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Discriminating against men hasn’t solved gender disparities in STEM - Baltimore Sun

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5 Ways Society Discriminates Against Men In my last article I showed you five legal rights that women have and men don’t, and now I would like to discuss some things that are not technically legal rights, but might as well be, because they benefit women at the expense of men. Here are 5 ways that society is sexist against men, in favor of women. 1. Men get longer prison sentences than women for the same crime Nowhere it is written in law that men are to receive harsher sentences than women but the fact is they do. Once a Slogan of Unity, ‘Je Suis Charlie’ Now Divides France PARIS — In the hours after the 2015 Islamist terrorist attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, a slogan emerged to mourn the dead and defend free speech, spreading like magic across France and the globe through its unifying force. “Je suis Charlie.” Pictures of the slogan, “I am Charlie” — in white and light gray letters on a black background — inspired millions who marched in France and were joined by world leaders from Western and Muslim nations alike. Hollywood A-listers like George Clooney proclaimed, “Je suis Charlie.” So did Maggie on “The Simpsons.”

Gunmen in Uniform Kill 25 Family Members in Iraq BAGHDAD — The killers came at night, speaking passable English and wearing uniforms and carrying weapons that resembled those of the American military. By the time they left the village of Hawr Rajab on Friday evening, they had fatally shot or slit the throats of 25 members of an extended family, Iraqi officials said Saturday, in a chilling episode of violence reminiscent of the worst days of the country’s sectarian warfare in 2006 and 2007. Most of the 19 male victims were members of Iraqi security forces or of Awakening Councils, groups that now partner with American forces and are employed by the Iraqi government to protect Sunni neighborhoods, but whose members had once been allied with Sunni extremist groups like Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia during fighting against American troops. Members of Awakening Councils are often branded by Al Qaeda as traitors, but their families have typically not been attacked. Luyai Khadum said he had lost his father and four brothers. Capt.

The “N” Word is Laid to Rest by the NAACP July 9, 2007 Thousands gathered in Detroit, Michigan to participate in the NAACP’s funeral and burial for the “N” word. A horse drawn carriage carried a wooden coffin that adorned black roses and a ribbon with the word “nigga” displayed. NAACP Chairman Julian Bond, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, hip-hop legend Curtis Blow and R & B legend Eddie Levert led the procession today from COBO Hall to Hart (Freedom) Plaza. The burial was a part of the 9th Annual Convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Study dispels theories of Y chromosome’s demise A comparison of Y chromosomes in eight African and eight European men dispels the common notion that the Y‘s genes are mostly unimportant and that the chromosome is destined to dwindle and disappear. “The Y chromosome has lost 90 percent of the genes it once shared with the X chromosome, and some scientists have speculated that the Y chromosome will disappear in less than 5 million years,” said evolutionary biologist Melissa A. Wilson Sayres, a Miller Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and lead author of the new analysis. Some mammals have already lost their Y chromosome, though they still have males and females and reproduce normally. And last month, researchers reported shuffling some genes in mice to create Y-less males that could produce normal offspring, leading some commentators to wonder whether the chromosome is superfluous. “Melissa’s results are quite stunning.

www.state Addressing China’s Coercive Tactics The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) takes advantage of the freedoms of the United States and other democracies to advance its own ideologically-driven narratives and manipulate world press coverage. The CCP accomplishes this by using government-owned or operated media outlets, as well as CCP-controlled “educational” and “cultural institutes” strategically located in the United States and overseas. Key representatives of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) actively use Western social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, all banned inside China, to spread lies and false narratives approved by the CCP core leadership. These entities serve to disseminate propaganda and disinformation while suppressing criticism about the CCP. Within China, the CCP controls the media and all forms of debate and information.

eu.yorkdispatch York County District Attorney Dave Sunday spoke at a town hall at Living Word Community Church Thursday, Aug. 23 about the difficulty of prosecuting domestic violence cases. Hosted by YWCA York, the town hall served to raise awareness for domestic, sexual and other community violence in York County York Dispatch Jay Ostrich, district director for U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, R-Carroll Township, spoke about the importance of not being silent about domestic, sexual and other forms of violence in communities at a town hall.

The Country’s First Shelter For Male Domestic Violence Survivors Sheds Light On Dangerous Misconceptions About Abuse Conversations about domestic violence often focus on female survivors, as statistically women are more likely to be the victim of such abuse. However, one shelter in Arkansas is making sure male victims are included in the conversation, opening the first domestic violence shelter for men in the United States. The Taylor House Domestic Violence Shelter for Men opened in Batesville, Arkansas earlier this year, becoming what is believed to be the country’s first registered shelter specifically for male victims of domestic abuse. It is now joined by The Family Place in Dallas, Texas as two of the country's only male-specific domestic violence shelters. Family Violence Prevention is the Batesville-area nonprofit organization responsible for opening the shelter in Arkansas. “Many people do not realize that domestic violence also affects men,” said Patty Duncan, Family Violence Prevention’s executive director, in an interview with Arkansas Online.

thediplomat Newsweek recently published a report about Chinese propaganda activities in the United States. The report discusses fake social media accounts run from China that have been posting about the 2020 election – not to support a particular candidate but seemingly to “denigrate the standing of the U.S.” by sowing discord and painting American democracy in a negative light. Concerns about foreign actors attempting to influence U.S. elections are not new.