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The most environmentally friendly countries to visit in 2017. Traveling can be tough on the environment.

The most environmentally friendly countries to visit in 2017

Whether by train, plane, bus or car, for a work commute or across the world, traveling takes its toll on the planet. In recent years, there’s been a push for a more environmentally friendly approach to seeing the world and experiencing other cultures. While some companies offer carbon credits or recommend guests re-use towels and linens to save the earth, there's more that can be done. The World Economic Forum’s 2017 Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report looked at which countries are doing the best job in maintaining and promoting environmental sustainability. The report considered nine indicators to determine where countries ranked, including how tough environmental regulations are, how much they’re enforced, and how many environmental treaties the country has ratified.

Slovenija niso samo Ljubljana, Bled in Piran ... Tu je nekaj po krivem spregledanih znamenitosti. - Ob mednarodnem dnevu turističnih vodnikov (21. 2.) smo sestavili seznam slovenskih krajev, ki jih morate obiskati.

Slovenija niso samo Ljubljana, Bled in Piran ... Tu je nekaj po krivem spregledanih znamenitosti. -

Cesta v obliki srca, ki se vije med štajerskimi vinogradi in leži v kraju Svečina v občini Kungota, je eden od najpogosteje ovekovečenih fotogeničnih obrazov Slovenije. The 25 richest, healthiest, happiest, and most advanced countries in the world. Norway has topped the list for seven consecutive, but there's a new number one in 2016.Getty The Legatum Institute, a London based research institute released on Thursday its 10th annual global Prosperity Index, a huge survey that ranks the most prosperous countries in the world.

The 25 richest, healthiest, happiest, and most advanced countries in the world

The amount of money a country has is one factor of prosperity, but the Legatum Institute considers much more than that in its ranking. The organisation compared 104 variables to come up with its list. These variables include traditional indicators like per-capita gross domestic product and the number of people in full-time work, but also more interesting figures such as the number of secure internet servers a country has, and how well-rested people feel on a day-to-day basis. 6 great things about Slovenia that have nothing to do with Melania Trump. By Noah CharneyAugust 29 Melania Trump, wife of Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, delivers a speech on the first day of the RNC on July 18, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

6 great things about Slovenia that have nothing to do with Melania Trump

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty) KAMNIK, Slovenia -- Most Americans don’t know much about Slovenia other than that it’s where Melania Trump is from. Falling in love with Slovenia: slow traveling in Bela Krajina. Slovenia was not initially on my bucket list.

Falling in love with Slovenia: slow traveling in Bela Krajina

But, by the time I set foot there, I knew I could fall deeply in love with it. For me, this trip to Slovenia was about to be a new experience in many ways: I was going to Slovenia -for the first time-glamping -first time too- at BigBerry -the recently launched glamping campsite at the Kolpa river-. To sum up to that, I was traveling in Summer, something which I haven’t done in the last 5-6 years, or more. The idea was to relax and slow travel the country, an out of the radar destination right in the Mediterranean. What I found was a country I could feel like home and people I could relate to in many ways. A warm welcome with a glass of wine from Bela Krajina I had spent most of my day from one airport to another and, after a one hour ride from Zagreb, I arrived to Big Berry, a beautiful campsite at warm Kolpa river.

Slovenian ancient cave-dwelling olm salamander emerges from fifty eggs. The first 'baby dragon' from a batch more than 60 eggs has hatched in the caves deep below the Slovenian countryside.

Slovenian ancient cave-dwelling olm salamander emerges from fifty eggs

It emerged from its egg earlier this week in the Postojnska caves in Slovenia, where experts have been closely monitoring the ancient olms - a type of rare cave salamander - in an aquarium. The new arrival is the first larva to hatch in captivity in a number of years, and biologists have managed to snap a fleeting glance of the animal in silhouette. Scroll down for video The first 'baby dragon' from a batch of more than 60 eggs has hatched in the Postojnska caves in Slovenia. Experts have been closely monitoring the ancient olms - a type of rare cave salamander - in an aquarium since the eggs were laid four months ago. Ljubljana, Slovenia: what to see plus the best hotels, bars and restaurants.

