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w2aew. Re: Ham Radio. TennaTune. One Antenna for all the frequencies. GRC Newsletter Winter 2020. Galway Radio Experimenters Club EI4GRC. 63.5 dB Programmable Digital Attenuator - IW7DMH - Ham Radio Station. Looking on Internet for a fixed RF attenuator I found a nice one based on the Peregrine PE43702 chip.

63.5 dB Programmable Digital Attenuator - IW7DMH - Ham Radio Station

From the datasheet I read the PE43702 is a HaRPTM-enhanced, high linearity, 7-bit RF Digital Step Attenuator (DSA). It covers a 31.75 dB attenuation range in 0.25 dB steps in the frequencies between 9 KHz - 4.0 GHz , has a 50 Ohm impedance and provides both a serial and parallel CMOS control interface. I immediately thought about a Arduino controlled device and decided to use two of them cascaded. The pictures below are taken from the online seller.

The breakout board provides a parallel dip-switch for manual usage. In my project I used the serial interface setting the attenuation level through code via the SPI protocol. To make things simpler my device provide a small rotary encoder and a display to change and view the attenuation level as shown in the schematic below. Before going on with the code it is important to understand the return loss response on the various frequencies. N.B. G7FEK antenna. Notes: tinySA - NK7Z.NET. 2244 total views , 3 views today tinySA device, click to enlarge.

Notes: tinySA - NK7Z.NET

Overview: Having just purchased a tinySA, I went through the upgrade, and tools location process one does with every new piece of hardware. I thought it might be a good idea to document the steps I used to process this item into my lab, so I thoughts I’d make a few notes on setting up the tinySA for the next person… This is not a review, it is a few notes I might need later on to reinstall it from scratch, and I thought I might share them with you! Review of W8WWV's S-Meter Lite. 2738 total views , 2 views today S-Meter Lite display window.

Review of W8WWV's S-Meter Lite

DIY Perks. Autek Research RF-1 RF Analyst. Autek Research is no longer in business.This document has been created from materials supplied with purchase.

Autek Research RF-1 RF Analyst

Obtain a standard 9 volt batterry. Use an alkaline battery for best life. (About 12 hours of intermittent use.) Using your thumb, slide back the battery compartment on the back. This may take some pressure. Tap the on/off switch. When you turn the unit on it enters the FREQ mode. Now tap the BAND button.The unit switches to the next of 5 bands. Radio Artisan – amateur radio journey. Home Page - Nomadic Research Labs. Common-mode chokes.

The following chart presents the results of impedance measurements made on a variety of common-mode choke implementations across the frequency range 1MHz to 30MHz.

Common-mode chokes

Amateur frequency allocations are indicated approximately by the vertical grey bands. The colours of the bars indicate the magnitude of the CM (common-mode) impedance; however, depending on the style of choke and the type of ferrite material used for the core, that impedance might be mostly Resistive, mostly Reactive, or somewhere in between. The black bars at the bottom of the coloured bars indicate the range of frequencies over which the choke impedance is predominantly Resistive - that is Rs>|Xs|. No black bars are shown for the air-cored chokes because their impedance is almost entirely Reactive apart from a very small band of frequencies around resonance.

Aim to choose a choke which has a high impedance and is Resistive over the frequency range of interest. Making It Up - Enjoying Radio and Maker Hobbies. UBC780XLT. Yaesu Home. Gallery – KM3KM Ham Radio Parts. 7100 Panadapter. © 2018-2020 by KV5R.

7100 Panadapter

All Rights Reserved. Rev. 1/2/2020. 2020 Update In December of 2019 I added an RF output to the 7100 and connected it to an SDRplay RSP1A. I have updated this article to cover both IF and RF taps. Austin Kleon's Weekly Newsletter. Westcoast lightwave project. The VE7SL Radio Notebook. 73 Magazine (Amateur Radio Today) : Free Texts : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming. 73 Magazine December 1996 (#435) Automatic Packet Reporting System - You can track anything with this!

