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Eric Trump: Dems aren't even people. George Conway is the man at the center of everything. George Conway, seen with wife Kellyanne Conway at an inaugural party in January, “is somebody who likes to be in the mix, where the action is,” says a friend.

George Conway is the man at the center of everything

(Drew Angerer/Getty Images) If it weren’t for George Conway, the nation might never have met Monica Lewinsky, and Donald Trump might never have met Kellyanne. In the 1990s, George was a quiet but critical presence in what Hillary Clinton would dub the vast right-wing conspiracy — a hotshot young attorney working to undermine President Bill Clinton by offering secret legal aid to his accusers and reportedly funnelling salacious details to the Drudge Report.

“This one disgruntled New York lawyer almost single-handedly brought down the president,” David Brock, the conservative provocateur-turned-Clinton-acolyte, later wrote. Why are there so few conservatives in academia? Psychologists Discover the Striking Difference Between Conservative and Liberal Brains. The news: Are conservatives and liberals really all that different?

Psychologists Discover the Striking Difference Between Conservative and Liberal Brains

New scientific research says they are, and it's all in their heads. A growing consensus is emerging among political scientists and psychologists that differences between liberal and conservative ideology may actually be hardwired in our brains. Recent research from political scientist John Hibbing at the University of Nebraska and colleagues published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences argue that right-wingers possess what's called a strong "negativity bias," or physiological fixation on negative stimuli in their environments. According to the study, conservatives have a more threat-oriented and reactionary mindset than liberals.

On Invincible Ignorance. Clash of Republican Con Artists. So Republicans are going to nominate a candidate who talks complete nonsense on domestic policy; who believes that foreign policy can be conducted via bullying and belligerence; who cynically exploits racial and ethnic hatred for political gain.

Clash of Republican Con Artists

But that was always going to happen, however the primary season turned out. The only news is that the candidate in question is probably going to be Donald Trump. Establishment Republicans denounce Mr. Shouts of ‘liar’ are taking their toll on Ted Cruz’s campaign. Ted Cruz’s presidential bid is in turmoil after repeated allegations of unsavory campaign tactics by his Republican rivals, leading some key supporters to call for a shake-up in the candidate’s message and strategy a week ahead of the crucial Super Tuesday primaries.

Shouts of ‘liar’ are taking their toll on Ted Cruz’s campaign

Aides and allies of the insurgent senator from Texas acknowledged in interviews this week that the campaign has been damaged by attacks on Cruz’s integrity from Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. They have pointed to a series of questionable tactics by the Cruz camp, including calls to voters suggesting that candidate Ben Carson was dropping out and the sharing of an inaccurate video suggesting Rubio had disparaged the Bible. The video flap prompted Cruz to abruptly fire his chief spokesman, Rick Tyler, who posted the clip on social media, on Monday in an attempt to put his candidacy back on course.

Campaign 2016 Email Updates. The Devil in Ted Cruz. The Daily 202 from PowerPost. President Obama ordered flags to fly at half-staff across the United States until Antonin Scalia, the longest-serving justice, is laid to rest.

The Daily 202 from PowerPost

(AFP/Brendan Smialowski) Mitch McConnell has decided to wager the Republican majority in the Senate on blocking Barack Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court. It’s a bold and understandable gambit designed to prevent a leftward lurch in jurisprudence after Antonin Scalia’s unexpected death this weekend, but it could backfire badly. Assuming the president picks a Hispanic, African American or Asian American – bonus points if she’s a woman – this could be exactly what Democrats need to re-activate the Obama coalition that fueled his victories in 2008 and 2012. What a divided America actually hears when Obama speaks. As President Obama spoke of the country’s deepening sense of alienation and anger last month, a teacher in Michigan listened, her eyes fixed on the stone-faced Republicans in the House chamber who in her view represented the problem.

What a divided America actually hears when Obama speaks

“Let’s get over the party lines and work together!” She tweeted during the president’s State of the Union address. In Maryland, a retired lawyer was listening to the exact same words. He, too, was worried about the anger and division gripping the country, but as Obama spoke, his resentment toward the president only swelled.

Campaign 2016 Email Updates Get the best analysis of the presidential race. 5 Reasons Why Poor and Middle Class Americans Vote Republican. What if a lot of GOP voters don’t really care if Trump is a ‘real conservative’? Yeah, that’s right, I’m not a “real conservative.”

What if a lot of GOP voters don’t really care if Trump is a ‘real conservative’?

You got a problem with that? Donald Trump may be on the cusp of winning Iowa, so an anti-Trump Super PAC is taking drastic measures: It is bombarding Iowa mailboxes with “The Donald Trump Voter Guide,” a slickly produced glossy booklet that is meant to warn conservative voters that Trump is (gasp!!!) NPR Media Player. GOP debate: CNN's Reality Check Team inspects claims. The team of reporters, researchers and editors across CNN selected key statements and rated them: True; Mostly True; True, but Misleading; False; or It's Complicated.