As capital of one of Europe’s most forested countries, it’s perhaps fitting that Ljubljana is this year’s European Green Capital.

Ljubljana, Slovenia: what to see plus the best hotels, bars and restaurants

A city of just 300,000 inhabitants, Ljubljana has often been ahead of the game when it comes to green initiatives – from the introduction of a sophisticated waste management system (Ljubljana was the first EU capital to adopt a zero-waste programme) and the creation of new green spaces from degraded urban land, to electrically powered golf buggy-type vehicles (kavalirs) offering free transport around the old town, which is otherwise closed to traffic. Official Green Capital celebrations kicked off last month, but there are numerous events taking place throughout the year. The city oozes charm, a delightful confection of Baroque and Habsburg inspired-architecture, richly painted churches, abundant greenery and engaging riverside cafes. Ljubljana Castle Sundays Gostilna Dela Strelec Metelkova City Ziferblat The good folk at Ziferblat do things somewhat differently.

Ljubljana city guide: where to eat, drink and explore in the European Green Capital. The pace of life in Ljubljana’s compact Old Town feels several notches lower than in London.

Ljubljana city guide: where to eat, drink and explore in the European Green Capital

The cobbled streets are pedestrianised, meaning the gentle sound of footfall and conversation, rather than the grind of traffic, reverberates against facades. Occasionally an electric whir can be heard. This summer will be the 25th since Slovenia declared independence from Yugoslavia, and Ljubljana, its capital, is European Green Capital 2016, having taken over the mantle from Bristol at the beginning of the year. That electric whir? That’ll be the Kavalirs, minibuses resembling golf carts, which have permission to drive on the fan cobbles of Mestni trg, the street running parallel to the River Ljubljanica, and are free of charge to use – just flag them down or call to be picked up (00 386 31 666 331).

The Most Underrated Country in Europe — John Sees Earth. After Lake Bohinj we headed back into Bled and capitalized on the sunny skies and beautiful fall weather in town by paddling on a row boat to the island in the middle of Lake Bled, hiking to an amazing viewpoint overlooking the lake and castle below for lunch, and exploring the castle atop the cliff next to the lake for the afternoon.

The Most Underrated Country in Europe — John Sees Earth

Lake Bled has got to be one of the most picturesque and photogenic places I've ever seen, and it was made even better by the fall colors that accompanied the trees on the surrounding mountains. We were really lucky to have such a clear day in this town as it was literally like something out of a fairy tale or a Disney movie. It was so cool and Chelsea and I both were happy to have spent the afternoon there enjoying the views. After Bled we loaded up the car and continued our journey through the Julian Alps. This May Be The Most Beautiful River On Earth » Beautiful Photography, Incredible Stories. Why Slovenia should be your next destination - It feels weird promoting the country I was born in, since one tends to have strong emotional ties to it, but I just have to write about its beauty:) So without further ado, let’s start.

Why Slovenia should be your next destination -

I honestly believe that Slovenia definitely belongs in the underrated countries section. It seems like the people responsible for promoting Slovenia aren’t doing a good enough job (sorry guys), but then again, let’s be honest, it’s kinda hard to compete against European classics like Paris, London or Rome. Is Slovenia the World’s Next Great Food Destination? The road to Nebesa, a resort in western Slovenia, was cratered for miles with the kind of potholes that could take down an armored vehicle.

By the time I had navigated them all, my knuckles felt permanently clenched to the wheel. Through the fog and drizzle, I could make out a few cottages that had the silvery, weathered look of abandoned lobster shacks, and glimpsed a pair of hulking beasts that could have been bears. Upon closer inspection, after I parked my rental car, the beasts turned out to be two docile Newfoundlands and the cottages convivially inhabited. Ljubljana Leading the Way as a European Cycling Capital. New cycle track in Ljubljana with an added barrier for the cars.