73 Magazine (Amateur Radio Today) : Free Texts : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming

...... WB4APR 10 Shooting Straight Up - NVIS: A neglected short-range technique ...... - remote control of your amateur radio station. PORTABLE GO-KIT RADIO STATION. Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club. Antennas By N6LF: Design of radial ground systems. The present draft of these notes, while far from perfect, may be helpful to many amateurs.

Antennas By N6LF: Design of radial ground systems

For that reason I've posted them in their present form with the understanding they will be revised, probably several times, in the coming years. By all means let me know if I've forgotten something useful and, even more importantly, if I've made a mistake! A lot of other peoples work has been included but the mistakes are all mine! GL and 73, Rudy N6LF, WD2XSH/20. Downloads. CW Decoder; Version 3.80, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 Compatible Audio Spectrum Analyzer; Version 1.27, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 Compatible Audio Sweep Generator/Spectrum Analyzer; Version 1.20, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 Compatible Digital Voice Keyer; Version 1.23, Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 Compatible Simple Windows Packet Controller; Version 1.30, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 Compatible.


(3) 李子柒 Liziqi. (3) w2aew. QRCode Monkey - The free QR Code Generator to create custom QR Codes with Logo. ARCO - Smart Antenna Rotator Controller. The ARCO is a modern rotator controller designed for reliable operation with virtually any rotator ever made, commercial or home brew.

ARCO - Smart Antenna Rotator Controller

ARCO provides a lot of unique present day functions, not yet available in any other controller. Rotator motion is carefully controlled using auto-adapting, smoothly graduating/decaying speeds, reducing inertial stress, and prolonging lifetime of the rotator, antennas and tower. Built to last, built for security, built for total satisfaction! Have pleasure with new features, bringing your gear extra protection and longer life! ARCO is a completely self-contained stand alone rotator controller not requiring computer or any external device or power supply for setup and operation, while providing a wide selection of interfaces for remote control when necessary.

For rotator position feedback, ARCO supports wide range of the absolute and relative sensors including rheostat, potentiometer, reed contact, Hall sensor, and PWM sensor. – Industrial Supplies, OEM Fasteners, Safety Products & More. - Times Microwave. Photo Sharing. Your Photos Look Better Here. Use these apps to check your fist - KB6NU's Ham Radio Blog.

My Solid State Amp. Select your Language: Sm3jgg webcac. Man kan ju numera köpa "färdiga" lösningar för att styra radion, elbuggen, antennrotorn, antennomkopplingningen mm. vid Webben. se t.ex. Men har inte hittat något färdig lösning för att fysiskt kunna koppla i och ur antennerna. Amateur Radio Antenna Remote Disconnect for Lightning Protection. Ameritron ALS-500M Amp and MFJ-4275MV Power Supply. Ameritron mobile no tune Solid State Amplifier –Mobile no tune Solid State Amplifier – uses four rugged 2SC2879 high power linear RF power transistors. –Instant bandswitching, no tuning, no warm up – just turn on and operate – makes mobile QSOs safer. –Very Compact – Just 3 ½” x 9″ x 15″ – fits in nearly any mobile installation; weighs only 7 pounds. –Extremely quiet – quiet low speed, low volume fan stays off and silent until temperature rises.

#136: What is a dB, dBm, dBu, dBc, etc. on a Spectrum Analyzer? Radio Shack – KA2C. The shack and tower with antenna farm soon after construction The antennas after adding the KA2C 160/80 meters inverted vee with linear loading elements and tower-top band segment switch box – a 40 meters inverted vee is attached to the tower a few feet higher than the 160/80 antenna. Remote Control – KA2C. Remote Control of the radio shack is implemented using a local PC in the radio shack to control the FT950 rig and other key equipment and to provide an interface for 2-way audio over the Internet. The local PC is then remotely accessed by a remote PC using TeamViewer (free for personal use remote PC access application) over the open Internet. This method allows for good flexibility in configuring the system and gives you the power of an open PC in the radio shack which is then also available for general use in the shack.

