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Maple Sweet Potato Cakes with Curried Greek Yogurt recipe on Cooking is more fun with friends.

Maple Sweet Potato Cakes with Curried Greek Yogurt recipe on

Find your friends who are already on Food52, and invite others who aren't to join. Let's GoLearn more Join Our Community Follow amazing home cooks. Chai Cupcakes with Maple Whipped Cream - Naturally Ella. I’ve been testing these cupcakes for a bit now, trying to get the flavors/texture just right.

Chai Cupcakes with Maple Whipped Cream - Naturally Ella

The goal has been a cupcake without a bunch of refined sugar that tasted as though you were biting into a chai latte and I think I’m there. I tried to make these work with using only chai tea but the cupcakes came out more “I think if I close my eyes and imagine, I taste chai.” So in came the spices paired with black tea and that made all the difference. Veggie Crustless Quiche. Maple and Cinnamon Sweet Potato Fries. Spicy Eggplant Sushi - Connoisseurus Veg. So continues my unending quest to stuff every plant-based item of food in existence into a sushi roll.

Spicy Eggplant Sushi - Connoisseurus Veg

So far I haven’t gone wrong. For the last few weeks I’ve been able to harvest about an eggplant or two a week from the garden. Initially I wasn’t sure it was such a good idea to plant two eggplant plants, thinking I’d be overrun with eggplant, but now I’m glad I did. Those eggplants that go straight from the garden and into a recipe are by far the tastiest I’ve ever had. So, you can expect a few eggplant recipes from me in the coming weeks. Whatever the case, these rolls are really tasty. KANAPKI - Kanapka z mozzarellą, awokado i rukolą. Kanapka z mozzarellą, awokado i rukolą Moja ulubiona.

KANAPKI - Kanapka z mozzarellą, awokado i rukolą

Każdy dzień mogłabym zaczynać właśnie od niej. Grzanki z awokado. Tarta z pomidorami. 30 Ways To Treat Yourself With Dark Chocolate. 26 No-Bake Recipes for A Summer of Waking and (Not) Baking. Hello and welcome to this thing we’re doing where we help you figure out what you’re gonna put in your mouth this week.

26 No-Bake Recipes for A Summer of Waking and (Not) Baking

Some of these are recipes we’ve tried, some of these are recipes we’re looking forward to trying, all of them are fucking delicious. Tell us what you want to put in your piehole or suggest your own recipes, and we’ll talk about which things we made, which things we loved, and which things have changed us irreversibly as people. Last week, we ate dark chocolate. Leche merengada – napój i lody na upał. Lato!

Leche merengada – napój i lody na upał

Gluten-Free Noodle Salad. Nutritional information Serves 4 30 minutes or fewer The dressing for this herb-laced salad is a simple combination of lime juice and sweet chile sauce, which can be found in Asian markets or the international aisle of most well-stocked grocery stores. 4 oz. thin rice noodles 6 Tbs. sweet chile sauce 2 Tbs. lime juice 3 cups thinly sliced napa cabbage 2 rainbow carrots, sliced into thin coins (1 cup) ¾ cup cooked chickpeas ¼ cup cilantro leaves 2 Tbs. finely chopped fresh mint ¼ cup toasted unsalted cashews, chopped.

Gluten-Free Noodle Salad

Homemade Thai Iced Tea Recipe. ** we’ve updated the recipe below with an organic tea bag option along with coconut milk!

Homemade Thai Iced Tea Recipe

I had a “doh”/”ah-ha” moment last week when we were in Chicago to speak at BlogHer Viewfinder Day. During one of the conference days, we escaped out to lunch at a local Thai restaurant to explore more of the city’s culinary offerings. As always, we’ll try to order something new and different, and in the case of a Thai restaurant it normally involves a curry dish (only medium spicy, please! Not Quite a Vegan...?: Strawberry Honey Yogurt Popsicles. It's been over 100 degrees all week and I needed to create a healthy snack to cool us off!

Not Quite a Vegan...?: Strawberry Honey Yogurt Popsicles

My Strawberry Honey Yogurt Popsicles are not only delicious, their healthy. These Popsicles are made with vanilla Greek yogurt, honey, and fresh strawberries. First, mix a little honey with Vanilla Greek yogurt and fold in diced strawberries. Place this mixture at the bottom of the Popsicle molds and freeze for about 15 minutes. Next, take the remaining yogurt, strawberries, honey, and vanilla, place into a blender and blend until pureed. Pour this mixture on top of the yogurt mixture, cover with mold cover, insert sticks and freeze for about 4-5 hours and/or overnight. All done and ready to chow down. Vegetarian sushi recipe and tips... In the Kitchen with a Southern Sushi Chef » Vegan Sushi.

Crunchy Buddha’s Delight – Delightful for Vegans and Meat Eaters!

In the Kitchen with a Southern Sushi Chef » Vegan Sushi

Though I personally do not follow a vegan lifestyle, I am often asked by vegan diners to create something suitable for their diets. I am always happy to oblige because I have at various points in my life embarked on several lifestyle diets- vegetarian, kosher, raw foodism and more. When I look at the vegan lifestyle from the delicate perspective of the diner, I bring to my creations the understanding that to many, what one places in their mouth can be just as profane and offensive as what comes out of it. One of my favorite things about vegan sushi is that it offers delicious proof that sushi does not mean just raw fish. The style lends itself to tasty creativity that rarely begs the question “Where’s the fish?” Assumptions: Spicy Broccoli Sprout Sushi Recipe. Nutritional information Serves 4 Spicy sprouts, such as broccoli, arugula, or leek, give sushi rolls a delicate crunch and peppery flavor. A sushi mat makes it easy to wrap the nori and rice tightly around fillings, but it’s not necessary. 2 tsp. seasoned rice vinegar ½ cup sushi rice, rinsed and drained 2 sheets nori (roasted seaweed) Hot sesame oil, for sprinkling, optional 4 slices avocado 4 slices red bell pepper 2 slices baked seasoned Asian-style tofu, each cut into 4 thin strips 2 Tbs. pickled ginger, drained ½ cup broccoli sprouts Soy sauce and wasabi for dipping.

Maki Garden Rolls Recipe. Nutritional information Makes 3 uncut rolls, 24 pieces total If you don’t have a sushi mat to use for rolling, wax paper, or a clean kitchen towel works too. Sushi Rice 1 ½ cups short-grain white rice 1 Tbs. sake 2 ½ Tbs. rice vinegar 1 ½ tsp. sugar ¾ tsp. coarse salt Filling ⅔ cup low-sodium vegetable broth 3 Tbs. low-sodium soy sauce 1 Tbs. mirin 12 green beans, trimmed 1 small carrot, cut into matchsticks 10 shiitake mushroom caps 3 sheets nori seaweed 3 tsp. toasted sesame seeds 1 cup daikon radish sprouts 1. To make Sushi Rice: Rinse rice under cold water. Vegetable Sushi Rolls for All Ages Recipe.

Directions For the rice: Mix together vinegar, sugar, and salt. Rinse the rice in colander and drain. Put the rice and water in medium saucepan with a tight fitting lid. Bring to a boil over high heat, reduce heat to very low and simmer, tightly covered. The Hungry Hounds— Grilled Romanesco Cauliflower With Cashews. Some things in nature just make your jaw drop. For me, Romanesco cauliflower does this every time. Maybe it is memories of my mathematician grandfather explaining the geometric beauty of the perfect fractal florets spiraling into a hundred mirrored pyramids.