GOP debate: CNN's Reality Check Team inspects claims

In discussing foreign challenges in the Middle East, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said, "As it relates to Iran, we need to confront ambitions across the board, reimpose sanctions. They already violated sanctions after the agreement was signed by testing medium-range missiles. " The agreement Bush was referring to was the deal reached last year between Iran, the United States and five other countries that seeks to roll back Iran's ability to obtain a nuclear weapon. Shocker: Empathy Dropped 40% in College Students Since 2000. The angriest and most pessimistic people in America aren’t the hipster protesters who flitted in and out of Occupy Wall Street.

They aren’t the hashtavists of #BlackLivesMatter. They aren’t the remnants of the American labor movement or the savvy young dreamers who confront politicians with their American accents and un-American legal status. The angriest and most pessimistic people in America are the people we used to call Middle Americans. Middle-class and middle-aged; not rich and not poor; people who are irked when asked to press 1 for English, and who wonder how white male became an accusation rather than a description. You can measure their pessimism in polls that ask about their expectations for their lives—and for those of their children. Why fear is more prevalent — and powerful — among conservatives. Human head with visible brain and neural nerve connections (iStock photo) In 2007, Drew Westen published a book called "The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation.

Why fear is more prevalent — and powerful — among conservatives

" The Emory University professor and political psychologist had trained at Harvard University and spent 20 years in clinical practice before transitioning to academic work and research. But when "The Political Brain" was published, it caused a bit of a stir and a new sideline career. Fear is making the GOP’s job easier. In a new survey, eight in 10 Donald Trump supporters said they viewed immigrants as a burden on U.S. society.

(Brian Snyder/Reuters) Politics is not only about competing views on issues. It is also, and often most importantly, about which problems come to the forefront in the public conversation and in the minds of citizens and voters. The battle over what matters most could determine the outcome of the 2016 election. One set of concerns, related to race, immigration and attitudes toward Islam, divides the country deeply. Seven of Paul Ryan's Worst Ideas. Reich writes: "Now that Paul Ryan is Speaker of the House, keep a wary eye out for Ryan's 7 favorite ideas (they're also cropping up among Republican presidential candidates). " Paul Ryan. (photo: Rick Wilking/Reuters) By Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Facebook Page 31 October 15 ow that Paul Ryan is Speaker of the House, keep a wary eye out for Ryan’s 7 favorite ideas (they’re also cropping up among Republican presidential candidates):

George W. Bush's Military Lies: The Real Story About the Undeniable Service Gaps He Got Away With. Rosenberg writes: "The gaps in Bush's service record were undeniable. They were reported, but virtually ignored, in the 2000 election cycle, when the media was monomaniacally focused on their self-fabricated narrative of Gore being the untrustworthy one who told tall tales about his past. " By Paul Rosenberg, Salon 19 October 15 The CBS report at the heart of a new film might been false. Here’s Why Some People Are More Religious Than Others. When it comes to predicting the kind of people most likely to be religious, brainiac scientists used to be everyone’s last guess. The more educated a person was, the thinking went, the more likely they were to question the supernatural. But the supposed divide between science and religion—in which religion was seen as the less-educated person’s “science” of choice—has ironically been subject to little scientific debate, until recently.

Several years before Pope Francis became pope of the Catholic Church in 2013, psychologists began to debunk the idea that being more educated meant a person was less likely to be religious. Greitens jumps into Missouri gov race with money advantage; Brunner on deck. MARYLAND HEIGHTS • Sitting on what appears to be the biggest pile of campaign money in the Republican field, former Navy SEAL-turned-best-selling author Eric Greitens formally jumped into the 2016 race for Missouri governor on Saturday.

Introduced by fellow veterans and his kindergarten teacher, as well as former state treasurer and senator Sarah Steelman, Greitens announced his candidacy at a campaign event late morning at West Port Plaza. Fiorina, Planned Parenthood activist get into heated confrontation - Eric Greitens (r) - July 2015 Quarterly Campaign Finance Report. That's a good fundraising quarter in anyone's book and a very nice amount of cash on hand.

Individual contributions to Eric Greitens' (r) 2016 exploratory gubernatorial campaign reported on its July 2015 quarterly campaign finance report. Individual contributions to Eric Greitens' (r) 2016 exploratory gubernatorial campaign reported on its July 2015 quarterly campaign finance report. Close to half of the amount raised this quarter came from five individuals. Greitens uses FOX News editorial to explain party switch, goes on listening tour - The Missouri Times. JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Presumptive gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens published an editorial on Fox News’s website Monday promoting his run for governor. The piece highlighted why he decided to change political parties from Democrat to Republican and what he would do once elected. Former Navy SEAL: Why I am no longer a Democrat. Scott Walker promises a "contrast" with Clinton's foreign policy. If he runs for president in 2016, Wisconsin Gov.

Scott Walker promises that "the contrast would be clear" between his foreign policy and that of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Former Defense Secretary says troops in Iraq need to be more flexible. Bernie Sanders says he can beat Hillary Clinton. Jon Stewart makes mistake; points out Fox News does it all the time. Chris Mooney (journalist) Christopher Cole "Chris" Mooney (born September 20, 1977) is an American journalist and author of four books including the 2005 New York Times Best Seller The Republican War on Science.