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30 best based CMS. - Free Asp.Net Content Management System and Website Development Platform and CMS Shopping Cart. Dot Net CMS Portal. Free Website Management System. Open Source ASP.Net CMS Written in VB.Net Free Download. MonoX - Free ASP.NET CMS and Social Networking Platform. Full support for the ASP.NET Web Parts Framework Web Parts Framework includes a set of controls and services that specifically target the growing demand for Web portal creation, including support for personalization, membership, communication and other infrastructural tasks.

MonoX - Free ASP.NET CMS and Social Networking Platform

MonoX is built on top of the standard Web Part API. Commitment to standards MonoX renders XHTML compliant code and enables users to develop fully standards-compliant portals that will work reliably on different platforms. Unlimited design flexibility Developers can create user interface templates without any limitations, using their favorite approach (tables, DIVs, CSS, ...). Open API MonoX allows developers to access all of its back-end functionality through a comprehensive set of fully documented methods and events. Provider-based architecture An ASP.NET provider is a software module that provides a uniform interface between a service and a data source. Support for localization Advanced module communication User profiles. BlogEngine.NET 2.5 - Now Available. The next version of BlogEngine.NET, version 2.5 is here!

BlogEngine.NET 2.5 - Now Available

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release. The new version can be downloaded here. If you're upgrading from a previous version, here are the upgrade instructions. BlogEngine.NET has been upgraded to ASP.NET 4.0. This has allowed us to take advantage of new .NET 4.0 features such as Razor templating, NuGet package integration and other features included in .NET 4.0. Multiple Blogs in a Single Installation It is here at last! Razor Themes and Razor Pages. - the free ASP.NET Enterprise CMS by Axinom. Free ASP.NET MVC CMS Content Management System.

Webnodes ASP.Net CMS. Composite C1 - Top Rated Free Open Source Web CMS for Microsoft .NET. Cuyahoga - Home. Rainbow - Rainbow Portal - An Open Source C# Portal Built By The Community. The Rainbow project is an open source initiative to build a comprehensive content management system using Microsoft's ASP.NET and C# technologies.

Rainbow - Rainbow Portal - An Open Source C# Portal Built By The Community

Rainbow, available today in 29 languages, allows content authoring to be safely delegated to role-based team members who need little or no knowlege of HTML. Rainbow optionally supports a two-step approval-publish process. 75 plug-in modules are now included in the standard release, including support for an e-store, XML news feeds, Flash, Maps, Newsletter, Surveys, Forums, Document Management, Custom Lists, and more. It's also fairly easy to build your own custom modules using the guidelines provided on the Developer Documentation page.

Rainbow has received more than 156,000 downloads to date and more downloads of the new ASP.NET 2 version are occuring from the new SVN. Rainbow is already in production at many commercial internet and intranet sites. N2 Open Source ASP.NET CMS. ASP.NET CMS – Sitefinity .NET Content Management System by Telerik. MojoPortal - Advanced Websites Made Easy. .NET Web Content Management System. Orchard Project. ASP.NET Open Source CMS. Umbraco - The open source ASP.NET CMS.