept of the final, modern result of what either their or their contemporaries' actions finally led to.

The interplay of the results of these isolated events is what drives history and innovation, and is also the main focus of the series and its sequels. Connections (1978) 1. Home Page. Popular Mechanics - Google Books. SolderSmoke Daily News. Cool Tools. Cool Tools Show 189: Jordan Bunker Our guest this week is Jordan Bunker. Jordan is a freelance engineer, designer, artist, and prop-maker based out of Oakland, California. - A blog about RTL-SDR (RTL2832) and cheap software defined radio.

Amateur Radio Media