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Xpogallery-fullscreen(2) Press release - DP_fullscreen-EN3-2. DP_fullscreen-FR. Videos. Xpo gallery. FULL SCREEN at xpo gallery 2014. Full screen teaser vid 2. FULL SCREEN teaser. Articles. «Full Screen», l'art du temps. Plus bling-bling que la Rolex, plus avant-gardiste que la Moto 360 et son élégant écran numérique tout rond, plus "smart" que la future montre connectée de Google.

«Full Screen», l'art du temps

«Portez de l’art au poignet!» Est le slogan de l’exposition Full Screen (et non de la campagne de l’iWatch d’Apple) présentée à XPO, une jeune galerie qui réunit à Paris une sémillante écurie d’artistes post-numériques dont fait partie le commissaire Aram Bartholl, à l’origine du concept. Pendus aux murs, 12 exemplaires de la Galaxy Gear de Samsung embarquent autant d’œuvres conçues ou adaptées pour le support. Le visiteur est invité à enfiler la grossière montre de 74 grammes (pas très seyant sur les poignets féminins) et à contempler l’écran rectangulaire de 3,5 sur 5 centimètres, petit en taille, mais dense en résolution avec ses 320 pixels par 320.

Les multiples fonctions qui la rendent «intelligente» ont été désactivées. Buggin out de Petra Cortright (Photo Vinciane Verguethen) 'Full Screen' exhibit celebrates digital display art using Galaxy Gear smartwatches. 950inShare Jump To Close.

'Full Screen' exhibit celebrates digital display art using Galaxy Gear smartwatches

Discover Fine Art. The potential to wear moving-image artworks on your wrist is now a reality. Inspired by the concepts of wearable art and screens, artist-curator Aram Bartholl has merged the two—with the help of 12 top contemporary artists, including Ai Weiwei and Oliver Laric—in “Full Screen,” a new exhibition at xpo gallery in Paris. A moving-image artist in his own right, Bartholl creates work that explores the intersection of technology, media, and everyday life, exploring questions like “How do digital innovations influence our everyday actions?” This latest venture, where he’s assumed the role of curator, comes to fruition through moving-image works from leading international artists, which are meant to play on Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatches.

Full Screen Is A Group Show Dedicated To Digital Art You Can Wear On Your Wrist. The wearable work by Vincent Broquaire.

Full Screen Is A Group Show Dedicated To Digital Art You Can Wear On Your Wrist

All images courtesy of XPO Gallery. Rectangles are out--retinas are in. According to German artist and futurist Aram Bartholl, there comes a day when screens will disappear and be replaced with laser lights projected onto retinas. Opening this Thursday, Bartholl curates Full Screen, a show at the XPO Gallery in Paris, which celebrates our evolution off of the screen. Until April 3, you can catch twelve internationally-lauded artists drawing from the medium of the wrist wearable, from Ai Weiwei to URL art bandit Constant Dullaart, abstract webmaster Rafaël Rozendaal, and hacker aesthetician Evan Roth, among others.

A still from Addie Wagenknecht's titillating wearable. Each watch produced for the exhibition contains an artwork on its screen, encouraging viewers to wear art on their wrists. A still from Jennifer Chan's piece The Creator’s Project: How have you seen the screen develop over time? Footage taken of Constant Dullaart's Sleeping Sunset. DON’T MISS: FULL SCREEN a group show on smart watches curated by Aram Bartholl is now open at xpo gallery, Paris. Ai Weiwei Dumbass, 2013 xpo gallery Addie Wagenknecht Lasertits, 2014 xpo gallery Vincent Broquaire Minute, 2014 xpo gallery Jennifer Chan Deep Burn, 2014 xpo gallery Through to 3rd of April XPO GALLERY 17 RUE NOTRE-DAME DE NAZARETH 75003 PARIS (E.U) Participating artists : Vincent Broquaire, Jennifer Chan, Petra Cortright, Constant Dullaart, Oliver Laric, Sara Ludy,Raquel Meyers, Evan Roth, Rafaël Rozendaal, Paul Souviron, Addie Wagenknecht, Ai Weiwei.

DON’T MISS: FULL SCREEN a group show on smart watches curated by Aram Bartholl is now open at xpo gallery, Paris.

FULL SCREEN celebrates the evolution of the screen in its most extreme developments. A group show on very big and very small screens! ‘What time is it?’ ¿Qué hora es? ¡Es la hora del arte! >> El arte en la edad del silicio. 'FULL SCREEN' @ XPO Gallery, Mar 13. Full Screen, curated by Aram Bartholl. Opening. Arambartholl : Arambartholl : #FULLSCREEN @xpogallery opening...

GIFmodel : Pixel master @raquelmeyers... GIFmodel: well, @agnesdelmotte I have... Newrafael : Extreme Screen “@arambartholl:... Wheresaddie: Congrats to @arambartholl and... Arambartholl : Arnaud_Souviron : #Mamasista @agnesdelmotte... Agnesdelmotte : I wore @petcortright's #art... Agnesdelmotte: Recharge your #art ! #FULLSCREEN...

F*ck yeah net art - full screen. Photos. Arambartholl : ooops!... @xpogallery closes... FULL SCREEN @ xpo gallery 2014 : un album sur Flickr. Website dimensions variable 2014 counts down to the moment when the work of Christopher George Latore Wallace (aka the Notorious B.

I. G.) enters the public domain and is free of copyright. This clock is based on U.S. copyright law, which extends to the beginning of the calendar year 70 years after the death of the artist. On New Year’s morning January 1, 2068 (GMT -5), this page will play Wallace’s work for the first time in the public domain. The piece was built from Keith Wood’s jQuery Countdown and is available under the MIT license. TheDANtheMAN : Just publish the source code... FULLSCREEN : Make It Do A Thing. FULL SCREEN at Aram Bartholl. UPDATE: Awesome opening yesterday night!!

FULL SCREEN at Aram Bartholl

Thx to everyone for showing up! Thx to all the artists participating in this show!! & thx to xpo gallery making this possible!! Full press release and descriptions of the works below. More documentation to come!