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5 Best Twitter Account Backup Tools, Apps, Solutions. As the old saying goes, it’s always better late than never.

5 Best Twitter Account Backup Tools, Apps, Solutions

Time to roll up your sleeves, friends! Get ready to backup your valuable Twitter account data before it’s gone forever. Picture Credit: (C) Chetan R | Source With the big bada*s Twitter fail whale bursting up ever so often along with the ever increasing amount of Twitter phishing attacks, you by no means make out when something awful might strike. - it's what you care about. La Social Newsroom. - Outils, Conseils et Actualité Social Media. Social media and co' Social Commerce. Social shopping. Réseaux Sociaux. Social Network. Twitter Applications. Comment construire son netlinking ? La méthode décrite ci-dessous n’est en aucun cas le Graal du SEO, elle aidera toutefois probablement ceux qui se demandent par quel bout prendre le référencement Off Page de leur site Internet.

Comment construire son netlinking ?

Construire efficacement son netlinking est accessible à tous, il suffit juste d’un peu de temps. C’est quoi le netlinking ? C’est le fait de développer les liens hypertextes pointant vers votre site. Sans ces liens, vos pages sont des perles qui ne constitueront jamais un collier. Pour quoi faire ? Le schéma classique, site plus blog. Si je pars du postulat que vous possédez un site et un blog, c’est parce que ce couple de support web représente souvent une solution gagnante dans la quête de visibilité. Commencer par faire le ménage sur son site Travailler l’acquisition de liens entrants, c’est bien, mais autant faire entrer ceux-ci aux bons endroits.

Une fois chaque page clairement identifiée (quelle est son expression-clé principale ?) Utiliser le blog Populariser le site et le blog. A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples. The EASY way to share your documents on Twitter. 30 Must See Web Generator for Lazy Webmasters. Here’s a list of 70 hand-picked, easy to use, and free web generators that will save you tons of time and energy.

30 Must See Web Generator for Lazy Webmasters

I have grouped these tools into 10 categories: Color Palettes, Robots.txt, Website Screenshots, Favicons, Web Backgrounds, Webpage Elements (buttons, tabs, etc), Memes, Forms, Logos, and Dummy Texts. The best part about these tools is that they are completely free (some need you to signup though). If you are looking ways speed up your work and channel more time and energy to new content ideas and marketing strategies, I believe the list is a must-bookmark. According to my last check on stats, there were more than 42 million blogposts published in May 2014 – and that’s just alone. Who has the time to create everything from scratch these days? Category #1: Color Palettes Generator Functions/Details:

Social Media Dashboard for Teams using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin. 50 Awesome Social Networks for Finance Geeks. Learning about finance is so much easier when you can see first-hand what others are doing to achieve success.

50 Awesome Social Networks for Finance Geeks

That’s the beauty of social networks with a focus on finance. The following social networks offer opportunities for finance students and geeks to contribute as well as learn from others. Whether you are interested in investing, business, participating in peer-to-peer loans, or personal finance growth, the following social networks are sure to help you make connections with others in the world of finance. Investing and General Finance From learning investment strategies to staying on top of market news these social networks all have a focus on investing and general finance topics.

Zacks Investment Research. Business and Economics Business and economics are an important segment of finance. Jigsaw. Peer-to-Peer Loans Zopa. Debt Reduction Find help from both professionals and peers to help you control your debt and get out from under your financial burdens. iPetitions - Start a free online petition in minutes. 27 Things to Know Before You Work in Social Media. January 24, 2011 Liz published this at 7:57 am Every day, I’m immersed in social business.

27 Things to Know Before You Work in Social Media

I spend as much time on my computer as some people spend in their shoes. I rarely talk about “social media” except with clients, because to me that’s like talking about “pencils.” I’d rather be using one than talking about what they do. I use social media tools to work on SOBCon with @Starbucker, to build communities and brand visibility for clients, to write blog posts and to curate content for people with similar interests. So I guess you could say I work in social media. The purpose of this list is merely to share that most people who are in this new and quickly changing area of business are finding that the work often has more nuances and challenges than we expected.

Free Mining Web Downloads: Web Content Extractor by Newprosoft, Data Mining Crawler by Orchid Box and More. Efficiency Guardian 0.1 EfficiencyGuardian extracts callgrind efficiency measures from individual CppUnit test cases to detect efficiency regresion.

Free Mining Web Downloads: Web Content Extractor by Newprosoft, Data Mining Crawler by Orchid Box and More

It includes a data mining web tool to browse historic results and TestFarm integration for unattended execution on commit.. Freeware download of Efficiency Guardian 0.1, size 257.80 Kb. SPIDR 530 SPIDR (Space Physics Interactive Data Resource) is a distributed database and application server network, built to select, visualize and model historical space weather data. Bget 4.9 Bget Software Studio Bget is a powerful, fast and professional web data extraction software that will extract the data from any type of websites through flexible rules, therefore what you can see through the browser is also what you can get.

Full Analysis of iPhone Economics - I promised to return with the full analysis of the iPhone App Store economics analysis, from every angle, with all data I have managed to find.

Full Analysis of iPhone Economics -

This blog intends to paint the most accurate picture of the specifically Apple related iPhone App Store market economics - and lessons from here should apply to most other smartphone app stores as well. Findings: Find, Organize, and Share Your Clips. Fans Rocket. Les sites qui vous permettent de trouver ou créer un avatar ! Guide du référencement social (SEO, SMO, SMM) : réseaux sociaux. Par Olivier Duffez, Jeudi 11 août 2011 Dans les 5 dernières années, les réseaux sociaux n'ont cessé d'accroître leur importance.

Guide du référencement social (SEO, SMO, SMM) : réseaux sociaux

Ping-o-Matic! Keotag - tag search multiple engines, tag generator and social bookmark links generator. Panorama des médias sociaux. Aviez-vous remarqué que le terme « web 2.0 » n’est plus à la mode ?

Panorama des médias sociaux

Il faut dire qu’à force de nous survendre du « 2.0 » à toutes les occasions, le concept fini par lasser.