The downsides are less control of latency and a requirement to setup and configure a number of PC programs. Many hams have setups for remote ham radio systems. Some prefer systems built specifically for remote ham radio operation. - Emergency Communication System, Emergency Radio, Emergency Response. Users connect to the PiGate thru a WiFi port either using a web browser, or an e-mail application, on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Ham Radio Workbench Podcast Episodes - Ham Radio Workbench Podcast. Home - Morserino-32 - the multifunctional Morse machine. Twelfht wave transformer. 12 dec 2014 With PEØHZD's calculation. Matching with a ¼ wave or ½ wave coaxial cable is pretty well known, but an existing 1961 system to do that with two one-twelfth-wavelength transmission lines, has not yet become common practice in many countries. This article is intended as additional attention. The system is based on a complex formula L = [arctan(sqrt (B/(B ^ 2 + B +1)))]/(2.pi), B = Z1/Z2, that can be found on the Internet together with the associated graphics.

For the DIY builder the graph below is clearly enough to get started. The adjustment is quite wide-band and in principle coaxial length of one-twelfth wavelength should be sufficient, but according to the formula the matching is optimum if the length is calculated on the basis of the transformation ratio. Quick SWR Calculator for Vertical and Dipole Ham Radio Antennas. #1nformatica. Other Installs. HAMSHACK HOTLINE. QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo, March 2021 en Vimeo. M2 Driven Element Rehab. Features and Benefits of this Project Soldered copper constructionAll soldered parts mechanically engagedUltra violet resistant Teflon insulators on DEN connector cannot be torqued looseImproved waterproofing Rebuilding the Driven Elements on 432 M2 Yagis. MX Record — The Prepared. Applications and Support Catalogue – SDRplay.

Using the Sure Electronics GPS evaluation board for NTP. Packet communications. Telemetry Applications. SCADA system users demand highly reliable communications equipment, and Kantronics delivers. Reliability starts at the factory with thorough product testing before the equipment goes out the door, resulting in a low 0.003% warranty return rate. Jerry Clement. Home Page - Nomadic Research Labs. New Rules.

New quantum receiver the first to detect entire radio frequency spectrum. A new quantum sensor can analyze the full spectrum of radio frequency and real-world signals, unleashing new potentials for soldier communications, spectrum awareness and electronic warfare. Army researchers built the quantum sensor, which can sample the radio-frequency spectrum—from zero frequency up to 20 GHz—and detect AM and FM radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other communication signals. The Rydberg sensor uses laser beams to create highly-excited Rydberg atoms directly above a microwave circuit, to boost and hone in on the portion of the spectrum being measured. Projects. Index. The KA7OEI FT-817 page. Home. Downloads - SteppIR, Inc - Antennas for Amateur Radio and Industry. Radial Systems for Elevated and Ground Mounted Antennas 2.2 12 2018.

SteppIR BigIR Vertical Antenna Part 1 – Assembly & Installation. JTDX – Feature Rich Software for FT8 and Other JT Modes. DL4YHF's Audio Spectrum Analyser. STATION MASTER DeLuxe. Home. Past Presentations. Raspberry Pi for HAM Radio – Projets radio. Ham Radio Videos. Digital contacts. US National Lighthouse-Lightship Weekend (NLLW) – Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society.

Files – Contest University© – Dayton Ohio. QRP ARCI - QRP Kits, Bits and Supplies. QRP ARCI - Awards. Grounding and Bonding for the Amateur. Ham Radio Logging Software. Articles - Radio Enthusiast. The Fed Files Blog. James Burke: Connections. Home Page. Popular Mechanics - Google Books. SolderSmoke Daily News. Cool Tools. - A blog about RTL-SDR (RTL2832) and cheap software defined radio. QRZ Now - QRZ NOW - Ham Radio News.

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