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The Internal Clitoris

The Internal Clitoris
Consider this: In over five million years of human evolution, only one organ has come to exist for the sole purpose of providing pleasure—the clitoris. It is not required for reproduction. It doesn’t have a urethra running through it like the penis, and thus, does not urinate. Sadly, it is precisely because the clitoris has no function apart from female pleasure that science has neglected to study it as intricately as the penis. Try asking the next person you encounter to tell you where the clitoris is located. The scientific name for the external “little button” or “bulb” is glans. The glans is connected to the body or shaft of the internal clitoris, which is made up of two corpora cavernosa. Sketch of an erect clitoris The corpus cavernosum also extends further, bifurcating again to form the two crura. Near each of the crura on either side of the vaginal opening are the clitoral vestibules. What does all this mean? Interestingly, they’re both right. Sketch of a clitoris at rest Dr.

The Science of Stress, Orgasm and Creativity: How the Brain and the Vagina Conspire in Consciousness “The more closely we analyze what we consider ‘sexy,’” philosopher Alain de Botton argued in his meditation on sex, “the more clearly we will understand that eroticism is the feeling of excitement we experience at finding another human being who shares our values and our sense of the meaning of existence.” But in his attempt to counter the reductionism that frames human sexuality as a mere physiological phenomenon driven solely by our evolutionary biology, de Botton overcompensates by reducing in the opposite direction, negating the complex interplay of brain and biology, psychology and physiology, that propels the human sexual experience. That’s precisely what Naomi Wolf, author of the 1991 cultural classic The Beauty Myth, examines in Vagina: A New Biography (public library) — a fascinating exploration of the science behind the vastly misunderstood mind-body connection between brain and genitalia, consciousness and sexuality, the poetic and the scientific. Wolf writes:

Study Sheds Light On Teen Sexting Alan McStravick for – Your Universe Online In the past decade, there has been a lot of light thrown on the topic of sexting. This relatively new word was added in August of last year to the Merriam-Webster´s Collegiate Dictionary and is an obvious fusion of the words ℠sex´ and ℠texting.´ Sexting is a new pandemic brought on by the ubiquity of the Internet and mobile phones in our day-to-day lives. The act of sexting involves the sending of a sexually explicit message and/or photograph via the SMS system used in mobile phones. The first reports on this trend appeared in 2005. Studies have shown that sexting occurs across most age demographics, but most psychologists, educators and parents are predominantly concerned about the increase of this dirty digital deed among tweens, teens and young adults. What the team may not have expected to find in their research was the reflection of the paternalistic society´s sexual mores in this burgeoning technological domain.

The Valley Advocate: Leisure - Clit Chat: 14 Clitoral Factoids to Know Factoid 1. The clitoris is the only part of the human body that exists solely for pleasure. Other pleasurable spots like the nipples, neck, tongue and penis all have at least one other function. 2. The other three-fourths hide internally, including the clitoral shaft, urethral sponge, vestibular bulbs and the crura (aka the clitoral legs), which are housed inside the outer labia and can be stimulated with external pressure, causing many to moan "a little to the left." 3. While we're developing in Mom's womb, our clitoris is formed from the same erectile tissues that would've been the glans and upper shaft of the penis. So the aroused clitoris is basically an itty-bitty boner. 4. The clitoral head alone contains 8,000 nerve endings—4x as many as exist on the larger head of the penis, making it more sensitive than his entire kit 'n' kaboodle. 5. So why are we so freaking hard to get off sometimes, I ask you? 6. 50-75 percent of women must have clitoral stimulation to orgasm. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Why do some people hate the taste of broccoli? › Ask an Expert (ABC Science) I have always wondered why things taste bad to some people. For example, I like the taste of broccoli but my wife can't even swallow it. How we taste things depends largely on the number and type of taste receptors we are born with, says flavour scientist and chef, Associate Professor Russell Keast from the Area School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at Deakin University. These taste receptors are clustered within the taste buds on the tongue and in the upper part of the mouth, and they react specifically to salty, sweet, sour or bitter foods. "Somebody who's got a lot more receptors for specific chemicals in food will perceive them as being more intense", Keast says. "The bitterness that some people experience when they eat broccoli is related back to one particular receptor and is linked with another chemical that we often use in taste research called N-6-tropyluracil." ^ to top Super-sensitive taste "Texture perception and odour perception play a part. Bad food memories

