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When Men Are Raped. The trauma that women who have been sexually victimized is well-known, both in terms of the emotional consequences of the assault itself as well as the pain associated with trying to obtain justice afterward.

When Men Are Raped

While men are usualy the perpetrators of sexual violence and women are usually the victims, that is not always the case however. Actual incidence of sexual assault involving adult male victims has always been difficult to estimate. Victim surveys of British and American males have shown that 3 to 8 per cent of males reported at least one adulthood incidence of sexual assault in their lifetimes with at least 5 to 10 per cent of all rape victims being male (Pino & Meier, 1990; Coxell & King, 1999). These numbers can be substantially higher for non-heterosexual males though. One 2005 study reported that 13.2 per cent of bisexual males and 11.2 per cent of gay men reported at least one instance of sexual assault as adults.

For simple justice, if nothing else. The Sexual Victimization of Men in America: New Data Challenge Old Assumptions. The importance of addressing men's health in 2021. As progressive as we like to think we are in 2021, gender roles still play a huge part in the ways societies function around the world.

The importance of addressing men's health in 2021

The disparity between men and women concerning physical and mental health is an extreme one, but what are the reasons behind this and what can be done to ensure a healthier future for men? As wave of male-hating shows depicts women as victims, BEL MOONEY fears toxic sex war hurts us all  At my home there’s a shelf of books three metres long (I kid you not) stuffed with books about feminism, women’s history and related subjects.

As wave of male-hating shows depicts women as victims, BEL MOONEY fears toxic sex war hurts us all 

I even have the first British edition (1971) of Valerie Solanas’s charming little classic: ‘SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) Manifesto. So, I’ve always counted myself a 1960s feminist — with countless articles and public debates to prove it. Why, then, do I feel so disturbed about the new wave of man-hating pervading our TV screens that seems to be engulfing my sex? Women Against Paternity Fraud - National Survey on Paternity Fraud Victims is Being Launched Today. A national survey on paternity fraud victims is being launched today.

Women Against Paternity Fraud - National Survey on Paternity Fraud Victims is Being Launched Today.

The survey is believed to be the first comprehensive survey seeking information from victims of paternity fraud nation-wide in an effort to gather data on an under studied area. Paternity fraud is the instance where the wrong man is labeled the father of a child and a DNA test reveals to his surprise that he was not. “Paternity fraud is a wide-spread issue. We know it exists at every socio-economic level in our society and yet there is little data upon which to examine its actual impact on men, women, children and families in our society today,” says Dr.

Sharon L. The male college crisis is not just in enrollment, but completion. In 1972, when the U.S. government passed the landmark Title IX laws to promote gender equality in education, there was a 12 percentage-point gap in the proportion of bachelor’s degrees going to men compared to women.

The male college crisis is not just in enrollment, but completion

By 1982, the gap had closed. Nobody predicted what happened next: the gap started to widen rapidly in the opposite direction. By 2019, the gender gap in bachelor awards was wider, at 14 points, than it had been in 1972 — but the other way round. (We are not claiming here that Title IX had much impact, however). Jon Bernthal Slammed Toxic Masculinity and Said Real Men Are Kind. In many ways, Jon Bernthal is the embodiment of the traditional "tough guy" archetype.

Jon Bernthal Slammed Toxic Masculinity and Said Real Men Are Kind

From his early role as violent alpha male Shane in The Walking Dead, to taking on the vengeful character Frank Castle in The Punisher, to his most recent performance as gangster Johnny Boy in Sopranos prequel The Many Saints of Newark, he's an actor capable of portraying some pretty raw brutality when it's called for. But Bernthal himself couldn't be more different.

In a recent conversation on the webseries Hot Ones, Bernthal spoke about his resistance to that sort of immovable macho persona, and critiqued its prevalence in our culture. "It's everywhere," he said. ‘It’s Become Increasingly Hard for Them to Feel Good About Themselves’ Is there a whole class of men who no longer fit into the social order?

‘It’s Become Increasingly Hard for Them to Feel Good About Themselves’

A decade ago, Marianne Bertrand and Jessica Pan, economists at the University of Chicago and the National University of Singapore, concluded in their paper “The Trouble With Boys: Social Influences and the Gender Gap in Disruptive Behavior”: Family structure is an important correlate of boys’ behavioral deficit. Boys that are raised outside of a traditional family (with two biological parents present) fare especially poorly. Into the lioness’s den: why higher education is skewed against men - The Spectator World.

Are you ready to ‘challenge man box culture?’

Into the lioness’s den: why higher education is skewed against men - The Spectator World

Asks the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh’s Women’s Center. Or maybe that special man in your life suffers from ‘privilege’ and needs rehab through Brown University’s Masculinity Peer Education program. But what about young men looking for meaningful, non-confrontational connections on campus? That scene is awfully dry. ‘It’s Become Increasingly Hard for Them to Feel Good About Themselves’ The Rise of Men Who Don’t Work, and What They Do Instead. At every age, the chances of not working have changed in the last 15 years.

