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Muff's Modules & More
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Steiner VCF Diode VCF I had never seen the Steiner-Parker's Synthacon as real one. According to, it is monophonic synth which has 3VCO as same as Mini Moog. Its panel structure is very different from Mini Moog. It placed VCO,VCF and VCA from left to right. And they say that not only panel configuration but also the sound produced by its VCF is so strange. And there is another documents at SDIY-ARCHIVE about this. The aim of this page is to share the method of this vcf with Japanese DIYer by Japanese under the permission of Ken Stone. Tune I drive this VCF with +/-15V.

Radio Drum The Radio Drum is an analyzer of gestural data. It is a three- dimensional controller, a sort of computerized musical drum. Invented in the late 1980’s, the Radio Drum uses the “jeu de jacquet” or “Backgammon” form of capacitive sensing to interpret the gestures of a performer. Figure from ATT Bell Laboratory Radio Drum Manual By using a displacement algorithm, the four signals can be transformed into three data channels representing the x,y,z displacement versus time. Various drumming motions can be characterized by the signals generated by the drumsticks versus antennas displacements. Postmodular Store Waveformless The ASM-1 homepage Magnus / synths / friends /stopp by Gene Stopp and additional text by Magnus Danielson Prolog The ASM-1 synthesizer project was created by Gene Stopp < > and not by me Magnus Danielson < >. Gene has been generous enougth to share his work in various ways and the sanctioning of this webpage is just one of those ways. Both me and Gene hope you will enjoy both the webpages and the ASM-1 project itself. Originally Gene produced and sold the PCB. The PCBs is done in a real PCB shop and has a high quality and I strongly recommend them. Please note that I, Magnus, in no way is affiliated with the PCB selling. What you get is a circuit board, plus documentation with a parts list, circuit description, and building hints. The circuit board is professional quality - double-sided, soldermasked, silkscreened, and drilled with plated-through holes. Note: This page has been created in order to spread the word and is not a marketing trick. Enjoy! General Description

Electric Druid Synth DIY and PIC microprocessor pages AtomoSynth LucyTuning*LucyScaleDevelopments*LucyTuned Lullabies*Pi tuning*John Longitude Harrison Red_Square Tom Carpenter has offered some Red Square PCBs and panels for sale on his site. Here is a link to the Analogue Solutions page. You need to scroll down and select older entries then click on the Red Square PCB link. When you buy the PCBs, you get two large PCBs which are scored and can be split into 5 separate PCBs. I suggest making the scores deeper on both sides of the PCBs with a utility knife. Tom also supplies a parts list and a PCB component map although there are some differences in the documents and the PCB, more later. Sourcing parts is not too bad. At Futurlec, I found: The 2SK30As and sSC828s are cheaper at Futurlec. At Cricklewood, I found: For pots, they are Alpha pots and can be had at Mouser and/or Small Bear Electronics. Mouser, audio taper:Alpha miniature 16mm PCB mount pot Small Bear:Alpha Single-Gang 16mm PC Mount Vertical The ones with the switch are also an Alpha pot, and Small Bear didn't have the 10k, so I bought them at Mouser. David

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