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2014 en 365 initiatives. 10 Great Apps for Landscape Architects - Part 1 - LAN. There’s an app for everything these days, but what are the best and must have apps for the landscape architecture professional?

10 Great Apps for Landscape Architects - Part 1 - LAN

Unless you’re living under a rock or have missed the iphone train you would know that apps are the latest craze in convenience, they are your gadget in your pocket, the Swiss Army penknife of the 21st century; and not to mention a booming business making many many people millionaires many times over. You can even download a graffiti app that allows you to capture the image of your surroundings just like a video camera and write cyber graffiti all over it. All the fun, without the crime…. Yes apps have taken the world by storm and have weaved their way into the lives of every tech savvy individual, catering for all interests and gaining the world of apps the tag line “There’s an app for that”.

So where does Landscape Architecture fit into this glorious and intriguing world of apps. let’s have a look as we countdown and review some of the best out there: 1. 2. High Tech High Nature – Project Wild Thing. At the Wild Network we're trying to reconnect children with nature by asking people to swap some screen time for wild time.

High Tech High Nature – Project Wild Thing

But we’re not anti-technology. First it would be a pointless battle to fight, and second there is loads of technology out there that is brilliant at helping to reconnect children (and adults) to nature. Where does your technology come in this simple test? Are you physically active (WILD), or sedate (TAME) when you use the technology? Are you mentally active (BUZZING), or mentally passive (ZONKED) when you use the technology? TAME + ZONKED tech is the worst – that’s the world of bad TV. TAME and BUZZING is OK – that’s a challenging computer game – or a stimulating film. WILD and ZONKED is OK – it includes running apps and music on the move.

But the king of tech, if you care about connecting to the environment, is WILD and BUZZING. We’ve been looking in vain for a list of great apps or websites which are WILD and BUZZING. So let’s start one here. 1) Tree ID iOS £2.49. Le Guetteur - Le guide abeilles, pesticides, OGM. The Online Farm-To-Table Hub.

By Hannah Wallace on November 6, 2013 Most farmers would rather be knee-deep in dirt than rustling up business with school food buyers and James Beard-award-winning chefs.

The Online Farm-To-Table Hub

Lucky for marketing-shy farmers, in recent years a new tool has cropped up to make life easier: online food hubs. Unlike physical food hubs—central facilities that aggregate, distribute, and market food for farmers — online food hubs are more akin to dating web sites, efficiently connecting local food producers (farmers, ranchers, fishermen, dairies, brewers, etc.) with wholesale buyers (restaurants, grocers, schools, hotels, and hospitals).

Think of them as the of the food world. A farmer posts his crop on his site— “Our 9 acres of biodynamic blueberries will be available for purchase in mid to late June” — and a local chef may see the posting and send an internal e-mail to the farmer telling her to reserve two palettes of Earliblue. The homepage Think of them as the of the food world.


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