The Rise of Men Who Don’t Work, and What They Do Instead

Teenagers are far more likely not to work. Older people are retiring later and working more. Charen: The future is female, but is that entirely a good thing? “Men are abandoning higher education in such numbers that they now trail female college students by record levels.”

Charen: The future is female, but is that entirely a good thing?

So declares the opening sentence of a Wall Street Journal piece that is creating quite the buzz. Here are some of the eye-popping statistics: Women now account for 59.5% of college students in the United States. They also earn 58.5% of master’s degrees and 52.9% of Ph.D.s. The Impact Of Unemployment On Male Well-Being. The impact of unemployment on well-being is well documented, although research from a few years ago suggested that it's “good work” rather than just work that is the key to mental well-being.

With the traditional gender roles presenting the role of men as the bread winner for the family, it seems logical that unemployment would pose a particular burden on men, and that was the subject of a recent report from the IZA World of Labor. The report reveals that the number of working-age men outside the labor force is on the rise around the world, with this corresponding with a rise in stress and other mental health issues, including depression and anger. Indeed, male unemployment is also linked to a range of physical health concerns, including suicide and substance abuse that are raising mortality rates across the United States.

New Data: Sharp Declines in Community College Enrollment Are Being Driven By Disappearing Male Students. The latest fall college enrollment figures released this month tell a startling story that alarms educators: The sharp declines at community colleges — far larger than at four-year colleges — are due mostly to disappearing male students. At some community colleges, the losses are minor. At others, however, they are dramatic. At Southwest Tennessee Community College in Memphis, fully half of the Black male students enrolled in the spring of 2020 and still working toward graduation did not enroll this fall. That’s about 830 men who did not return to Southwest, which enrolls 10,227 students, 63 percent of whom are minority. Boys and America’s future: Let’s be honest about their achievement, and the broader problems for our society - New York Daily News.

Why women being more college educated than men is troubling for society. A generation of white men who grew up hearing that the problem with American institutions is that there are too many white men in them apparently has been listening. College attendance by men, and by white men in particular, has declined steeply relative to attendance by women. As a remarkable Wall Street Journal report has it, men today make up only two out of five college students, and the men who do enroll are less likely to graduate than the women. Over the coming years, two women will earn a college degree for every man who does. Among white men, those who come from low-income households attend college at lower rates than do Latino and African-American men from similar backgrounds. The problem has become so extreme some colleges have started discriminating against female entrants and admitting less qualified men, to maintain a more balanced female-male ratio on campus. Advice For College Students Seeking To Stop Campus Misandry.

The best thing right now to do is resist (with the goal of stopping it) the onslaught against male students as campus feminists seek to force males out of higher education. At the same time, the best defense is a good offense. WWII was won by the Allies by going on the attack, not merely waiting to defend Axis attacks. More College-Educated Women Are Having Babies Outside Marriage. Eliminating feminist teacher bias erases boys' falling grades, study finds - LifeSite. January 17, 2013, ( – Has the Sexual Revolution, and the feminist ideology that drives it, pushed men out of universities by undermining boys in school as early as kindergarten?

Some writers are beginning to connect the dots between the shift over the last few decades in educational practices from fact-based grading to evaluation based on “non-cognitive” and “emotional skills” and the drop in school performance of boys. In the 1970s, feminist critics regularly complained that the school system favored “male thinking.”

Facts, dates, rote learning, and math skills that were seen as “too masculine” for girls. In the intervening decades, feminists have made huge strides throughout the Western world, and education – particularly in the training of teachers – has been transformed as a result. Dr. The Belfast Telegraph quoted a pupil who told the researchers, “Teachers should understand better the way boys think and why they do some things. The Future Authoring Program - The Ultimate Guide. Welcome to the most comprehensive online guide to Dr. The World Economic Forum and the Misleading Politics of Gender Equality. The World of Damocles – The Word of Damocles. Too many men ignore their depression, phobias, other mental health issues.

Why Are Men So Bad at Friendships? Last month, data posted by Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman on Twitter revealed a pretty abysmal statistic. Why do we tolerate gender bias favoring women? The challenges facing Black men – and the case for action. Can you inherit stress? Sperm study reveals link to mood. There are plenty of traits we can inherit from our parents: eye color, height, “good” fat. But what about something like our ability to cope with trauma or stress? Poverty, Broken Homes, Violence: The Making of a Gang Member. Reposted from the online magazine, "The Trauma & Mental Health Report.

