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The Book Zone. Classics Illustrated Comic Books. Wimpy Kid | The official website for Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series. Korky Paul. Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr | the Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini. Raven Mysteries : home. Philip Pullman. Marcus Sedgwick. -- The Official Website of Stephenie Meyer. Jerry Spinelli. Julie Bertagna. YouTube- Alice in Wonderland (1903) Lemony Snicket. -- Author Profile: Jenny Downham.

Mid Wales The Bookshelf - Jenny Valentine Q&A. The Wondrous Worlds of Terry Brooks -- The Official Site. The Gillian Cross Official Website. A Christmas Carol - by Charles Dickens - Awesome Stories. To help provide for his growing family, Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol over a period of three weeks in 1843. Creating the characters of Ebenezer Scrooge, Jacob Marley, Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim, Dickens also made famous the descriptive word "Humbug! " His tale of transformation is still popular during the holiday season and has often been produced for film. This version, from 1984, features George C.

Scott as Ebenezer and Frank Finlay as Jacob Marley. In this scene, "Old Marley" (who was "dead as a door nail"), visits Scrooge to warn him about the way he is living his life. Marley, now a ghost, shows Ebenezer how he will end up - if he doesn't make some important life changes. The film was shot entirely on location in Shrewsbury, a quaint Shropshire town (in England's West Midlands), beautifully captured in a watercolor painting by Louise Rayner (1832-1924). Chrestomanci Castle:Diana Wynne Jones. Diana Wynne Jones died on 25 March, 2011, after a long battle with cancer. She will be greatly missed. News 26 March 2012: On 22nd April, 2012, Diana's family and friends will be hosting Diana Wynne Jones -- a Celebration of Her Life and Work. Come and remember Diana's extraordinary imagination. The public is welcome to attend.

Welcome! Welcome to Chrestomanci Castle, a fan site for Diana Wynne Jones. Imaginary Letters "Dear Deborah," asks my imaginary letter-writer. But now we seem to be coming up to our tenth anniversary! To recap: despite the title, the theme of this website is Ingary. About this site: This a fan site for Diana Wynne Jones, an author of childrens' fantasy books. News is a page with all of the news announcements ever posted to the site and their origional dates. Personal will bring you to biographical and autobiographical information on Diana Wynne Jones, including some photographs. Links is a page with links to other web sites with information on Ms. Author Tim Bowler - Winner of the Carnegie Medal - Home.

Neil Gaiman - Home. The Intricate, Cinematic World of 'Hugo Cabret' THE NEXT MORNING HUGO OPENED the toy booth and set it up exactly the way the old man always did. His fingers were still hurting badly, but he smiled as the customers straggled by and he collected the money. Still, there were long stretches of quiet. Hugo was frustrated at not being able to draw or play with any of the mechanical parts. He tried to teach himself to write with his left hand, but it didn't work. He looked closely at the windup toys. He tried to imagine what the old man was thinking as he built these toys. Maybe he was only happy for the time he devoted to building each new toy. When Isabelle came by after school, she joined Hugo on a stool behind the counter. Eventually, with no customers and nothing else to say, Isabelle tended to the loose ends of Hugo's bandages and took out a book. Hugo recognized the book. "You've been reading that for a long time," said Hugo.

"Oh, I've read it twenty times. "Read out loud. " So Prometheus was a thief. "What's that? " "Like Papa Georges? " Rosie Rushton - Home Page. Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer. Susan Beth Pfeffer. Darren Shan - Author of the Darren Shan Saga and The Demonata. Official Site. J.K.Rowling Official Site - Harry Potter and more. :: Michael Rosen - The Website :: Charles Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL - Full Text. Alan Gibbons, children's author. David Belbin.

Robin - The official website - Dare to be scared. Berlie Doherty. Elizabeth Laird - Author. Bali Rai. His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman. Of Mice and Men. Adults can't decide if they want to require you to read John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men—or make that sure you never even pick it up. Since it was published in 1937, it's been banned about as often as it's been assigned. Why? Take your pick, really. Killing. Violence. Swearing. Brothels. Set in the American West during the Great Depression, the book is based on Steinbeck's experiences during a 1936 assignment for the San Francisco News covering the migrant workers in California. And it wasn't just popular with the middle-class book club readers.

Do you care about questions like, "How bad, exactly, is prejudice? Of course you do. Does prejudice suck? Of Mice and Men is risky, controversial, and modern. Welcome to Garth Nix official website - Welcome to Bernard Ashley Online. Sharon Creech. Journey's End. Sherriff considered calling it "Suspense" and "Waiting", but eventually found a title in the closing line of a chapter of an unmentioned book: "It was late in the evening when we came at last to our journey's end.

"[1] Plot summary[edit] Act I[edit] In the British trenches before St Quentin, Captain Hardy converses with Lieutenant Osborne, an older man and public school master, who has come to relieve him. Hardy jokes about the behaviour of Captain Stanhope, who has turned to alcohol to cope with the stress which the war has caused him. Private Mason, a servant cook, is forever not caring about the lack of ingredients and quality of food he serves up. Stanhope has a keen sense of duty and feels that he must continue to serve rather than take leave to which he is entitled. Act II[edit] Scene 1[edit] Trotter and Mason converse about the bacon rashers which the company has to eat. Stanhope announces that the barbed wire around the trenches needs to be mended. Scene 2[edit] Act III[edit] Awards. Paul Jennings. Aesop's Fables - Online Collection - 656+ fables - Welcome To Seussville!

