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Kid Craft: LEGO Capes. I'm pretty sure that at any given time of day, there's a LEGO or two lying out on the floor.

Kid Craft: LEGO Capes

I don't think they ever "really" get put away. So since we like LEGO's around here so much, I decided to make some accessories for them. These capes are super easy and quick to make. Here's the how-to: Cape Template Right click, copy, save, print and cut out the cape template. Cut out some felt capes with the template. Fold cape in half lengthwise and make a small slit. Embellish if you wish. Crafts From The Past: Rice Bag Tote. I hope you guys don't mind but I'm going to re-post one of my older crafts from when I first started blogging.

Crafts From The Past: Rice Bag Tote

I'm currently fighting a horrible flu and just don't have the energy to be crafting/writing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll be back to normal my Monday. I made this handbag out of two rice bags. We buy the large bags since we eat a lot of rice here. My husband would beg to differ. Suppliestwo large rice bagsthreadrulerscissorssewing machine Here's one of the rice bags I used. Hem the top of both large pieces of plastic. For the handles cut two strips of the rice bag to 16 1/2" by 3". Center handle to wrong side of bag and pin in place. Pin right sides of bag together. How to Make an Oversized Friendship Bracelet. In case you haven't noticed, the friendship bracelet is back.

How to Make an Oversized Friendship Bracelet

And surprisingly, nothing has really changed about it. From the fashion pictures I've seen, they're the same old bracelets I wore in grade school. So, I decided it might me nice to make an oversized version of the bracelet. Instead of using the the traditional material of embroidery thread I used cotton yarn. The yarn gives the bracelet a chunkier look and it also allows you to make them much quicker. The method I'm using to make the bracelets is the exact same way I used to make them in the 5th grade. Supplies:Cotton yarn in various colorsScissors To get the correct length of string for you wrist, wrap the yarn around your wrist loosely three times and then add a couple more inches for good measure. Cut as many pieces as you wish to use.

Line up all of the yarn. Tape loop down or hook it onto something to keep the bracelet from moving while you make it. Here's a close up of the knot.

Papier !

Tricot (pearltricot :D) Couture. Les t-shirts de l'été. Les t-shirts de l'été Après la peinture sur tissu, les transferts au papier spécial et les customisations à base d'appliqués ; voilà une technique peu coûteuse pour personnaliser vos vêtements.

Les t-shirts de l'été

Elle est de plus parfaitement adaptée aux activités estivales avec enfants. Pour décorer vos T-shirts (ou autres) il vous faudra : du papier de verre, des crayons à la cire ("pastels") du genre de ceux employés par les enfants, du sopalin et un fer à repasser. Le principe est simple et très bien expliqué en image par le tuto d'Alphamom.

Le fer à repasser permet d'abord de fixer la couleur, puis de faire fondre les résidus de cire qui seront absorbés par le sopalin. Pour obtenir les meilleurs résultats, et qu'ils soient durables malgré les lavages, il faut d'une part beaucoup charger le papier de verre en couleur, d'autre part préférer une marque riche en pigments plutôt qu'en cire (sans vouloir faire de pub, il semblerait que les Neocolor conviennent mieux à notre usage que le banal Crayola).