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Cross Country

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Multiply/Divide Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds. Multiply/divide Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds 60 seconds equal 1 minute60 minutes equal 1 hour24 hours equal 1 day7 days equal 1 week The decimal measuring system uses 100 to advance from centimeters to Meters and 1,000 to advance to Kilometers.

Multiply/Divide Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds

The process of multiplying or dividing elements of time uses a multi-base system of 60, 60, 24 and 7 to move from seconds through weeks. For example, it takes an accumulation of 60 seconds to make 1 minute but only 7 days to make 1 week. To do a calculation follow the following steps :- Select Multiply or Divide to multiply or divide components. See also :: Add/Subtract TimeAdd/Subtract Time To/From Dates. Sign-in / login to your account. How To Handle A Rainy Race Situation. If you have a race on your calendar that’s expected to get a bit sloshy with a strong chance of soaked shoes, we’ve definitely been there and can relate.

How To Handle A Rainy Race Situation

You can control your training program, food intake and gear, but you can’t control the weather. Rain or shine, the race will go on. You’ve done all the hard work leading up to race day—so don’t let the wet weather stop you from conquering the course. In case Mother Nature decides to give you one more challenge from start to finish—as if the race itself wasn’t challenging enough—here are a few tips to help you stay dry without racing to the store and buying a rain jacket. Whether you’re navigating 26.2 miles at the Boston Marathon, sloshing through 13.1 or 26.2 at St. Stay Dry As Much As Possible Before the Race If it’s raining, you’re going to get wet. It’s important to warm up before a race, so try to stay inside as long as possible. Avoid Cotton and Loose Clothing, Wear Light Apparel Wear Form-Fitting Clothes Wear Thin Socks Wear a Hat.

5 Unconventional Things to Pack in Your Cross Country Meet Bag - Brooks Blog. Cross country season is officially here and we can hear grass fields, trails and hills calling our name already.

5 Unconventional Things to Pack in Your Cross Country Meet Bag - Brooks Blog

We know you’re busy putting in workouts now, but we wanted to share with you our five unconventional things to make sure you bring to your meets this season. You’ve already got your spikes (if not, check out our spike nights happening now), you’ll get your uniform and you’ll bring your trainers. Outside of that, though, be sure to bring these items so you can forget about everything else and focus on what matters most: the race. 1. Trash Bags Trash bags are like the duct tape of cross country running (you could pack some duct tape if you want to be really prepared) because of how many times you’ll find them useful. . – When it’s raining or muddy, throw one of these puppies on the ground and use it as a dry place to spike up so you don’t get wet before the race. – Unexpected downpour? – With the sweat, dirt and sometimes spit (it happens!) – Use a trash bag as a trash bag! 3. 4. 5. Fairfax Home Invitational - MS Girls Results (Raw) How to Boost Your Cadence. Set a Target: To each of your recorded numbers, add five percent.

How to Boost Your Cadence

This is your goal cadence for each pace. According to biomechanics researchers, five percent is an attainable target that is still big enough to significantly reduce impact. So for example, if your easy run cadence was 160, aim for 168; if your tempo was 166, strive to hit 174. Practice it: Perhaps the easiest way to quicken your step is to run with a metronome (there's an app for that). You can also use sites like JogTunes to find music with beats that match your desired turnover. Get in StrideWeekly workouts train your legs for a faster turnover The Workout: Downhill sprintsThe Details: After an easy run, do five accelerating sprints down a gentle grade of 150 to 200 meters, reaching top speed at the bottom. The Workout: Fast feetThe Details: Using short, quick strides, take as many steps as you can in 10 meters.

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