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At least the way we typically teach history is boring. Ask anyone who's been forced to memorize a list of dates and facts and they will tell you that they would rather have open heart surgery than deal with another high school history class. It's unfortunate that so many people have such a negative introduction to such a key subject. History taught well is mind blowing and life changing. Newsjack. Graphic Organizer for Romeo & Juliette. Fake iPhone Text. Historical Facebook Lesson - Google Docs Templates. How Fake Facebook Profiles Support Reading Instruction and More!

Teaching author's perspective, author's purpose, tone and mood, characterization and other literary elements are some of the most difficult reading skills for students to untangle.

How Fake Facebook Profiles Support Reading Instruction and More!

Because of time constraints, teachers often ignore discussing an author's life experiences as part of front-loading a text to be read. I have always been a proponent of less is more, so I make the time to let kids learn aboout a writer's life before we read his/her book, and we research the historical period in which the book was written. Funny Fake Facebook Walls - The Wall Machine. Fakebook: Fakebook. Create educational games and quizzes at

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