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Dana Gould on Comedians, Depression and Self-Destruction. Being a professional comedian brings with it a set of unintended consequences. For one thing, you develop an uncanny familiarity with the nation's airports. "Where are you, St. Louis International? They've got a pretty ripping Oki-Dog in terminal four. " Additionally, stand-up comedians have to ask for their paychecks. Lastly, being a comedian means knowing a lot of people who've committed suicide. My count is now up to five. Firstly, the same brain that makes the good stuff makes the bad stuff. Into this mix, one has to consider brain chemistry. Featured News From Comedian Dana Gould on January 6th, 2013 in Burbank, CA.

Charles Darwin suffered clinical depression, yet he managed to come up with the theory of evolution. The same brain that makes the good stuff makes the bad stuff. Being funny is not the same as being happy. Having my mother not answer when I called her name, at eight years old, did not mean I had license to watch cartoons and stuff my face until she showed up. I miss him. Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media.

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Individuals. Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) FilmDistrict Online Press Site. Last Updated: August 7, DOMESTIC MARKETING ONLINE PRESS KIT LICENSE FOR PRINT OUTLET MATERIALS USE ONLY Welcome to the FilmDistrict Online Press Kit Site (the "Site"). Thank you for visiting. It is important to us that when you use this Site you are fully aware of our respective legal rights and obligations. For that reason, we have created these "Terms of Use" as the legally binding terms to govern your use of this Site and the material contained therein. 1. Please note that these Terms of Use may be revised and reissued without notice at any time by updating this posting. 2. 3. 4. The trailer included in the Site is for viewing purposes only and any and all other uses, including without limitation modification, broadcast, webcast on a website other than that of the Media Outlet(s), distribution, sale, duplication or transfer, are prohibited without first obtaining a license in writing (which may be electronic) from the appropriate FilmDistrict department. 5.

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CreateSpace: Self Publishing and Free Distribution for Books, CD, DVD. Resources - Art Directors Guild: Art Director, Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Matte Artist, Model Maker, Digital Artist, Scenic Artist, Set Designer, Title Artist. Hollywood's Young Shoulders: De-Mystifying the UTA Job List: 4.41. A little while back,I mentioned the UTA joblist and many of you were kind enough to send me a copy. The latest ones I duly sent on to the very grateful fledgling assistants.

(one even said I was God, as if my ego needs to get bigger...point is, they were grateful, so thanks) So I was doing some research (read: about 5 minutes of lazy Googling) into the history of the UTA list and reading many of the emails accompanying the list-- many of which were reviews of its effectiveness. Some were quite critical, while others seem convinced of its usefulness. First off, though, let's destroy the mythology of the list. Anyhoo, the UTA list was created about a decade ago, essentially a few years after the Internet got going (remember, kids, it was only in about 1994 that Al Gore invented the Internet). Now, on to the debate over the list's effectiveness. I'd love to know the origins of the list as well, if only to impress my drinking buddies.

So I know what she's talkin' about. Entertainment Jobs and Internships | EntertainmentCareers.Net ® Glossary Terms | The Anonymous Production Assistant's Blog. Craft Service A.K.A. “Crafty,” A.K.A. “Snacks.” In the broadest sense, the craft service department is there to help (or “service”) the other “crafts.” Whether that means keeping the stage clean, or helping lift something heavy, they’re always around to help out. This somehow came … Continue reading Daily Time Sheet Each department must report to accounting the hours that each member of their crew worked on each day. Day Out of Days A chart that lists every single cast member, and the days they will be required to be on set.

Flat Rate Being paid a set amount, no matter how many hours you work. House Lights The permanent lights that come built into the stage or shooting location. One-Liner Also known as a One-Line Schedule. Prep Schedule Prep Schedules generally cover the upcoming week, listing times for important meetings and scouts. Production Office The production office is, you guessed it, the office where the production is based.

Production Report Purchase Order.

Oh! I want to watch something! - Los Angeles events calendar: Music, Art, Museums, Theatre, Concerts, Sporting Events, Attractions, Festivals, Parades, Cultural Destinations - Official Cultural Event Calendar of Los Angeles County. LosAngeles: search results. Facebook. Facebook. Social Media Examiner: Social media marketing how to, research, case studies, news and more! InkTip. About | Film Independent at LACMA. Film Independent at LACMA Film Independent at LACMA is a year-round weekly film series that offers unique cinematic experiences for the Los Angeles creative community and the general public.

The series brings together Film Independent’s creative community of filmmakers and a wide spectrum of audiences, with LACMA’s commitment to presenting cinema in an artistic and historical context. The program presents classic and contemporary narrative and documentary films, artists and their influences, emerging auteurs and international showcases, and special guest-curated programs, in addition to conversations with artists, curators and special guests.

All films screened digitally, unless otherwise noted. Information & Policies A detailed outline of Film Independent at LACMA series policies, procedures and guidelines can be found here. Eventbrite Ticket Registration All ticketing for Film Independent at LACMA events is processed through Step 3: Complete the single event registration. Sight & Sound magazine.


The Actors Fund Work Program | The Actors Fund. Program Description The Actors Fund Work Program (AWP) assists entertainment industry and performing arts professionals in identifying and finding sideline work and new careers. AWP is a comprehensive employment and training program committed to fostering resiliency and self-reliance for industry professionals as well as providing a resource for referral of highly skilled and creative workers to the larger employment community. Through AWP services, clients can develop rewarding sideline careers in such areas as teaching, administrative support, healing professions, and real estate.

Often, working professionals need to work outside of the industry to support the continuing pursuit of industry work. Many of the skills that entertainment industry professionals have – communication, discipline, creativity, flexibility, professionalism – are highly valued in the broader labor market. The first step in becoming a participant is to attend an Actors Fund Work Program Orientation. Financial Wellness Program | The Actors Fund. Financial Wellness Program Budget Credit Accounts Organizer Form - Download PDF. Financial Wellness Program Budget Cash Flow Worksheet - Download PDF. The Financial Wellness Program provides financial education, referrals, counseling and support to members of the performing arts and entertainment community. Our programs help people identify strategies for balancing income and expenses, reduce or eliminate debt, establish financial boundaries, and explore limiting beliefs about financial competence and self-worth.

Our services include: Individual Services One-on-One Counseling to discuss personal obstacles to financial self-care. Couples Counseling Cohabitating or financially joined partners can meet with a social worker to discuss issues that pose a challenge to financial stability. Seminars Money Matters Presentations by financial services experts on topics such as income taxes, financial planning and investing, student loans, and planning for retirement. Groups and Workshops. The Mary Sue - A Guide To Girl Geek Culture. American Film Institute. Search Threads and Posts | - Film School and Filmmaking Forum. Daily Script - Movie Scripts and Movie Screenplays.

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