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Shigetaka Kurita: The man who invented emoji - CNN Style. When Shigetaka Kurita created the first emoji in 1999, he had to work within a grid measuring 12 by 12 pixels.

Shigetaka Kurita: The man who invented emoji - CNN Style

That's a total of 144 dots, or 18 bytes of data, meaning that the Japanese designer's complete set of 176 pictograms took up just over 3 kilobytes. A minuscule dose of information, but an enormous amount of meaning. "From a design perspective, I find them incredible," said Jesse Reed, co-founder of Standards Manual, the publisher behind a forthcoming book on the original emoji set, in an email interview. Ughghg. イメージ27 - 〜漫画・モスラ対ゴジラ〜の画像 - 風こぞうのブログ.

1405GodzillaGraphic.jpg (JPEG Image, 2400 × 1357 pixels) - Scaled (42%) ビッグコミック「ゴジラ増刊号」(2014) 2014年07月29日の記事一覧 - 詳細表示. 昨日は「江戸川乱歩」没後49年めでした。

2014年07月29日の記事一覧 - 詳細表示

Mushrooms Attacking. Menu_manga. Destroy all Mangaka: when Godzilla met the titans of manga. November 3 is a significant anniversary for fans of Japanese science fiction and fantasy media: it’s the birthday of both Osamu Tezuka, the God of Manga, and Godzilla, King of the Monsters.

Destroy all Mangaka: when Godzilla met the titans of manga

The history of Godzilla is intertwined with the history of manga, but not often discussed in the west… which is why stuff like this winds up seeming really weird from a gaijin fan perspective: Okay, that still might be sort of weird no matter what. But keep in mind, Godzilla stories had been popping up in manga form since 1954. AKIRAIFUKUBE.ORG - Films of the 1950s. 1950 Tenya wanya (Confusion / Crazy Uproar [alt. title]) Simei hannin Senka no hate (Beyond the War) Otome no seiten (Erotic Ceremony of Women)

AKIRAIFUKUBE.ORG - Films of the 1950s

Frankenstein Vs Baragon (Ishiro Honda 1965) - Japanese Movie (Torrent Download) - Asia Torrents. MOVIE INFOTitle: Frankenstein VS Baragon aka Frankenstein Conquers The WorldOriginal Title: Furankenshutain tai chitei kaijû BaragonCountry: JapanYear: 1965Genre: Kaiju, Sci-FiDirector: Ishiro HondaScript: Takeshi KimuraCast: Tadao Takashima, Nick Adams, Kumi Mizuno, Yushio Tsuchiya...Producer: Tomoyuki TanakaProduction: TohoRuntime: 90 min.Audio: JapaneseSubtitles: English idx/sub PLOTDuring WWII, a human heart taken from a certain lab in Europe (Dr.

Frankenstein Vs Baragon (Ishiro Honda 1965) - Japanese Movie (Torrent Download) - Asia Torrents

Frankenstein's) is kept in a Japanese lab, when it gets exposed to the radiation of the bombing of Hiroshima. The heart grows in size, mutates and sprouts appendages, and eventually grows into a complete body and escapes. Later, a feral boy with a certain physical deformity (a large head with a flat top) is captured by scientists who refer to the boy as Frankenstein. The creature grows to the height of 20 feet, escapes again, fights police and army, and is practically indestructible. CR GAMERA THE BATTLE PACHINKO. Kill All Monsters! / Review 2 A Kill. Story by Michael May - Art by Jason Copland - Letters by Ed Brisson Tags: Comics on Friday, Digital comics, Digital publishing, Ed Brisson, Jason Copland, Kamikaze Comics, Kill All Monsters!

Kill All Monsters! / Review 2 A Kill

, Michael May, Monsters vs Robots, Online comics, Review 2 A Kill comics, Robots vs Monsters, The future of comics, Widescreen comics. PS23DFormat - Godzilla Unleashed. ゴジラ : 特オタ! View topic - Post Your Book Collection. I've got tons of Godzilla books, and I'm almost as serious about collecting Japanese G books as I am about Godzilla figures.

View topic - Post Your Book Collection

Here are just a few of my favorites in my collection (I'll definitely post more photos of my book collection in the future, as there are strict limits on TK on how many photos we can upload in a single post): Pictorial Books of Godzilla 1&2 Still the measuring stick for what I expect in a great Godzilla book. The main focus of these two books is not really the films themselves, but the actual suits of the monsters. Black Sun: Johnny Sokko. When I was a kid, all I did was read Famous Monsters and draw monsters.

Black Sun: Johnny Sokko

I drew everything from Frankenstein’s Monster to The Monster from Piedras Blancas. Those monsters were fun to draw, but nothing made me happier than drawing Japanese Monsters. ゴジラ・特撮 - 詳細表示 - 風こぞうのブログ. Kaettekita Ultraman [MANGA] Kaijusaurus - GODZILLA VS. GIGAN tie-in manga excerpts.  Godzilla Manga Thread. : Comics - Page 2. Bing. Godzilla Vs. Sanda and Gaira, Mogera and Gezora... in Japanese Giants Forum. Yuku free message boards ForgotPassword?

Godzilla Vs. Sanda and Gaira, Mogera and Gezora... in Japanese Giants Forum

Sign Up Grab the Yuku app. King of the Monsters: The Posters of Godzilla. With Legendary Pictures’s Godzilla revival out this week on home entertainment, Deep Fried Movies takes a look back at the posters from the giant rampaging monster’s long history.

