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Japan For Kids. Fun Japan Facts for Kids - Interesting Information about Japan. The Japanese name for Japan is “Nihon” or “Nippon” which means “sun origin”.

Fun Japan Facts for Kids - Interesting Information about Japan

Japan belongs to the continent of Asia. Japan is an island nation surrounded by the Sea of Japan to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West. Japan is made up of 6,852 islands. A Kid's Life In Japan. As of July 1, 2013 ThinkQuest has been discontinued.

A Kid's Life In Japan

We would like to thank everyone for being a part of the ThinkQuest global community: Students - For your limitless creativity and innovation, which inspires us all. Japan Facts and Pictures. Kids web japan. National Flag and National Anthem Japan's national flag is called the Hinomaru.

kids web japan

It came to be used as the national flag in the late nineteenth century. The flag depicts the sun as a red disc against a white background. Modern Japan. 101 Things To Do In Tokyo. The 101 things you absolutely must do in Tokyo: 1.

101 Things To Do In Tokyo

Shibuya Crossing Shibuya Crossing is a good place to see the bright lights of Tokyo. Shibuya has been featured in countless movies, television shows and music videos. It is arguably the most famous spot in Japan. Japan. Japan. Japan. Japan.