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Parts 1-22

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Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Ieyasu Tokugawa. Kanu/Aisha, Tomose Shunsaku Orig., August-char. Since Alamarco is busy with his I guess I should post some more of my collection too.

Kanu/Aisha, Tomose Shunsaku Orig., August-char

Thus we have part 21 woohoo! First up is another Koihime Musou one, of Kanu/Aisha again, this time released by Axia. This one is getting a rerelease in February so if you like it you can pick it up from all the main retailers. They also have a gorgeous one of Sousou coming out then too, so they're doing quite a nice treat for Koihime fans in general. They're made of AJ 2way tricot so feel great, though when I first got this one it had a bunch of horrible white streaks on it. After Kanu, we have an original character drawn by Tomose Shunsaku for

Lastly we have a character from August's newest game whose name I don't know. Finally, on the off chance that Ghostmuffin happens to check this (really wish had a PM system sometimes). Yuri, Utae Sonokoe. Serika Kiyosumi, Feena Fam Earthlight. And now for another installment.

Serika Kiyosumi, Feena Fam Earthlight

This time with yet another girl from Amatsu Misora Ni! And Feena from Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na. The very very cute Kiyosumi Serika from clochette's game Amatsu Misora Ni! , illustrated by Shintaro. Compared to the other (game cg) pictures I found on the web I think she actually looks quite different to usual on this cover, but in a good way, she looks more plain in other pics while quite lovely here. Back side. Miyako Miyamura, Hitomi Miyazono. Ange Ushiromiya, Kotoha Okihara. Happy new year everyone!

Ange Ushiromiya, Kotoha Okihara

Another two lovely ladies for you all today. First up is Ushiromiya Ange from Umineko no Naku Koro ni, as drawn by Mafuyu from the doujin circle Sadakofxe. Must say she really has an adorably cute face and eyes on both sides of this cover, and those thighhighs look amazing. Kanade Suzutsuki, Tsurara Amatsuka. Michiru Matsushima, Yukie Mayuzumi. Starting off this time with ghostmuffin's request: Matsushima Michiru from the eroge Grisaia no Kajitsu by Frontwing, probably illustrated by Akio Watanabe!

Michiru Matsushima, Yukie Mayuzumi

Apparently she's a pretend tsundere who behaves like one and dyed her hair blonde and tied it into twintails because she likes tsundere characters. Need more girls like that imo!! This is another AJ 2way tricot cover, made to the same high standard as always. Kanae Kuroshiba, Maid (by Shintaro) This time round, we have two very well endowed young ladies, neither of whom is very shy about it.

Kanae Kuroshiba, Maid (by Shintaro)

The first is Kuroshiba Kanae from 11eyes Crossover. She wasn't in the anime unfortunately, which seems a shame since her character design is by far my favourite of all the girls from the games (I've not played them so can't speak for personality though the summary made her seem interesting). Here we get to see her out of her school uniform and then on the reverse side out of her magician outfit. Then next we have an original character (? Correct me if I'm wrong) by Shintaro for E2, some sort of adorable maid girl who also has difficulty remaining in her clothes. These will be the last proper dakimakura post for a while from me, as I've had to lend my camera to my sister and she won't be back til christmas.

This is the only dakimakura I have that actually lists the artist on it (that I've noticed - tend not to really look at the writing rather than the cute girls). Airi, Mikoto Misaka, Alesta Blanket, Astraea. Some maids and some ecchi others!

Airi, Mikoto Misaka, Alesta Blanket, Astraea

First up the greatest of all maids, Airi from Queens Blade who's voiced by the heavenly Kanae Itou. This one was made by Genco and is a smooth knit. Next is Misaka Mikoto from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, this was included with the Dengeki Daioh Railgun Special released a while ago. It's a 1sided smooth knit like all (?) Dengeki bonuses, though it does have special "maid" attachments to go with her school swimsuit. Himari, Felli Loss, Yui, Nozomi Kiriya. Sakura Kirishima, Kaho Otonashi, Rio Nanase, Tsubaki Yatake. Totally NSFW.

