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Gilbert Garcin Artiste Photographe à Marseille. 2013 - Les photographes Par photographie. Photographie feux d artifice. Dahmane. Renegade. Utsuyumiko official site. Rosa basurto. Pagina web de Chema Madoz. STEVEN KLEIN STUDIO. In between songs, Gaga offered some playful, theatrical banter in her best whispery-baby Marilyn Monroe impression.


She made sure to point out her genuine pleasure in seeing in the balcony collaborator Tony Bennett (with whom she’s releasing an album of duets with later this year), and director/photographer Steven Klein, who was behind her “Alejandro” video. She climbed a rose-draped ladder to Tony at one point and later remarked on how moving it was to see her dad and Steven Klein meet and hug backstage. Being the theatrical, bawdy star she is, she ended her very genuine anecdote on Klein and her father by saying “Daddy, he’s the nice man who took that pretty picture of my pussy!” In a heightened version of the whispery-baby voice. Pete Turner Photography.

33 Perfectly Timed Photos. You may be the best photographer in the world, but sometimes all it takes to take the best shot is being in the right place at the right moment.

33 Perfectly Timed Photos

It doesn’t even matter if you take it with your cell or high-end DSLR. Often, you won’t even notice you made an incredible picture until you come home and transfer your photos to a computer. Show Full Text However, that doesn’t mean you should stop improving your photography skills and just wait for that one and only moment.

As a popular saying goes: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” So be prepared for it and be lucky! Update: Perfectly Timed Photos (PART III) is out! Thanks for sharing! 3x per week 30,000,000+ monthly readers Error sending email Photo Credits: Photo Credits: Photo Credits: Home : Ben Hopper. Christophe VERMARE Photography. Guido Argentini Photography. Gregory crewdson. [abonnement gratuit] Gregory Crewdson est né en 1962 à New York photographie l’Amérique rurale dès ses débuts en 1985 Son travail est présent dans de nombreux musées américains Les images utilisées dans cet article sont tirées du très beau livre.

gregory crewdson

杨泳梁-Yang Yongliang. Surreal World. L’artiste américaine Nancy Fouts réalise des sculptures humoristiques dans un style surréaliste.

Surreal World

Modifiant des objets du quotidien et y insérant des paradoxes par le détournement, le rendu splendide est à découvrir dans la suite. Une large sélection à découvrir dans la suite. Suck my pixxxel. Mariux - Sex & Beauté, Art & Kitsch. Laurence Demaison - Site Officiel. Ian Plant Dreamscapes Nature Photography Workshops Books Instruction.

Andrzej Dragan PHOTOGRAPHY. Jerry N. Uelsmann. Shlomi Nissim. Alexander Gofayzen Fine Art Photography Galleries. Dave Hill Photography. BLOG Philip Plisson. Philippe Bourseiller - reporter photographe. 清川あさみ|ASAMI KIYOKAWA INC. Sally Mann.

Eric Dexheimer Photographie - Accueil. X-RAY PHOTOS / PHOTOGRAPHY / FILM / ABSTRACT / ART. Tim Flach. Bienvenue sur le site officiel de Thierry des Ouches Photographe. Paul McDonough: “New York City 1968-1972” documents the quirky nature of New York street photography (PHOTOS). © Paul McDonough.

Paul McDonough: “New York City 1968-1972” documents the quirky nature of New York street photography (PHOTOS).

Courtesy Sasha Wolf Gallery, New York City. Photographer Paul McDonough has a knack for catching passing, off-kilter incongruities on the New York City streets. He arrived in the city in 1967 and started taking photographs of unique moments happening around him; the New York City 1968-1972 series is said to be his first as a photographer. Capturing weirdness on the streets of New York City might seem like an easy feat, but McDonough has a rare ability to capture a confluence of gestures in the exact moment in which a great photograph happens.

Although McDonough was relatively new to photography when he arrived in New York (he had gone to college for painting), he rented an apartment from photographer Tod Papageorge and eventually turned away from painting. McDonough wrote via email: “Public places, particularly like New York City, are very ‘public.’ McDonough had befriended Winogrand in 1966, before moving to New York City, and would take photo walks with him. Patrick Swirc Photography. Henry Horenstein Photography. Hiroshi seo / photographs TIME:LINE - 瀬尾 浩司. Richard Phibbs Photography. Russell James. DIANE ARBUS - THE PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK. TAISUKE KOYAMA Photography. Michael Thompson. Arthur Elgort. MARIO GIACOMELLI OFFICIAL WEB SITE. DAVID BAILEY. Lee Friedlander, un photographe au regard certain - 3 avril 2012 - Un regard certain. Lee Friedlander est un photographe américain né en 1934.