King of the Monsters: The Posters of Godzilla

That includes at least one piece of art for each of the 28 official Godzilla outings from Toho. Click on any picture to see a bigger version or start the slideshow. Black Sun: April 2011. Friday, April 29, 2011 Posted by Shonen King at 9:15 PM 7 comments: Links to this post Labels: Sonorama, Ultra 7 Friday, April 22, 2011. Vintage henshin — “Dream Monster Showdown 1: GODZILLA VS MOGERA!” A... Black Sun: KYORYUU MANDA BOOK 巨竜マンダ. Black Sun: Dogora. MANGA CLASSICS - Godzilla, Gamera, manga y cine en España - Manga Classics. Escrito originalmente por santxe cuántas películas de Godzilla se vieron en cines españoles.

La primera película de Godzilla, "Japón bajo el terror del monstruo", ya sé que llegó a España, pero ¿cuándo? ¿en 1956 o ya en los años 60? ¿Y qué versión, la original japonesa y el montaje americano con Raymond Burr? La mayoría de las películas de Godzilla filmadas entre 1954 y 1974 se exhibieron en cines españoles. En segundo lugar ¿cuántas películas de Gamera en España? Lo de Gamera es más difícil. Qué tipo de versiones en manga tienen Godzilla y Gamera. Lo de los mangas es más oscuro. Musical notes on Japanese movie posters in Japanese Giants Forum. Many thanks to Izzy for noticing the dadblame notes when nobody else in the history of the world had ever spotted them. And mucho kudos to Mattel for all that great info. It's particularly fascinating to someone like me who has spent his entire adult life in the theater.

I love reading theater stories, east or west or wherever. I did know of the Japanese GONE WITH THE WIND, but I didn't know it went through such tortuous changes, and, if I ever knew Toho was involved, I'd long since forgotten it. Black Sun: DAIKAIJUSEN SONORAMA. Mini Graphic Novel Of Dogora Included In Toho Film Book in Japanese Giants Forum. Mogera Instruction sheet. View topic - Differences between Mothra vs. Godzilla (Manga/Film) Stumbling upon the Mothra vs. Godzilla manga, I couldn't help but wonder how different it was from the film.

And while its mostly the same as the movie itself. There are some extremely different aspects that stand out from the film, mostly within the third act. 1. The Mothra Larve hatch and take on Godzilla short after the moments of their mother's death. 2. There's also this, but I'm not sure where this scene would fit. And that members of Tohokingdom concludes the differences between Mothra vs. Bing. Monster Island News: A Gallery Of Great Monster Movie Posters. Written By: Ken Hulsey As many of you may or may not know collecting classic movie posters, lobby cards and photographs is a real passion of mine. I often times spend hours rummaging through thrift stores, antique malls, flea markets and yard sales looking for authentic movie related items. Gojira the book in Japanese Giants Forum. Yuku free message boards ForgotPassword? Sign Up Grab the Yuku app. Tokusatsu toy merchandise trivia. M - Album on Imgur. THE GODZILLA SEQUEL THAT WASN’T.

KAIJU GARAGE KITS DATABASE. Gojira (Godzilla) « MangaLand. 哥吉拉VS碧奥蓝蒂1漫画_哥吉拉VS碧奥蓝蒂漫画第1卷第4页阅读_哥吉拉VS碧奥蓝蒂在线漫画 - 极速漫画 Astounding Beyond Belief : Photo. KAIJU GARAGE KITS DATABASE. KAIJU GARAGE KITS DATABASE. Stmogerap.jpg (JPEG Image, 405 × 300 pixels) DATABASE MOGERA. Kid’s stuff: Tokusatsu Heroes SD Mogera ’57. I’ve been on an ill-advised and ill-financed import bender as of late, and spending far more than anyone in my position should on foreign Blu-rays and, in a first for me, Japanese toys. If there’s a single glimmer of fiscal reason to be found in my two week spree it’s this little guy, who made his way to my review desk courtesy of a pitiable eBay bucks certificate I found wasting away in the wings. There’s really not much to say about this tiny Mogera from Zacca PAP Co.’s 2007 SD Tokusatsu Heroes line, other than that it’s reasonably sculpted and attractively painted, is cheap as rocks, and presents a perfect choking hazard for those so inclined.

The soft vinyl figurine is modeled quite accurately on one of my very favorite among Toho’s extensive kaiju menagerie, the endearingly bumbling and all too short-lived robot menace from the studio’s 1957 sci-fantasy classic The Mysterians, and for the couple of bucks it was selling for I just couldn’t say no. Mogera..$60 shipped. Factory Mogera by Leecifer. MARMIT GODZILLA MARAUSAN MOGERA GLOW VERY HARD TO FIND. 150642076483?nma=true&si=xLNnMJ3l%2FECqextUHbakAWw1WXM%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675. Diamajin Cookies in Japanese Giants Forum. Yuku free message boards ForgotPassword? Sign Up Grab the Yuku app More Sharing Services 1.

Ebay. Godzilla (comics)とは. (Horror Host) Morgus - Godzilla. Bing. 怪獣ゴジラ・小説表紙. Buying Choices: Godzilla VS Mothra (comic bonbon wide) (1993) ISBN: 4061766651 [Japanese Import] Godzilla. Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla (comic bonbon) (1993) ISBN: 406321687X [Japanese Import]: 9784063216875: Books. 4 Get Rich Quick Schemes to Avoid. Boston [the bootleg] - from YouTube.mp4. Turning+It+On+At+A+Moment’s+Notice.