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CUT OUT PEOPLE Here is the first part to images cut out of the Asian people An homage to the many friends of this continent who are big fans of this blog. I hope to have done something pleasing CUT OUT ASIAN PEOPLE part #1 You are allowed to include this cut out in any collection you like, provided that you do not remove any copyright or other proprietary notices contained in the original materials or on any such copies. However, you are NOT allowed to distribute them commercially or put them on your website! A hyperlink from another website to this site is permitted. any violation will be legally prosecuted. This work is licensed under a

Freebie: Tourism & Travel Icon Set (100 Icons, PNG, SVG) Six Top Sources for Free Images, Video, and Audio | Cool Tools I’ve written about a number of video, audio, and collage creation tools, with WeVideo, Audacity, and PicMonkey topping some of my lists. However, it can be a challenge for students to locate copyright-friendly media when using these tools for presentations or idea sharing. It’s always best for students to create materials or use ones that are in the public domain. Here are some of the best resources I’ve found for the latter. Copyright-cleared video is challenging to track it down. The Public Domain Review website features collections of images, books, essays, audio recordings, and films that are in the public domain. Students creating podcasts often need a little bit of bumper music for the intro or wrap up of their recordings. Should your students be seeking common sounds like doorbells ringing, dogs barking, or car horns honking, they could try to record them live—or turn to SoundGator for free, downloadable recordings.

Free cut out people, trees and cars for architects in photoshop | CUT OUT PEOPLE Premium PSD Mock-up Templates Which Are Free To Download - PSD Mockups Designing your mockups can often become a project onto themselves which splits your concentration from focusing on your 2D designs. PSDCovers offers premium mockup templates for free in the form of PSD Cover Actions which render your 2D design work as high resolution product shot renders for showcasing mock-ups in marketing presentations, online portfolios, school projects or print mediums. Some Actions can take a few moments to render while others take a few minutes, it all depends on which Mock-up template Action you use (not all Actions are created equally!). These free Actions are simple to use, PSDCovers offers a tutorial located here. PSD Mock-up templates are created in fully layered PSD documents which are further customizable to your liking. All PSD Mock-ups on are free and modelled on actual products which were photographed by the site (read about their process here). 1-litre-aluminium-water-bottle-sports-drink-psd-mockup-action Plastic Spray Bottle

7 Free photo sources teachers can use for online courses Including photos in learning materials is the first step towards offering students a more visual learning experience. I won’t go into why there should be more visual elements in school instruction, nor into the many options teachers have to organize learning materials in a visual manner. I already did that here and here. The focus of this blog will be the photos. While including photos in learning materials is a noble idea, including stolen photos in them is not. You might be using that photo to instill knowledge into the brains of your students — which is great — but you might be a thief nonetheless. Don’t be a thief There are rules to abide by, even on the internet. In order to do that, you first need to know what qualifies as copyrighted material and what not, and to understand the principle of fair use. And now let’s move on to that part of the internet that is indeed free. 7 Free photo sources teachers can use Over to you Stay in the loop! Author: Livia Bran Related October 10, 2017

Goodies | Fresh Ideas - nurture your ideas! Retro Print Insignia (psd) It’s time for a new freebie, and this time we propose you another cool retro insignia. As always it’s fully integrable, layered and scalable! Read More Retro stamp (psd) Here is an awesome retro stamp which is based on our set of 4 Retro Stamps that is available on Graphic River. Read More 2 Retro Insignias (psd) Here is an awesome set of insignias based on our set of 6 retro insignias that are available on Graphic River. Read More Retro Coupons Set (psd) A set of 2 coupons based on our retro banners that are available on Graphic River. Read More iPhone Application Button (psd) A professional elegant iPhone application button that is fully layered and scalable. Read More Retro Text Style (Photoshop Layer Style) A retro text style that is a preview of our next premium text style collection that will be for sale on Graphic River soon. Read More Vintage ribbon (PSD) Here is our new freebie. Read More New Tags (PSD) Read More 2 Retro Ribbons (PSD) Read More Read More Read More

Reshot - A New Source of Free Images for Multimedia Projects Reshot is a new site that offers free "handpicked" images that you can download to reuse in multimedia projects. The site, like many like it, lets you download images for free. According to Reshot's licensing statement, image attribution isn't required, but it is appreciated. To that end Reshot makes it easy to find and copy the correct image attribution information. Watch my video to see how easy it is to use Reshot. Applications for Education I always encourage students and teachers to use their own pictures in their multimedia projects.

Brushes Pretty pictures: Can images stop data overload? Sitting at your desk in the middle of the day, yet another email notification pops up in the corner of the screen, covering the figures you're trying to digest in the complicated spreadsheet in front of you. Your laptop is open on the desk next to you with another set of figures you need - meanwhile you're frantically tabbing through different documents on the main screen. You have a meeting in 20 minutes and you suddenly feel as if you're swimming in a sea of impenetrable data, and you're starting to sink. Welcome to the 21st Century workplace, and "data overload". Under siege You're not alone. Dr Lynda Shaw is a neuroscience and psychology lecturer at Brunel University in the west of London. "I've been interviewing a lot of senior businesspeople lately, and they're actually hiding... because they're frightened they're going to be asked questions they can't answer, so they're delaying making really quite important decisions," she says. Dr Shaw says this is a symptom of the computer age.