Photo by Mikael Colville-Andersen. Slovenia will leave you deeply in love with its lakes, caves, bees and history. The train entered the mouth of the cave and kept going... and going... and going... on a stunning subterranean trip that seemed to last for ever. It felt like we were heading for the bowels of the earth as the loco trundled for 1.5 miles past incredible rock formations. We were descending into the Postojna Cave ( in south west Slovenia, one of the many highlights of a trip to a land blessed with beautiful scenery, friendly people, a rich history – and “human fish”. Once you finally reach the end of your train journey, there is plenty to explore with 13 miles of twisting passages and amazing natural galleries – some of them used for concerts and opera. One of the most enchanting aspects of the caves is a cute little creature called an olm – the “human fish”. This flesh-coloured salamander looks like an eel with tiny legs and a flat head.

Slovenian Hostels Voted Best in the World on Leading Site. Visitors of the web portal of the Hostelling International federation have voted Slovenian hostels the best in the world, ahead of Singapore, South Korea and Switzerland. Tresor Hostel in Ljubljana (Photo: Tresor Hostel) In the voting that opened at the beginning of the year, Slovenia places first among a total of 41 countries, Hostelling International Slovenia said in a press release. Slovenia's top ten hostels in the voting are Tresor and YH Ljubljana (both Ljubljana), Alieti in Izola, Bledec in Bleda, Pekarna and Uni in Maribor, Histria in Koper, Proteus in Postojna, Menina in Rečica ob Savinji and Hostel Radenci. The average score given to Slovenia's top ten hostels was 93.3%, and none of the listed hostels scored lower than 90%. On Board Slovenia on Vimeo. Slovenia: the best of Alps all in one small place - Travel.

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia — The view ahead was something like the Swiss Alps overlaid on Yosemite Valley, except sized down and without the crowds. “Isn’t this unbelievable?” My mother said for what felt like the fifth time. A lone road tracked a green dale surrounded first by forest, then steep scree, then a cirque of white-and-gray peaks more than 7,000 feet tall. Down below were open meadows sprinkled with apple trees and a couple of alpine-style buildings that together comprise the settlement of Logarska Dolina. My parents, both retired and in their 60s, and I, in my 30s, were happy to have arrived in this isolated place at all. Continue reading below For years, Germans and other European travelers have passed through this country on the way to Croatia’s popular Adriatic beaches, bypassing authentic and unspoiled options in Slovenia. Exploring the seaside in Piran and Portorož, Slovenia. Prvi interaktivni multimedijski portal, MMC RTV Slovenija.

Overall rating: Your rating: Rating 4.0 with 2 votesRate this news article! Škocjan Caves, Slovenia - National Geographic Travel Daily Photo. Slovenia’s Traditional Cuisine With A Twist. Dine with Style, 04 May 2015 / By L.W. Ljublana is Europe's green capital for 2016. A Travel Guide to The Logar and Jezersko Valleys in Slovenia. When we travelled to Slovenia for the first time and were landing at the Ljubljana airport we actually thought there was some kind of emergency. From the airplane we could only see dense forests, lakes, and meadows; which was far from the view of a capital city we were used to. We were still far from our planned destinations of the Logar and Jezersko valleys, but we were already amazed to see the landscape below us.

Why Logar and Jezersko? Slovenia: Travels in Central Europe's Green Gem  "Ljub-what? " a friend asked when I mentioned I was headed to Slovenia's small capital, Ljubljana. Europe’s new second-home hot spots. Alacati: popular with surfers and its cobbled streets host food festivals and concerts. 20 Reasons why Slovenia must be on your travel wishlist for 2015. “S-LOVE-nia”; a small country that just like the spelling in its name makes you fall hopelessly in love with it at first and in every sight.

It’s a small country cozily tucked amongst Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia but somehow is one of those rare places that has the best of everything and something for every visitor. Archaeologists Find 2,000 Year-Old Tomb in Ljubljana. Slovenia travel guide. Why go? Tiny Slovenia has a store of attractions and activities – from Venetian coastal towns to white-water rafting – to rival a country many times its size. From magical caves and a charming capital to centuries-old castles and comfort cuisine: Slovenia is (still) Europe's hidden gem. Ljubljana: The cutest capital city in the world? Villages - English - Štanjel. 25th birthday of Slovenian anthem, a toast that matured with the nation.

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