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La famiglia universale. Dinu Li - Contemporary Artist. Murder trial of Zwelethu Mthethwa: Justice delayed. On a blustery, sunny day in Cape Town on Monday, the murder trial of Zwelethu Mthethwa was set to begin.

Murder trial of Zwelethu Mthethwa: Justice delayed

“No Woman, No Cry,” sang orange-T-shirted members of SWEAT, the Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce. “Life in jail for sex worker’s murder,” read one sign they brandished. “Sex workers are not your art,” proclaimed another. On the airless third floor of the Western Cape High Court, the artist sat outside the designated courtroom, waiting for proceedings to start. Elina Brotherus - Photography. The New Painting (2000-2004) «Photography is the new painting», said my friend Edda Jonsdottir, director of i8 gallery in Reykjavik.

Elina Brotherus - Photography

With this somewhat provocative sentence in mind in June 2000 I started my still ongoing series, “The New Painting.” I use contemporary means of expression (large format color photography), but I owe a lot to the aesthetics of classical figurative painting. With the camera I try to approach the same problems that painters have been dealing with for centuries: light, color, composition, figures in space, projection of the three-dimensional into the two-dimensional.

I find these questions fundamental in all visual arts. Corinne Day - Exhibitions. Selected Earlier Works - Photographs - Works - SARAH DOBAI. Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler - Gregor's Room I. Michal Solarski. Since the beginning of 21st century we have witnessed one of the biggest legal migration movements in the history of Europe and the world.

Michal Solarski

The European Union's enlargement and the opening of UK borders to people of the eight newest eastern European Union (EU) members in May 2004 initiated the biggest wave of migration Great Britain has ever borne. In fact, around two million Poles have arrived in Britain since the EU borders were wide open. The influx was greater in number than the population of Warsaw. This figure records the number of those who have travelled to the UK but not necessarily those who have stayed. Nevertheless, it suggests that the growing army of workers from Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe who are establishing themselves in Britain may count in the hundreds of thousands.

These migrant travellers left their homes in search of a land of greater opportunity and to escape from the harsh reality they often endured in their native countries. Bieke Depoorter – Ou Menya. Nigel Shafran - 13 of 15 - Flowers for   ________   [2004-2008] Fernando Montiel Klint » amarillo. Gallery Taik Persons. “III”, 2012 160 x 85 x 40 cm.

Gallery Taik Persons

(Copper, brass, feather, oak, electronics). Unique “Madness”, 2011. 26 x 50 x 20 cm. Drop Dead Gorgeous – Daniela Edburg. Daniela Rossell: Documenting the rich and famous Mexican youth (PHOTOS). Julie Blackmon. Jodi Bieber. Alix Smith. Dawn Roscoe: C4FAP Juror’s Selection for Exquisite Suburbia. Chicago Photographer, Dawn Roscoe’s , The Family Portrait, recently won the Juror’s Selection in the New Normal exhibition at the Center for Fine Art Photography.

Dawn Roscoe: C4FAP Juror’s Selection for Exquisite Suburbia

She received her BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago after growing up in Pittsburgh and taking photographs of her friends and family with a Polaroid given to her by her father. Drawn to the work of documentary photography and the surrealists, “my goal is for my current work to reflect both styles while remaining true to a specific narrative. Photography continues to challenge me with every new technology and with every new perspective.

My aspiration is to become a unique storyteller who parallels our provocative culture and makes viewers contemplate about our future.” Elizabeth Clark Libert. You have to appreciate an image maker who has a title like, “After the Barney’s Sale”.

Elizabeth Clark Libert

Dona Schwartz. Looking at few of the portfolios that received Honorable Mentions for the Santa Fe Prize offered by Center and jurored by Maggie Blanchard of Twin Palms Publishing….

Dona Schwartz

Success Stories: Simone Lueck: Cuba TV. I guess one could call Simone Lueck lucky.

