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TASCAM Forums Member Supported -> Lines Running Through The Screen. DM-24 LCD screen - Lions Rest Studio artist. Please note: The only source for replacement LCD screens I'm aware of is the Tascam Parts department (scroll down to the Parts section). There have been attempts in the past to gather enough participants to qualify for the minimum quantity from a supplier, but I never saw that effort get anywhere and never found out who that supplier is/was. If there is some other source, I'd be grateful if you would let me know. Thanks. Right-click and 'save as' here to download the Flash for future reference. TASCAM Forums Member Supported -> New Screen For Dm24 For $35!

TASCAM Forums Member Supported -> Realtime 24x Adat-tracks In To 24x Adat-tracks Out. Data Vision Lcd Screen - Part #: 32240SN2C1W-H.