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10 of the world’s best city views: readers’ travel tips. Winning tip: Jaipur, India Nahargarh Fort sprawls around a rocky outcrop above the Pink City of Jaipur in Rajasthan province.

10 of the world’s best city views: readers’ travel tips

Take a rickshaw up the hairpin road or go in the evening and tackle the stiff 20-minute hike up the path from the city’s northern edge. A.I. Wants to Know How You Plan a Trip. BFM : 28/02 - Les experts - Les experts. Pour doper le tourisme local, les maires ruraux s'associent à Airbnb. Super-rich sabbatical: the boom in luxury long breaks for the 1% The super-rich are going on sabbatical.

Super-rich sabbatical: the boom in luxury long breaks for the 1%

Healthy holidays and a sunscreen rethink: top five travel trends for 2019. Healthy holidays become the new norm Last October, Club 18-30 holidays staggered off into the sunset, aged 50.

Healthy holidays and a sunscreen rethink: top five travel trends for 2019

To the relief of Mediterranean resorts that had spent decades dealing with the carnage caused by epic drinking challenges, it appears that buckets of warm sangria – or worse – have lost their appeal. Herb Kelleher, pioneer of low-cost air travel, dies aged 87. Herb Kelleher, the co-founder of Southwest Airlines and pioneer of low-cost aviation, “without whom there would be no Ryanair”, has died aged 87.

Herb Kelleher, pioneer of low-cost air travel, dies aged 87

Venice to charge day-trippers up to €10 to enter city. Day-trippers to Venice will be charged up to €10 (£9) to enter the famous lagoon city as authorities continue to grapple with the tens of millions of tourists who visit every year.

Venice to charge day-trippers up to €10 to enter city

The Italian parliament approved the entry tax, which will range from €2.50 to €10 depending on the time of year, in its budget for 2019, paving the way for it to be implemented by local authorities. A similar system has been applied for Elba island, part of the Tuscan archipelago, and the Aeolian Islands off Sicily. Luigi Brugnaro, the mayor of Venice, said the money collected would help fund the cleaning up of rubbish that day-trippers leave behind. “The arrival tax is now law,” he said. A world of good: volunteering opportunities. Rainforest protector, Peru The Crees ecotourism project works in the Peruvian Amazon to restore biodiversity to land damaged by farming.

A world of good: volunteering opportunities

Travelling solo is sheer joy – do it while you still can. There’s an early artwork by Tracey Emin that I’ve always loved.

Travelling solo is sheer joy – do it while you still can

It’s a battered, lovingly embellished suitcase with the words “Mystery Woman” embroidered on one side. Rough Guides launches tailormade trips as part of major overhaul. Rough Guides launches tailormade trips as part of major overhaul. UK's nightclubs suffer as young people seek less hedonistic pursuits. An estimated £200m has been wiped off the value of the UK nightclub scene in the past five years as partygoers desert the dancefloor in search of new pleasures.

UK's nightclubs suffer as young people seek less hedonistic pursuits

More clubs closed in 2018 as people swapped thumping bass for alternative entertainment including indoor golf, trampolining and, in east London, a vegan food festival described as “the wildest plant-based party” in the capital. 5 Hotels Booking Live Music Events. Luxury Comes to Expedition Cruising. Hoscars 2018 - The Best Hostels in the World - Hostelworld. Year: 2018 - 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 Wanna see the world's best hostels?

Hoscars 2018 - The Best Hostels in the World - Hostelworld

Our annual HOSCAR awards recognise the most amazing hostels around the world based on a whopping one million reviews from you, the people who went out to #MeetTheWorld in 2017. Luxury Hotel Brands Expand to South America. Après deux ans de galère, comment BlaBlaCar a repris du poil de la bête. What to buy the super-rich this Christmas? A luxury experience, of course. It is always a struggle trying to find Christmas presents for the person who has everything.

What to buy the super-rich this Christmas? A luxury experience, of course

Imagine what it is like trying to find a gift for the person who has it all – and a million or two in the bank. The present-buying struggles of the richest 1% have led luxury goods companies to devise a range of “exceptional experience” gifts that are “always indulgent” and, of course, very extravagant. The business of voluntourism: do western do-gooders actually do harm? – podcast. The wild Mauritius coast: a real taste of paradise. Some views are worth travelling for, and the one from my terrace at Otentic Mountain, a new eco-retreat overlooking Mauritius’ sleepy south-east coast, is among them.

By day, white-tailed tropicbirds soar over the forest canopy, macaque monkeys screech from the guava trees (which also shelter shy wild boar) and, in the distance, the occasional yacht drifts across the limpid turquoise sea. As night falls, tawny Mauritian fruit bats swoop to feast in the trees and the mountainside buzzes with a frog chorus. Airbnb's Deal for French Firm Could Signal Entry Into Property Management. Adios, sombreros and Pie Ella. The age of the package holiday is over. When my primary school friend Mark turned up at my door that summer with the gift of a model Spanish bull, I was conflicted.