Success Stories: Simone Lueck: Cuba TV

Yes, she got a call out of the blue with an offer for a monograph of a project shot a decade ago, and in a year’s time has had two major solo exhibitions at The Paul Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles, and a solo show at the Musée de la Photographie, Charleroi, Belgium. But it’s not luck. It’s hard work, having a unique point of view, and an amazingly brilliant way of packaging her work. Needless to say, I’m a long time fan and also a friend, but that doesn’t alter my respect for her work and approach. Simone is, indeed, a success story. Mexico Week: Maria Jose Sesma. Maria Jose Sesma was born in Torreón, in Northern Mexico, living in Mexico City since 2008.

Mexico Week: Maria Jose Sesma

She has an interest in social power plays, especially focused on conservative mexican women, using both dominance and submision roles as a way of living. In a religious and superstitious environment with ignorance and prohibitions, manipulation is an easy way to get by. Maria Jose received honorable mentions on 3rd Latin American Photobook Contest, RM Editorial; International Photography Awards; Monterrey Biennial Artemergente; Portfolio Festival, as well as the Young Creators Grant, CONACULTA. She has exhibited her work in MOPLA, MOCA North Miami, Prague, Mexico City, among others.She studies in Contemporary Art School SOMA.

Everything is in Order. Rachelle Mozman: Casa de Mujeres and La Negra y su Pequeña. En el cuarto de la niña, c print, 23×26 inches, 2010 New York photographer, Rachelle Mozman creates photographs and videos that “intersect document, narrative and performance.

Rachelle Mozman: Casa de Mujeres and La Negra y su Pequeña

She is fascinated with ideas of ethnography and her work engages themes around family, class and color divides”. Her well celebrated series Casa de Mujeres explores these themes with not only a painter’s eye, but with layered and nuanced reflections that speak to our humanness. Her work can be seen in the current Critical Mass Top 50 exhibition at the Southeast Museum of Photography through October 4th, 2013. Rachelle grew up in New York City and currently makes work between Brooklyn and Panama City, Panama. Casa de Mujeres and La Negra y su Pequeña. Magnum Photos. Magnum Photos Photographer Portfolio. Artworks of Miriam Bäckström (Swedish, 1967) The Home and Garden Blog. Hej! The Fontainebleau Series, 2001, Twelve C-Prints « Melanie Manchot. Yinka Shonibare, MBE (RA) Susan Meiselas. Shortie, Presque Isle, Maine. 1973. Laurie Simmons. 1st Bathroom/Woman Standing, from the series Interiors. 1978. Audio Program excerpt. Charles Rozier: House Music. I featured the work of Charles Rozier some time ago on Lenscratch, so I was delighted when he sat down at my table at Photolucida.

Charles has been documenting his family for a long time and had several monographs to share with me of the work. As I slowly turned the pages, I was profoundly moved (and admit I teared up) by his photographic legacy of those he loves and lives with. It was as if I was on the journey with him through part of his life.Thought I’d let Charles do the talking from here on out:I was born in 1951. Like many others I took an interest in photography, or more accurately cameras, at an early age. Martha Rosler. Red Stripe Kitchen from the series House Beautiful: Bringing the War Home. 1967-72. Annabel Elgar. Film photography. Is photography art? Well it’s more like, does/should photography have a status in art like painting, sculpture etc? Sarah Jones. Making it Up – Photographic Fictions. My first stop was at the Victoria and Albert Museum, specifically to view this exhibition, so relevant to the work that I am studying right now. Making It Up: Photographic Fictions, V&A - exhibition review - Exhibitions - Going Out - London Evening Standard.

Sedotti dall’arte. A Barcellona (e Madrid) Richard Tuschman - Hopper Meditations. "Hopper Meditations" is a personal photographic response to the work of the American painter, Edward Hopper. Galerie m Bochum. Julius Shulman Film. East of Eden, Philip-Lorca diCorcia Exhibition Review. Philip-Lorca diCorciaCain and Abel, 2013. Sällskapet Sune Jonssons vänner.