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Payment Gateway. RequiredFieldValidator Control in ASP.Net - MindStick. RequiredFieldValidator Control in ASP.Net The RequiredFieldValidator control is used to make an input control a required field. With this control, the validation fails if the input value does not change from its initial value. By default, the initial value is an empty string (""). <asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="RequiredFieldValidator1" runat="server" ControlToValidate="TextBox1" ErrorMessage="Enter your Name"></asp:RequiredFieldValidator> <asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="RequiredFieldValidator2" runat="server" ControlToValidate="TextBox2" ErrorMessage="Enter your ID"></asp:RequiredFieldValidator> protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) Label1.Text = " form is valid!

" When we will not enter any value in the TextBox and when we will click save button then error message will be display. When we enter value in TextBox then page will execute. The back end service for front end developers. Special offer for Windows developers | Microsoft Learning. Row command event of the gridview. Code for .aspx page: head runat="server"> <title>Row command event</title> Name</td> Age</td> Password</td> Retype_password</td> &</td> <asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" onrowcommand="GridView1_RowCommand" CellPadding="4" ForeColor="#333333" GridLines="None"> <asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text='<%# Eval("Name") %>'></asp:Label> <asp:Label ID="Label2" runat="server" Text='<%# Eval("Age") %>'></asp:Label> <%--here am placing the link button and set its commandargument a id and set its commandname as abc and set text with the value that will come inside the Login_status columnit can be <asp:LinkButton ID="LinkButton2" runat="server" CommandArgument='<%#Eval("id") %>' CommandName="abc" Text='<%# Eval("Login_status") %>'></asp:LinkButton> <asp:Label ID="Label4" runat="server" Text='<%# Eval("Password") %>'></asp:Label> <asp:Label ID="Label5" runat="server" Text='<%# Eval("Retype_password") %>'></asp:Label> set its commandname as del Code for aspx.cs page: con.Open();

ASP.NET. The 30 CSS Selectors you Must Memorize. ASP.NET - Home. Running Total In Gridview Footer In ASP.NET C# VB.NET. In this example i am going to demonstrate how to Display Running Total In GridView Footer Row In ASP.NET using C# and VB.NET. This method works with paging enabled gridview as well. For demo purpose gridview is populated using sqldatasource having table with columns ID ,Name,Amount I m showing total of amount column is gridview footer. for this we need to sum the the column in RowDataBound Even of Gridiew Html source of gridview is Now we need to write code for summing the column in RowdataBound Even of GridView C# code behind VB.NET code behind Hope this helps Other gridview articles:Populating dropdown based on the selection of first drop down in DetailsView using FindControl and ItemTemplate Pouplating Multiple DetailsView based on single GridView using DataKeyNames Merging GridView Headers to have multiple Headers in GridView Search Records In GridView And Highlight Results Using AJAX ASP.NET Insert update Delete record in GridView using SqlDataSource ItemTemplate and EditItemTemplate.

Maintaining State Per Page in ASP.NET Web Applications. Download source - 17.9 KB Introduction This article discusses an approach to build ASP.NET pages that maintain their state between requests. Let me give an example: A user, Hugo, selects a year in the year-selection DropDownList on a page. Unfortunately, he decides to navigate to another page of my web application before continuing to enter data on my page.

Later on, Hugo returns to my page and wants to continue entering data. What's so special about my approach? Actually, nothing. Using the code The StatePage class is a base class for all my pages that want to make use of their own state. PageState: Contains the state of a single page. Both state objects are read from the Session when the page is initialized, and stored back to the Session when the page is rendered. The InterPageState is used to pass values from one page to another. The PageState objects are handy because they can be used in the context of a single page.

Interesting code parts Example stateful page Conclusion History. Beginner's Guide To View State. Table of Contents Introduction What is state management ? Different types of state management? What is view state ? Advantages of view state ? Disadvantages of view state ? When we should use view state ? When we should avoid view state? Where is view state stored ? How to store object in view state ? How to trace your view state information? Enabling and Disabling View State How to make view state secure?

Some Important Points First of all I want to thank Sean Ewington for his great initiative to write Beginner's Walk for Web Development article. In this article, I will cover the fundamentals of State Management and Details of View State. Web is Stateless . As given in above pages, page is recreated before its comes to clients and happened for each and every request. There are some few selection criteria to selected proper way to maintain the state, as there are many way to do that. How much information do you need to store? Does the client accept persistent or in-memory cookies? View State Hidden Field.

CRUD Operation in GridView in ASP.NET (Add/Update/Delete) Programmetrically-CodeGain. Introduction In this article i have shared with you CRUD operation with Grdiview. Updating GridView in 3.5 is Very Esey Let Do it. Steps by Steps 1: Program \Visual Studio 2008 and Create NewSite 2: Drag n Drop GridView on Form 3. 4 double click on form and past on on load Event if (IsPostBack ! 5 gridview updating event past this code 6 add code on gridview Editing event 8. 9 add to 3Colums in GridView Column 1 CommandColumn Column 2 boundfield Column 3 boundfield 10 Covert Boundfeild Columns into TemplateField 11 have Fun run Application Sample Project Source Download source files -29 kb. Using ADO.NET for beginners. Download source files - 28.3 Kb Introduction This is a simple ADO.NET database application that returns results from a database table, writes the output to a DataGrid and TextBoxes, and uses Buttons (First, Previous, Next, Last) to navigate through the records.

After getting lots of responses and suggestions from the users, I changed some points and made the code more readable. Like everyone else I also searched for a most requested method in MSDN Library to trap the keystrokes (Up, Down, Esc...) in Windows Forms and included it in the code because some users asked me desperately for that. You can find the other requested methods as well to get the contents of a cell/row in a DataGrid. I chose Microsoft Access database (as reflected in the ADO.NET OleDb objects) because it's easy to use and you don't need to have Microsoft SQL Server running. Contents This project was developed using Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Microsoft Access, on Windows XP Pro. 1. The ADO.NET Object Model top 2. 3. 1. 2.

CRUD Operations using Stored Procedures. Sql server 2012 tutorial,sql server 2005 2008 2012 tutorial for beginners, sql server recipes,sql server tips, sql server tricks, sql server tips & tricks, sql server internal Posted By : Shailendra Chauhan, 02 Apr 2014 Updated On : 02 Apr 2014 Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express is a powerful and reliable free data management system that delivers a rich and reliable data store for lightweight Web Sites and desktop applications. The Express edition is free and ideal for learning, developing, powering desktop, web & small server applications.

The SQL Server 2014 Express release includes the full version of SQL Server 2014 Management Posted By : Shailendra Chauhan, 15 Sep 2013 Updated On : 04 Oct 2013 Temp Table or Table variable or CTE are commonly used for storing data temporarily in SQL Server. Posted By : Shailendra Chauhan, 12 Mar 2013 Updated On : 12 Mar 2013 Sometimes, you required to fetch or modify the records based on some conditions. Posted By : Shailendra Chauhan, 23 Feb 2013.