Lee Friedlander, un photographe au regard certain - 3 avril 2012 - Un regard certain

Eugène Atget, Robert Frank et Walker Evans sont des photographes renommés qui ont influencé le travail de Lee Friedlander dans ses débuts de la photographie. Cet article met en avant de magnifiques photographies. J’ai eu l’occasion de découvrir quelques unes de ses photographies lors d’une exposition au Jeu de Paume à Paris en 2006, il y a quelques années maintenant (critique de l’exposition). Je le connaissais déjà car son travail m’intéresse beaucoup. Dans les photographies de Lee Friedlander, on retrouve de nombreux sujets, on pourrait classer les photos par thématiques comme par exemple: le reflet, l’architecture, l’urbanisme, la découverte de l’Amérique au travers d’une voiture, sur la route à la Jack Kerouac. Denis Rouvre . Photographe. Fulvio grisoni. Magnum Photos Photographer Portfolio. Home - Andreas H. Bitesnich. The Art of Sara Moon - THE ONLY OFFICIAL SARA MOON ART WEBSITE.

E L I Z A B E T H    P R O U V O S T. ERNST HAAS ESTATE. STEVE SCHAPIRO PHOTOGRAPHY. Laurent Baheux official website. Nick Brandt : Photography. Sebastião Salgado, territoires et vies. Peter Lindbergh ›› official website. Man Ray phototheque officielle, Man Ray phototheque officielle. Internet site officially authorized by the Man Ray Trust to offer, under certain conditions, reproductions of the Man Ray artworks.

Man Ray phototheque officielle, Man Ray phototheque officielle

These images are displayed only to allow the inspection for purposes of placing reproduction orders, within a professional framework. These works of Man Ray are protected by the legislation concerning literary and artistic property in all countries. The rights of the beneficiaries, the Man Ray trust, are managed by ADAGP. To reproduce, represent, publish or broadcast an artwork of Man Ray, you must obtain the prior authorization of ADAGP or its foreign correspondents and pay the relevant royalties. E-mail : Any saving to hard drive and any diffusion or reproduction whatsoever of these images by whatever means, including via the Internet, is prohibited, except for the said inspection. Photography - Semetko. Horvatland - Frank Horvat Photography: home / Frank Horvat Photographie: accueil. Catherine Nelson - visual artist. Mary Ellen Mark Home Page. The Ansel Adams Gallery.

Andre Kertesz / Biography & Images - Atget Perhaps more than any other photographer, Andre Kertesz discovered and demonstrated the special aesthetic of the small camera.

Andre Kertesz / Biography & Images - Atget

These beautiful little machines seemed at first hardly serious enough for the typical professional, with his straightforward and factual approach to the subject. Most of those who did use small cameras tried to make them do what the big camera did better; deliberate, analytical description. Kertesz had never been much interested in deliberate, analytical description; since he had begun photographing in 1912 he had sought the revolution of the elliptical view, the unexpected detail, the ephemeral moment ___ not the epic but the lyric truth.

When the first 35mm camera ___ the Leica ___ was marketed in 1925, it seemed to Kertesz that it had been designed for his own eye. Like his fellow Hungarian Moholy-Nagy, he loved the play between pattern and deep space; the picture plane of his photographs is like a visual trampoline, taut and resilient. David Maisel. Patrick Gries. Anton corbijn. Seb Janiak — Photographer & Director. Helmut Newton Foundation. Photos d'art : vente en ligne de photographies d'art contemporain. Jan Saudek & Sára Saudková. RUVEN AFANADOR. Salvatore Troia - Photographe Français.

Jan Saudek & Sára Saudková. Wegman. Sylvie-blum. THE RICHARD AVEDON FOUNDATION. Studio Q - Quinn Jacobson Photography - Home Page. Lucien Clergue, photographe. Lucien Clergue est né à Arles en 1934, il est décédé le 15 Novembre 2014.

Lucien Clergue, photographe

Il apprend le violon avant de se consacrer entièrement à la photographie. Ses premiers travaux sont marqués par la mort, les bombardements, il photographie les charognes des bords du Rhône, les corridas. Puis ce sera les nus de la mer, les paysages de Camargue et les éléments qui la compose: l’eau, le sable, les herbes, les signes du vent. Ses rencontres avec Cocteau puis avec Picasso en 1953 seront décisives. Une amitié très forte liera les deux hommes jusqu’à la disparition du maître en 1973. Oeil du viseur. Daido Moriyama official web site. Francis Giacobetti - Photographer. Marc Chatelard - Photographe. THE IRVING PENN FOUNDATION. 500 Photographers. Gilbert Garcin - Artiste Photographe. Photographie noir et blanc de nu et de portrait - Alexandre Maller. : Concours, Diaporama, Blog, Expo, Technique. Magnum Photos Home. Elliott Erwitt. H E R B R I T T S. Annie Leibowitz Gallery. The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation.

MONSIEUR PHOTO. Classic Photography. Jeanloup Sieff - Site officiel. Patrick Demarchelier.