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Discriminating against men hasn’t solved gender disparities in STEM - Baltimore Sun

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Gender Is a Construct—Except When It’s Not: For academic feminists, male and female biology is either interchangeable or immutable, depending on what complaint they need to lodge. A foundational tenet of academic feminism holds that alleged differences between males and females are socially constructed. This credo usually maximizes the opportunities for charging sexism, yet it will be discarded in an instant if acknowledging the innate biological and psychological differences between men and women yields an additional trove of feminist complaint. The current issue of the Yale Alumni Magazine shows how the game is played.

Once a Slogan of Unity, ‘Je Suis Charlie’ Now Divides France PARIS — In the hours after the 2015 Islamist terrorist attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, a slogan emerged to mourn the dead and defend free speech, spreading like magic across France and the globe through its unifying force. “Je suis Charlie.” Pictures of the slogan, “I am Charlie” — in white and light gray letters on a black background — inspired millions who marched in France and were joined by world leaders from Western and Muslim nations alike. Hollywood A-listers like George Clooney proclaimed, “Je suis Charlie.” So did Maggie on “The Simpsons.”

The “N” Word is Laid to Rest by the NAACP July 9, 2007 Thousands gathered in Detroit, Michigan to participate in the NAACP’s funeral and burial for the “N” word. A horse drawn carriage carried a wooden coffin that adorned black roses and a ribbon with the word “nigga” displayed. NAACP Chairman Julian Bond, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, hip-hop legend Curtis Blow and R & B legend Eddie Levert led the procession today from COBO Hall to Hart (Freedom) Plaza. The burial was a part of the 9th Annual Convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine is a top target of conspiracy theories The Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine became a target of conspiracy theories and disinformation campaigns as soon as it was announced, reaching millions of people on sites like Twitter, Reddit and 4chan, according to a recent analysis from a cyber defense firm. COVID-19 conspiracy narratives, like the false belief that the vaccine was delayed for political reasons, flourished on social networks in the fall and early winter, according to the New York tech security firm Blackbird. The firm created an algorithm to analyze posts in real-time by hunting for signals of what CEO Wasim Khaled calls "synthetic amplification," which indicate activity by botnets and anti-vaccination influencers. These bogus notions about the vaccines, amplified by a relatively small number of fake accounts and real influencers, reached millions of people, Khaled said.

How sheds can help men stave off loneliness after retirement – according to our new research When people hear the word shed, they may think about a rickety wooden building at the bottom of a garden crawling with spiders, filled with old paint tins, a lawnmower and out-of-date weedkiller. It has also been associated with the term “man cave” – a space where a man spends time on his own, tinkering with junk or avoiding his partner. But our new research found there was more to the humble shed than meets the eye – mainly thanks to a revolutionary social programme which is fighting loneliness. Loneliness is a key challenge for contemporary times and while it can be experienced by people of any age, it can impact older people particularly.

www.state Addressing China’s Coercive Tactics The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) takes advantage of the freedoms of the United States and other democracies to advance its own ideologically-driven narratives and manipulate world press coverage. The CCP accomplishes this by using government-owned or operated media outlets, as well as CCP-controlled “educational” and “cultural institutes” strategically located in the United States and overseas. Key representatives of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) actively use Western social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, all banned inside China, to spread lies and false narratives approved by the CCP core leadership. These entities serve to disseminate propaganda and disinformation while suppressing criticism about the CCP. Within China, the CCP controls the media and all forms of debate and information.

Scientists were pushing real COVID-19 conspiracy: Devine Feb. 19, 2020, was the day science died. At the start of a global pandemic that would kill millions, in the world’s most prestigious medical journal, 27 eminent public health scientists signed a letter labeling as “conspiracy theories” any suggestion that the virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic might have leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China. “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin,” wrote the experts from nine countries. Scientists who have studied the new virus “overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife,” they said. A Gender Policy Council That's Sexist … and Racist? Every new president vows to heal the very divide his party and opponents have spent the last year and billions of dollars magnifying. Invariably, the plea translates into "unify by agreeing with me." One of President Joe Biden's first policies appeared to bridge the gender divide by creating a White House Gender Policy Council.

thediplomat Newsweek recently published a report about Chinese propaganda activities in the United States. The report discusses fake social media accounts run from China that have been posting about the 2020 election – not to support a particular candidate but seemingly to “denigrate the standing of the U.S.” by sowing discord and painting American democracy in a negative light. Concerns about foreign actors attempting to influence U.S. elections are not new.