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Good Fun Cheap Date Ideas

Good Fun Cheap Date Ideas

Dream Studio | If you can dream it, we can create it. Don't settle for a design that isn't just right! Let us know how we can create a custom wall lettering design, wall transfer. wall graphic design, wedding wall monogram, or child's room decor design. "Rub a dub dub" was created for one of our clients. We begin with your initial idea and work with you to create a custom design you will absolutely love and if you don't, we won't stop until you do. 33 Meticulous Cleaning Tricks For The OCD Person Inside You Seasonal Date Ideas: Halloween Dates You might be too old to go trick-or-treating but candy and cavities aren't the only ways to celebrate Halloween. We've put together a list of 10 great Halloween dates for you and your sweetheart that are guaranteed to get you into the spirit of the season!Haunted HouseHaunted houses are a favorite Halloween tradition. Whether they're well done or just plain cheesy, you and your date will enjoy the chance to get close and keep other safe. Host a Murder MysteryIf costume parties aren't your thing, organize a murder mystery.

Tutorial: hanging book display - penny carnival If you're here just for the book sling tutorial, skip this intro and scroll down a bit. It begins with the bolded word "tools." My tutorial on making a hanging book display for kiddos is up on Ohdeedoh now. Again, this is my entry in the Apartment Therapy February Jump-Start contest, which called out for small home projects that can be completed in a weekend or two. The person with the most "thumbs up" in each category (kids, kitchen, general home, office/high tech, and green ... am I missing one?) You can look at all the other entries here, and if you want to know who I'm up against just look at the projects in the Ohdeedoh column. FYI--If you're not familiar with Apartment Therapy, it is the umbrella site for several more focused sites, like Re-Nest (green topics),The Kitchen (cooking/kitchen topics) and Ohdeedoh (babies and kids design and parenting issues). So if you like my project, please head on over to Ohdeedoh and click on "thumbs up" to support it. Drill and drill bits -Level

Kitchen Pantry Organization Tips | Burlap & Denim I have a problem, I am a compulsive organizer. My kitchen pantry is the subject of this weeks obsession: Pantry Organization. I like my pantry to be “merchandised” like a corner store. When I walk in or glance in at my pantry I want to be drawn in to a neat, clean, well stocked space. A space to inspire me to whip up a yummy treat or grab a quick snack. Note: if you would like to tour my Midnight Beach Kitchen, check it out HERE. Here are a few views from outside the pantry. First of all, you must be able to see well in your pantry. Another essential ingredient for a great pantry is an electrical outlet. An extension cord taped down taut keeps the ever useful toaster oven hidden out of sight in the pantry as well. I like to keep chip bags, bottles and other not uniformed packaging in larger bins or baskets. The popcorn machine is neither rarely used or light, BUT when we had it with in easy reach, we ate 3X as much popcorn. I love these bushel baskets I picked up at a yard sale.

5 More Creative Date Ideas For Spring | Online Dating We’ve given you ideas for eco-friendly dates, summer dates, and even ideas for what to cook on a date, but we’ve gathered even more! Dinner and a movie are great — it’s a go-to date idea that usually goes off without a hitch. If you’re looking for something more creative or out-of-the-box, try one of these great date ideas. Pottery Painting It may sound girly, but trust me — guys like pottery painting, too. Laser Tag What’s there to say about laser tag? Science Museum Not just any museum, a science museum. Cook or Bake Something Complicated Bear with me here: Cook a souffle, bake croissants from scratch, or create some other complicated culinary delicacy together. Boudoir Photo Shoot Definitely not for a first date — unless you’re both into that — take part in a boudoir photo shoot.

Show HIM Looking for simple ideas on how to show your man that you’re totally diggin’ him? We’ve got a few! Check out these ideas to get your spouse through the week…he won’t be able to WAIT until date night! Articles April 9, 2014 You Are Just What the Doctor Ordered! Download these free printables for quick and easy romance after the baby arrives! Continue Reading April 8, 2014 Intimate Easter Basket Fill your hubby’s Easter basket with some sassy treats that’ll have you hopping into bed! Continue Reading April 7, 2014 The Puzzle Date Create a night of fun and mystery for your spouse with these puzzle themed ideas and gifts. Continue Reading April 3, 2014 Shower You With Love April showers will bring YOUR man a lot of love with this creative craft! Continue Reading March 29, 2014 Free April LOVE Calendar Your FREE April LOVE calendar is here. Continue Reading March 26, 2014 Easter Egg Hubby Hunt Make your man hunt for his Easter Basket this year! Continue Reading March 19, 2014 Chalkboard Message Eggs March 18, 2014

I am Style-ish: Glitter... Everything! Ever since I made my glitter clutch, I've been looking around at everything that we have around the house that I can glitter. I told you I had a lot of glitter projects to share, I finally gathered them together to photograph! First up are these little tea light holders that were totally boring on their own... I put together a mixture of Mod Podge and glitter (same as the glitter clutch) but this time I dumped the mixture in the candleholder, swirled it around until it covered every area and then let it dry upside down for a day. Now, they are adorable and I keep one in the bathroom to hold my bobby pins which has made my life so much easier when doing my hair! Obviously the other thing I glittered was my iPhone case. *A note on the tea light holders, you can still use tea lights in them even with the glitter, just get the battery operated ones. I filled it with my lipglosses and lip liners. There are so many things you can do with Mod Podge and glitter.

Dates That Will Drive Him Wild 1. Treat Him to a Manly Dish Dainty morsels artfully arranged on a plate just won't cut it for your hungry man, so take him out for his favorite food — the kind he can eat with his hands. Barbecue sandwiches, ribs, burgers, and pizza are all palate pleasers for the testosterone-toting sex. 2. Book a few evening hours on a driving range and he'll feel luckier than Tiger Woods. 3. What guy doesn't feel right at home in a laid-back bar that's dark and has permanent patrons situated on the stools? 4. Scope out a local amusement park on a brisk autumn night and pull a gallant role-reversal by winning him a prize at the dunking booth. 5. Have him put on his pj's (you wear a sexy nightie) and stay in bed the entire evening.

DIY Projects For information on my affordable online design service, please click here.Just a quick reminder, the information I provide on my blog is based on my own experience and is my own opinion. You are reading and following my advice/tutorials at your own risk. Please always use safety precautions when performing a DIY project and always read and follow manufacturer's directions for the products and tools you use. DIY Project Tutorials: The 31 Day Series, Building Character: This series was a challenge posed by The Nester and The Inspired Room to blog about one topic for 31 consecutive days.

Crack Kills Maybe it's just me and my body shape, but a lot of my jeans have that giant gaping spot in the back. It's like a canyon between my bum and the back of the pants. This is what I'm talking about. On some pants it's worse than others. I'm pretty sure it's not just me because I've caught some crack with quite a few teenage girls. I took some 1/2 inch elastic and I cut a strip to be about 6 inches long. I started at the middle and sewed to the end using a zigzag stitch. Now I don't have to bulk up with a belt. EXTRA INFO: This works best with lighter-weight denim. Thanks for dropping in.

Now youre cooking with comics. Nov 13 So, Boing Boing asked me to do a recipe for them. The only caveat is that it involve caffeine. Done and Done.