Faire ses chaussures

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Medieval-Type Shoe Tutorial by ~Autnott on deviantART. Medieval-Type Shoe Tutorial by ~Autnott on deviantART. Celtic leather shoes (aided by a Lasercutter) Since I already had celtic shoes with I wanted to use as a pattern, I opened the laces and laid a shoe flat on the table.

Celtic leather shoes (aided by a Lasercutter)

Then I took a picture. I imported the picture into a graphics tool (I used CorelDraw, but OpenSource Inkscape should also work). First I tried to vectorize it automatically, but the result didn't look good. Then I put the picture in the background and draw the outline with the mouse; I only placed a point at each corner, and then smoothed the lines (there is a option for line objects; sorry that I cannot give the correct technical terms, since I'm using the German version of the software). The second picture shows a screenshot of the pattern drawing with the line option symbols. Summer shoes. How An Urban Abo Tans a fox Hide. How an Urban Abo Tans a Fox Hide by Bill Scherer Urban Abo sounds like an oxymoron.

How An Urban Abo Tans a fox Hide

A lot of us who like to practice primitive skills live in cities, have college degrees, hold regular jobs and careers. Maybe this is why primitive skills are so much fun for those of us who spend so much time inside factories and office buildings. La matière première, le tannage et les outils... - La structure de la… - Histoire des… - Du parchemin au… - Procédé de… - Quelques outils… - Quelques métiers du… - essais de reconstitution d'objets medievaux en cuir. Le tannage des peaux. Tire Sandals: Innovative footwear recycled from old tires.

Make Your own Tire SandalsAdapted from Participating in Nature: Wilderness Survival and Primitive Living Skills I'm hard on shoes.

Tire Sandals: Innovative footwear recycled from old tires.

It's not uncommon for me to go through half a dozen pairs of shoes, or more, each year. I maintain an active lifestyle, hiking, playing, camping, and working. Water wears out a shoe quicker than anything else. A few trips in and out of the creeks, puddles, and swamps, and they just come unglued. Shoes. Iron age shoes (previous 'viking shoes') Edited to add: Due to alle the comments regarding the title of this instruction, I've changed the name to 'iron age shoes' which might be more historycally correct.

Iron age shoes (previous 'viking shoes')

I learned to make these by using my own foot as a template. Therefore, all the measures given here are highly approximate. Footwear of the Middle Ages. Slippers. Japanese take the shoes off in the personal house to keep out soil dust.


In the winter, we need the warm and clean slippers. We call them "room shoes". Carbatinae, quand tu nous tiens - Les Mediomatrici.