How to Make Eggshell Calcium (and Why You’d Want to) | Mama Natural Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our body. While most of our calcium resides in our bones and teeth, it’s also important for muscle contraction, nerve health, enzyme activity and cell formation. In fact, our bodies need ample, daily amounts of calcium… and if we don’t get what we need, our bodies have no problem pulling excess stores from our teeth and bones. So, let’s just say we want to be sure we’re consuming PLENTY of calcium, especially if we are a pregnant or nursing mama! I do best consuming ~ 2,000mg of calcium a day. I feel the most calm and balanced and don’t suffer from muscle soreness or body stiffness. Which one to chose? But as natural mamas, we know that the best source is FOOD since it’s the mostly easily accessible for the body. Did you know that eggshells are a great, inexpensive, natural source of calcium? Yes, EGGSHELL Calcium! In animal and human tests, eggshell calcium shows increased bone density, less arthritic pain, and even stimulates cartilage growth.

The Sacred Power Of Your Yoni (Full Body Orgasm, Cervical- & Multiple Orgasm) About Me Mahasatvaa Sarita is a Tantra Master and author of two books on Tantra. She teaches Tantra for both couples and individuals in 12 countries around the world, working with a Team of highly skilled co-teachers. She offers Tantra Teachers Training, a 7 level couples training, a Tantra Meditation Retreat and Mystic Tantra Massage Training among many other courses. Sarita is in the Osho Lineage, having lived in his community in India for 26 years. She received much personal guidance from Osho in the powerful alchemy of Tantra as a spiritual path. The Yoni of the Woman Is A Portal Into Ecstasy & Beyond The meaning of “Yoni” in Sanskrit is “Sacred Place” (= female genitals). A new dawn is coming where women are discovering that it is our birthright to be Goddesses, ‘she who knows the secrets of discovering heaven on earth’. An important part of the revolution from woman to Goddess is the Yoni. By understanding the attributes of the Yoni, we simultaneously discover true empowerment.

Happy Birthday Alison Brie! [45 GIFS Alison Brie GIF (1) Alison Brie is turning 30 year's young on December 29th so we've pulled together a collection of her greatest GIFs. Alison Brie GIF (2) Alison Brie GIF (3) Alison Brie GIF (4) Alison Brie GIF (5) Alison Brie GIF (6) Alison Brie GIF (7) Alison Brie GIF (8) Alison Brie GIF (9) Alison Brie GIF (10) Alison Brie GIF (11) Alison Brie GIF (12) Alison Brie GIF (13) Alison Brie GIF (14) Alison Brie GIF (15) Alison Brie GIF (16) Alison Brie GIF (17) Alison Brie GIF (18) Alison Brie GIF (19) Alison Brie GIF (20) Alison Brie GIF (21) Alison Brie GIF (22) Alison Brie GIF (23) Alison Brie GIF (24) Alison Brie GIF (25) Alison Brie GIF (26) Alison Brie GIF (27) Alison Brie GIF (29) Alison Brie GIF (30) Alison Brie GIF (31) Alison Brie GIF (32) Alison Brie GIF (33) Alison Brie GIF (34) Alison Brie GIF (35) Alison Brie GIF (36) Alison Brie GIF (37) Alison Brie GIF (38) Alison Brie GIF (39) Alison Brie GIF (40) Alison Brie GIF (41) Alison Brie GIF (42) Alison Brie GIF (43) Alison Brie GIF (44) Alison Brie GIF (45) From The Web

What does clitoral stimulation do to your brain? is the clitoris the target of female circumcision? (ew) Yes, it is. They cut it off so the woman won't have any fun. Notice that male circumcision leaves most of it there. Many forms of female circumcision don't involve cutting off the clitoris. This is precisely the kind of horror I'm talking about. We silly apes were born into these bodies and until quite recently didn't even have the slightest idea how or why they worked and yet, in total ignorance, authorities presumed to tell us how to operate them.

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