Sakura Kirishima, Kaho Otonashi, Rio Nanase, Tsubaki Yatake

Really, don't even try to take a glimpse in public! It was a bit too sunny (lots of objects in the way casting shadows no matter where I laid down the dakimakuras) so I tried taking the close up pics with the curtains shut but they turned out rather dark as one might imagine.. oh well! The actual colors of all are a bit brighter and more vibrant than they may seem here! Kirishima Sakura - Sakura Sakura Kirishima Sakura from the eroge Sakura Sakura. 音無夏帆 - Amatsu Misora Ni! One of the side characters from Amatsu Misora Ni! Nanase Rio - Imouto Paradise Nanase Rio from eroge Imouto Paradise by Moonstone. Yatake Tsubaki - Mecha-con! Ryuubi/Touka, Chou'un/Sei, Kanu/Aisha, Eustia Astraea. This time a mostly Koihime Musou themed edition.

Ryuubi/Touka, Chou'un/Sei, Kanu/Aisha, Eustia Astraea

First up the lovely Ryuubi/Touka, which was sold at Comiket. A smooth knit dakimakura. Next Chou'un/Sei, which was released by Chara-Hai and is their typical smooth knit easily obtainable version. Back side. I like how in the koihime musou version of ancient China there was already maid cafes. Lynette Bishop, Fumino Serizawa, Ikaros, Nodoka Haramura. And now for part 7!

Lynette Bishop, Fumino Serizawa, Ikaros, Nodoka Haramura

Weather's been bad so the lighting is poor on some of these pics. Lynette Bishop - Strike Witches First up the lovely Lynette Bishop from Strike Witches by Chara-hai, smooth knit. On this one the color of her thighhighs is actually not quite right (the green is a bit to livid) but the still look amazing so who cares? This was one of my earliest dakimakura and still one of my all time favourites. Fumino Serizawa - Mayoi Neko Overrun The other of the 2 Mayoi Neko Overrun dakimakura I have, Fumino Serizawa by Cospa, in smooth knit.

Ikaros - Sora no Otoshimono. Korone, Lizlet L. Chelsea, Charlotte E. Yeager, Tenshi. And now some more dakimakura for a change!

Korone, Lizlet L. Chelsea, Charlotte E. Yeager, Tenshi

Korone - Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao First up is Korone, definitely the most fun of the girls in Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao. If such artifical humanoids really existed I'd definitely want one like her. She also has exquisite taste in shimapan and thighhighs (or well, the thighhighs seem to be the school uniform). Cecily Campbell, Elis, Manaka Komaki, Tamaki Kousaka. Kanu/Aisha, Sakamoto Mio, Sendo Arika, Rei Ooizumi. In general I've found it's quite hard to find pictures of actual dakimakura out on the web (unless you can search in japanese anyway), most searches only resulting in the preview picture the dakimakura is based upon.

As such, I figured I'll do a series of posts of my dakimakura collection for anyone who may be interested in seeing a large variety of them. The dakimakura shall for the most be posted in a completely random order, though to start with I'll post the very first dakimakura I got. Yui, Saten+Uiharu, Kuesu Jinguuji, Nunnally. Sousou, Ganessa Rolland, Yuri, Nymph. And now for part 2! For anyone interested in getting in to dakimakura collection, provides all the news you could need on upcoming releases. The majority of them however will not be released by the mainstream stores (amiami, hobbysearch etc..) and would need to be bought via a proxy service. Sousou - Koihime Musou Sousou from the eroge Shin Koihime Musou made by Baseson. This was a comiket release a few years ago now (can't remember exactly when) which I managed to pick up from Yahoo Japan Auctions. Back side. Ganessa Roland - Freezing Cospa's Ganessa dakimakura, of the cheaper Polyster Twill material type.

I always found the design of the images on this dakimakura odd: On the side where her clothes are ripped off and she looks like a rape victim she's making the Deredere expression, when on the back side when she's all dressed up for her limiter, she's looking all Tsuntsun. Yuri - Angel Beats Yurippe from Angel Beats, which came with an issue of Dengeki Festival. Tobari Chisa, Miyamiya, Ryuubi/Touka, Tokugawa Sen. A now for a very NSFW part 4! Tobari Chisa - Amatsumi Sora Ni! C.C., Kanade Suzutsuki, Jyubei Yagyuu, Sousou. Amata Maki, Shizuku Senoo, Mio Kasuga, Sekai Saionji. This time I figured I'd started out with my current favourite dakimakura cover, which has many appealing characteristics being a blonde twintailed tsundere ojou-sama with shimapan and an amazing behind. Amata Maki - Akatoki! Amata Maki from Akatoki! , an eroge by Escu:de. This is a nice 2way tricot cover again, and features a lovely illustration with a lot of detail as is more common on eroge images.

Shizuku Senoo.