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30/30 on the App Store

30/30 on the App Store

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Night Shift: How this iOS 9.3 feature helped me sleep better Update: Apple updated its Night Shift feature for iPhone and iPad in iOS 9.3.2 beta. This explainer and test article has been revised for May 2016. Night Shift is one iOS 9.3 feature that I'm not going to lose sleep over, even if I keep tossing and turning over whether or not to upgrade to that downsized iPad Air 9.7 (update: I have one and reviewed it). This is Apple's brand new display software that tints my screen a more eye-friendly shade of orange by using my iPhone and iPad clock and geolocation to slowly reduce the amount of sleep-inhibiting blue light emitted. I've basically been bathing in intense blue light every night before this, reading and working on my mobile devices, even though I'm fully aware it messes with my circadian rhythm and makes it harder for me to fall asleep. That all changed when I began testing the iOS 9.3 beta and enabled Night Shift.

You Can Now Create Your Classroom Website on iPad for Free October, 2014 Weebly, the popular website creation platform, has now a powerful app that works on iPad. Besides Google Sites, Weebly is one of the best free web tools I have been recommending for teachers to use for creating classroom websites and students portfolios. Weebly has a very simply and easy to use editor that allows you to create your website within a couple of minutes. You can simply drag and drop different elements into your template and add your content and share your website with the world.

The 3 major problems edtech apps need to solve A while ago, those who felt they were in-the-know, would stroke their metaphorical beards (this was pre-hipster) and pronounce that the digital future wouldn’t be found in a browser, it would be in apps. For many that’s true, the application is king in many different areas, but in education, the app world hasn’t quite mastered the two key elements that would make the difference between a mere digital pastime and something genuinely transformative. Those are the drivers for the kind of ubiquity you’d be looking for – but the breakthrough moment will come when an app tackles these three significant challenges: Mobile-friendly content. Block Websites & More with Parental Controls for Mac Filter Content, Monitor Social Media, and Block Websites on a Mac with Net Nanny Net Nanny for Mac OS X brings our award-winning parental controls to Apple desktop operating systems, giving you complete control over your family's online experience. Net Nanny's parental controls for Mac let you block pornography before it's viewed on websites.

Use Restrictions in iTunes on your Mac or PC Use Restrictions to block or limit certain features and services in iTunes on your computer, including access to explicit content in the iTunes Store. Using Restrictions in iTunes on your Mac or PC, you can turn off access to: PodcastsInternet radioiTunes Store and iTunes UApple MusicApple Music ConnectShared libraries You can also set restrictions so that someone using your computer can't listen to music with explicit content, watch movies or TV shows with specific ratings, download apps that have specific age ratings, or read books with explicit content. Set restrictions Open iTunes.Mac: From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen, choose iTunes > Preferences.

Some Very Good iPad Apps for Science Teachers May 11, 2016 Below is a short collection of some very good iPad apps we have specifically curated for Science teachers and students. They can be used to consolidate and expand on what students learn about the natural world. The apps will also help students learn about endangered species, discover thousands of organisms from around the globe, explore biodiversity of wild life and many more. 1- Project Noah ‘Project Noah is a tool to explore and document wildlife and a platform to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere…The Project Noah Missions section includes dozens of challenging and meaningful investigations that touch on nearly every key concept in the life sciences, from adaptation and natural selection to conservation and biodiversity.’ 2- Libraries of Life

The cheat sheet to choosing effective education apps Getting students active in the classroom is a tough task for any teacher. But there’s a silver bullet that is, quite literally, silver. It’s the Apple iPad and this expensive, silver, and engaging device is making its way into classrooms around the world. Since there’s such a push to bring apps into the classroom, it’s time to figure out which ones are right for you. I threw together this cheat sheet to choosing education apps that will hopefully help you quickly choose what works (and what doesn’t). So what are some of the best education apps for active learning?

Use Restrictions on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch You can use Restrictions, also known as parental controls, to block or limit specific apps and features on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Turn on Restrictions Tap Settings > General > Restrictions.

Puberty: Usually between the ages of 8 and 18 years old, your body starts growing and changing. These changes occur from head to toe, and are completely natural as your body responds to increased hormones. In girls, the main hormone guiding the body's new instructions is called estrogen. In guys, it's testosterone. All of these changes together are called puberty. Puberty is the bridge between being a kid and becoming an adult. 50 Fab Apps for Teachers Less Is More You don’t need a one-to-one classroom (one device for every student) to integrate tablets into instruction. Whether you have one tablet or five, possibilities for teaching with them abound. Single Tablet • Independent reading Load up your tablet with books in a reading app.

Two Good Mathematics Glossaries for Students - One in English and Spanish Like a lot of kids, when I was a middle school and high school student the vocabulary of math often tripped me up. Once I wrapped my head around the meaning of terms I had an easier time understanding and solving the problems. Having a glossary of terms often helped me out. Here are couple of excellent mathematics glossaries for kids. Math Vocabulary Cards is a free iPad app designed for elementary school students. The app offers exactly what its name implies, a series of flashcards of mathematics vocabulary terms.

When Tech is the Problem Child - NY Times Fair enough, but what should be in such a plan? As the parent of adolescents, I want more than bromides. I want to know what other parents are actually doing that works.