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17 pizzas to try in Ireland before you die. (41) Taste Leitrim Taste the World - Welcome to Leitrim. Visit the award winning Carlow County Museum & see what you're missing! The Boyne River at Trim; County Meath, Ireland. Home - Tartare. Owen Traynor - Kells, Meath - Local Business. Conferences - The Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre, Armagh. An Exceptional Venue… Armagh's state-of-the-art Market Place Theatre and Arts Centre not only presents the best in arts performances and activities but also offers top-quality conference facilities to suit every occasion.

Conferences - The Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre, Armagh

Whatever the size of the event you are considering we have the perfect venue. With fully equipped conference facilities for up to four hundred delegates, and quiet, comfortable meeting rooms for seminars, breakout sessions, board meetings and corporate days, we have the perfect venue to meet any requirement. VIEW THE 360 DEGREE TOUR OF OUR VENUE HERE Leave Everything To Us… Our friendly and knowledgeable staff handle all the arrangements for you, leaving you to concentrate on the important business at hand – whether it be a training session, interview or a product launch. Hospitality… The Market Place also houses a fully licensed restaurant, coffee house and bar areas so that all requirements for hospitality can be expertly catered for in elegant, spacious surroundings.

Renvyle House Hotel, Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland. 3 Favorite Journeys on a Bike. Lyrics: KILKELLY. Matt Molloy's - Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. It is not surprising that Matt Molloy's Bar overflows all year with visitors - from the bewitched to the baffled - from all four continents.

Matt Molloy's - Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Thousands more who haven't made it to the door, have bought the CD, Music from Matt Molloy's, produced by Real World records. What is surprising is that the pub manages to keep the sense of intimacy which is vital for the music to flourish. Knowing that traditional musicians, like starlings, prefer cosy nooks and crannies, Matt has purposely kept the pub small, so that they can congregate - as they do, from all 32 counties - to enjoy a pint and a tune. If he's not on tour Matt joins in the session, and if you have been dazzled by his flute playing with The Chieftains, you can sit down here for the price of a pint and hear the same music more electrifyingly pure, more hair-raisingly personal. The magnet at Molloy's is the atmosphere. From Dublin to Dingle - Slide Show. Hogans on the map. Craic.

Every Goose Thinks His Wife Is A Duck Learn and laugh with the Irish case for laughing, crying and drinking through life, our new book.


All that it means to be Irish. Find out more here The Irish keep talking about craic – but have a tough time defining it. By Elaine Walsh First things first: It’s pronounced “crack.” “Let’s go have some craic” is the youthful cry each Saturday evening the length and breadth of the Emerald Isle. Hilden Brewery - Ireland's Oldest Independent Brewery. Anthroposophical Society in Ireland. Darina Allen's Ballymaloe Cookery School. IBM global report ranks Ireland top location in world to invest - Ireland’s business and technology news service.

IBM’s 2011 Global Location Trends Report has ranked Ireland as the top destination in the world by quality and value of investments. Ireland also ranks as one of the top destinations globally for jobs by inward investment per capita. The report further highlights that significant growth in foreign investment was achieved in Ireland in the past year. Ireland’s position as the top-ranking destination for quality and value of investments is based on global measures of productivity, knowledge intensity and occupational profile composition represented by wages and skills, and highlights the value and exceptionally strong contribution that foreign direct investment makes towards Ireland’s economic development. Ireland leads a group followed by South Korea, Taiwan, Austria, Switzerland and Singapore. Ireland continued to attract significant inward investment in 2010, remaining one of the top-performing countries by inward investment jobs per capita.

Dublin 17th globally in top city destinations.