" Sylvester Akapalara, 17, Hanzel Saucedo, 18, Genaro Ramirez, 19, Alexander Ibarra, 17, Aljoven Canalete, 19, and Ebony Huel, 16 were all found murdered in gun-related shootings in the past two months. Most Mass Shooters ‘Dad-Deprived Males’: Author Warren Farrell. Key commonalities for most mass shooters in the United States are that they are male and that they lack a father figure in their lives, author Warren Farrell says. Masculine traits linked to better parenting for some dads. In some men, having traditional masculine characteristics such as competitiveness and adventurousness was linked to being better fathers to infants, a new study found.

A Gender Policy Council That's Sexist … and Racist? Every new president vows to heal the very divide his party and opponents have spent the last year and billions of dollars magnifying. How sheds can help men stave off loneliness after retirement – according to our new research. When people hear the word shed, they may think about a rickety wooden building at the bottom of a garden crawling with spiders, filled with old paint tins, a lawnmower and out-of-date weedkiller.

It has also been associated with the term “man cave” – a space where a man spends time on his own, tinkering with junk or avoiding his partner. But our new research found there was more to the humble shed than meets the eye – mainly thanks to a revolutionary social programme which is fighting loneliness. Loneliness is a key challenge for contemporary times and while it can be experienced by people of any age, it can impact older people particularly.

Gender Is a Construct—Except When It’s Not: For academic feminists, male and female biology is either interchangeable or immutable, depending on what complaint they need to lodge. A foundational tenet of academic feminism holds that alleged differences between males and females are socially constructed. This credo usually maximizes the opportunities for charging sexism, yet it will be discarded in an instant if acknowledging the innate biological and psychological differences between men and women yields an additional trove of feminist complaint. New White House Council Discriminates Against Boys and Men. Study dispels theories of Y chromosome’s demise. 5 Ways Society Discriminates Against Men. Discriminating against men hasn’t solved gender disparities in STEM - Baltimore Sun.

The Country’s First Shelter For Male Domestic Violence Survivors Sheds Light On Dangerous Misconceptions About Abuse. Our Comeback. Why Don't People Care That Men Don't Choose Caregiving Professions? Every100girls 32boys. The Atlantic Obviously Doesn't Have Any Idea 'What It Means To Be A Man' Men's E-News - A Pithy Question: Why Ignore Men’s Inequality?

Men's E-News - The Global Gender Gap Report: Ignoring Men, Belittling Women. The male mental health crisis requires attention and a complex solution. Chart of the day: For every 100 girls/women….. This Chart Busts the Feminist Narrative of Male Privilege Wide Open. The epidemic — and consequences — of male loneliness. Will the world's 'first male birth control shot' work? Men have a suicide rate 3 times higher than women. What’s causing it? One country takes trend of more women than men in college to an extreme. Masculinity Is Masking Anxiety. Gender scholar says raising boys to be ‘emotionally stoic’ leads to violence, suicide. American Men's Health: Study Shows Declines in Life Expectancy. Young Men are Lonelier Than Ever Before Says Recent Study. Wokesplaining to Men - Arc Digital. Men Don’t Need More Friends. They Might Just Need Therapy. Discriminating against men hasn’t solved gender disparities in STEM - Baltimore Sun. Why Are Marriage Rates Down? Study Blames Lack Of 'Economically-Attractive' Men.

How Male Rape Survivors Grapple with Their Masculinity. How Mental Health Stigma Affects Men. Why Do Democratic Candidates Avoid Men's Issues? Too Many Fathers on TV Are 'Dumb Dads' Colleges, universities seem to hate men. Can Title IX complaints fix? Not Talking About Mental Health Is Literally Killing Men. Male suicide: Men’s mental health research reveals extent of problem. Networking: Constructing the manosphere. How Men Became "Emotional Gold Diggers" — Men Have No Friends and Women Bear the Burden. “The Church Impotent” author says men still missing from the church – CBMW. Twelve Scholars Respond to the APA’s Guidance for Treating Men and Boys. ‘No fault’ divorce is another blow against men.

These Are the Four Horsemen of Divorce. Women's Pain Is Different From Men's—the Drugs Could Be Too. Future - Why more men than women die by suicide. ‘Our goal is to halve the male suicide rate’: why no-frills therapy works for men. Employment : Time spent in paid and unpaid work, by sex. More teenage girls than boys plan to attend college, so why the pay gap? Report: Colleges Now Dominated by Women, Men Lagging Behind. Why Men Are the New Minority in College. Why Men Are Falling Behind in Schools - Minding The Campus. Colleges, universities seem to hate men. Can Title IX complaints fix? - The Washington Post. Study finds no link between violent games and aggression in teens (again) MOOCs being embraced by top U.S. universities. Male Studies Foundation for Male Studies - University - Gender Studies. Twelve Scholars Respond to the APA’s Guidance for Treating Men and Boys. Why the APA Guidelines for Men's Mental Health Are Misguided.

Quillette: APA Guidelines Based in Ideology, Unethical, Unhelpful to Men in Need. Jordan Peterson: It’s ideology vs. science in psychology’s war on boys and men.