Peoples Book Prize - showcase for new authors UK. The 39 Clues. Girl Genius Online Comics. Into the Wardrobe :: a C. S. Lewis web site. Kevin Brooks - Author. 11th April 2014 Want to become a Chicken? Chicken House is recruiting a Junior Editor (Children's Fiction)! Location: Frome Department: Fiction Editorial, Chicken House Publishing Contract: Permanent Hours: 37.5 hours a week Salary: Competitive Closing Date: 2nd May 2014 Job... Read More ▶ 8th April 2014 We’re delighted to announce that Kerr Thomson’s THE SOUND OF WHALES is the winner of the Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition 2014! Kerr’s beautifully written tale captured the imagination of the panel of judges, including acclaimed author Melvin Burgess. Authors Hotline. David Almond.

Anne Fine: Official web site. Lynne Reid Banks Official Web Site. Peter Dickinson: Official Web Site. Dracula. Louis Sachar — Children's Author — Home Page. Anthony Horowitz / Author / Alex Rider / Power of Five. Roald Dahl - The Official Web Site.

Celia Rees, author -- her official website. R.L. Stine. Hobbit Movie News and Information - - Forged by the Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien. 'Private Peaceful' book to film resource. John Steinbeck. Intro Steinbeck Country. If you have ever driven the central California coast, from the broad yellow valleys of Salinas, through rolling green hills of farmland to the slick, fog-draped streets of Monterey, then you have been there. That part of California is so closely associated with John Steinbeck's novels and stories that even today Monterey County and its towns proudly advertise their connections to the famous writer, who was born and buried in the farm town of Salinas. Of course, Steinbeck's perspective was far wider—and his legacy is far greater—than simple depictions of the Monterey County landscape.

Steinbeck's real gift was to see people that the rest of society chose to overlook: defeated refugees of the Dust Bowl, unemployed paisanos, cannery workers eking out a living on a factory wage. Theresa Breslin - Scottish Author. Dav Pilkey. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes is not the first fictional detective. C. Auguste Dupin, hero of a bunch of stories by American author Edgar Allan Poe, as well as a very few others detectives, came before. Poe invented the classic formula: the super-smart private detective and his less smart (but more literary) narrator buddy, amazing leaps of logic that prove to be right, and a bumbling cop who can never quite seem to get it right. So, props to Poe. Though Holmes may not be the first detective in fiction, but we kind of think he's the best.

Holmes wasn't instantly popular by any means. It was still pretty standard in the late nineteenth century for English novels to appear chapter by chapter in magazines before being collected into one published volume – that's how the first two Holmes novels appeared. Weirdly, despite the fact that he wound up writing dozens of short stories and five novels around this character, Conan Doyle was actually not that fond of his creation. Animal Farm. Move over, Babe and Wilbur: there's a new talking pig in town. In fact, there are a lot of talking pigs.

And talking horses and birds and cows, for that matter. But George Orwell's Animal Farm is no Jim Henson-inspired comedy about a pig who just wants to be a sheepdog, or bittersweet tale about interspecies love—it's a biting satire about tyrannical governments and a dark warning about the perils of Russian communism. Today, Animal Farm is a classic. (In fact, we have a sneaking suspicion that you're here because you're being required to read it.)

But when Orwell wrote the book in 1943-44, he could hardly find a publisher. You see, Animal Farm takes a blow at the Soviet Union, especially its leader Josef Stalin—but the Soviet Union was an ally in the U.S.' But Orwell was no knee-jerk anticommunist. Since communism is an extreme form of socialism, Orwell actually fought alongside communists in the Spanish Civil War during the 1930s. Orwell satirizes all political tyranny. Okay. YouTube - Gone Book Trailer. Lord of the Flies. Before The Hunger Games, there was William Golding's 1954 Lord of the Flies. Well, okay, before there was The Hunger Games, there was reality TV and the 1996 Japanese novel (and later move) Battle Royale. But you have to admit, the premise is similar: a bunch of kids end up on an island/ arena and turn into vicious savages in about, oh, five minutes. Just like The Hunger Games, Lord of the Flies was a great success—although we're not convinced that Suzanne Collins is going to follow in William Golding's steps by winning a Nobel Prize for Literature for "illuminat[ing] the human condition of the world today.

" (Love ya, Suze.) Lord of the Flies is an allegory (essentially a story with a moral), about…well, something. Just as Lord of the Flies wasn't the last kids-stuck-on-an-island story, it wasn't the first. Naturally, this was a huge success in Victorian England—but Golding wasn't so impressed. Yep, it's about as creepy as it sounds. Um. You think that's just fiction? After only six days. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley - Biography and Works.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1797-1851), English author wrote the Gothic horror story Frankenstein or; The Modern Prometheus (1818); “I am alone and miserable; man will not associate with me; but one as deformed and horrible as myself would not deny herself to me. My companion must be of the same species and have the same defects. This being you must create.” --Ch. 16 Started as a ghost story and inspired by a conversation Shelley had overheard between her husband Percy Bysshe Shelly and Lord George Gordon Byron talking about galvanism, it soon became one of the first best selling works by a female author. Sir Walter Scott mistakenly thought it had been written by Percy, and it received mixed reviews, but today it is still widely read and has inspired various adaptations to the stage and screen. Mary met her future husband Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) around the age of sixteen when he became acquainted with her atheist father and his philosophy, which he soon adopted. Welcome to

Welcome to The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey. PETER PAN IS BORN - Awesome Stories. Georgia Nicolson. Egmont - GONE.