I would have preferred a sombrero of course, but otherwise, I was in awe. He had just come back from a package holiday in Spain. The sea, he reported, was warm! Rough Guides launches tailormade trips as part of major overhaul. Thomas Cook: the father of modern tourism – archive, 22 November 1958. Few people in these sophisticated times would claim for travel all the virtues once believed to be inherent in it. But it remains, for those who have the leisure and money, a fine way of putting in the time. To-day it is a primary source of income for so many countries that it is hard to imagine what they did before Thomas Cook came on the scene. Cook, who was born 150 years ago to-day, was not content to be merely the father of modern tourism: he was a newspaper reporter as well.

During his tours, when he was ever on the look-out for cheaper transport, better accommodation, and “points of interest,” he sent to some local papers in Leicester and to the “Times” assorted letters to the editor, and even a few commissioned articles, describing the scenic wonders along the route. This aspiration towards higher things was evident, too, in his devoted temperance work, which was the original cause of his becoming interested in popular travel. Song for the tunnel Round the world. Uber and Lyft Announce Rewards Programs. De Guérilléros FARC à Guides touristiqes formés dans les Landes (PNR) Go it alone: solo trips on the rise as travellers opt for ‘me time’

Solo travel is on the rise as a growing number of holidaymakers opt for trips that allow them to “do what they want”.

J’ai pu vivre et observer cela pendant mon échange au Japon. La plupart des étudiants voyageaient seuls avant de chercher d’autres personnes avec qui partir, qu’il s’agisse de voyages dans le pays, ou d’excursions journalières, c’était souvent plus simple de sortir seul. Pendant mon séjour à Kyoto j’ai résidé dans une auberge de jeunesse et après avoir discuté avec les personnes qui y restaient et leurs habitudes de voyage la majorité pensait que voyager seul était plus simple et qu’internet permettait de ne pas forcément se sentir seul. – syyd
J'ai pu observer ceci dans ma vie personnelle et professionnelle. Plusieurs de mes amis, à la fin de leurs études, sont partis voyager seul - certains car personne d'autre n'était disponible en même temps, d'autres par une envie d'aventure et de dépaysement total. Du point de vu pro, les directeurs de l'auberge de jeunesse en Espagne où je travaillais, on pu voir une hausse de voyageur solo dans les deux dernières années comparé aux années précédentes. Mais en même il y avais une hausse de réservation de la part des agences de voyages organisés d'aventure style et autre.... Donc voyageurs qui recherchent de indépendance, mais aussi de l'organisation....... Mais dans tous les cas, il y avais une hausse de réservation en générale des auberges de jeunesse, que le directeur pouvais en partie expliquer à la hausse des voyageurs solo et des agences de voyages d'aventure. – cblackburn

Around 15% of travellers took a trip on their own in the last year, according to the Association of British Travel Agents’ (Abta) 2018 holiday habits report. Ryanair boss rides out turbulence of bad publicity. The party's over for Club 18-30 as Thomas Cook retires the brand. 'Anti-Trump hotel' opens in Washington DC. Join the “group sound bath” in the wellness centre, stop by the civic engagement workshop in the lobby, then settle in for a rousing performance of protest songs from the all-women Resistance Revival Chorus on the rooftop bar. Welcome City Lab Cahier tendances 3 2018.

D'accord avec toi Léa, c'est un peu une controverse. Mais après, vu que la pub est en Français, c'est possible que la clientèle visée soit française et qui incite alors au tourisme en France... [Ceci est mon avis personnel, basé sur mon expérience et mes avis de la plateforme] De plus, l'idée exploitée ici n'est pas forcément représentative (pour moi) de la compagnie AirBNB - au travers de mon expérience avec la plateforme depuis maintenant plusieurs années, je n'ai jamais eu un hôte plus âgé. Ça a toujours été des personnes jeunes qui proposent leurs biens pour moi. Après c'est possible que je ne recherche pas les bien proposés par les personnes âgés, mais j'ai du mal à voir comment des personnes plus âgés seraient prête à recevoir des inconnus, ou même prendre part a l'utilisation de plateforme. Bien que je peut comprendre la pub, qui ne vise alors pas une clientèle de mon âge, mais plutôt une clientèle plus âgés qui pourrait être rassuré par la maturité de son hôte.. – cblackburn
"Je suis la France qui vous reçoit comme ses petits enfants" : on relève un côté paternel et patriarche mis en avant alors qu'au lieu de loger "ses petits enfants", ses compatriotes, sa famille, il loge des touristes... Il s'agit donc d'une image assez paradoxale et donc d'un gros contre-sens citoyen. Bien que l'Etat a commencé à un intervenir avec ses 120 nuitées par an, il va réellement falloir se remettre en question sur ce propos... – leisma