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BD Sciences. Artistes et scientifiques associés. Megan Lee. Artlab's blog. Le programme éducatif de Björk arrive à Paris. Holiday Art « JCVI Blog. In a relatively unknown place, on the 3rd floor of JCVI in Rockville, MD, is a small fungal room where art meets science (and of course where all our fungal research takes place).

Holiday Art « JCVI Blog

Fungus often gets such a bad reputation for being gross and somewhat ‘standard’. We fungal folks know better and I am hoping to educate others with the underlying beauty that fungi possess, in a funky way. I recognize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I felt this might convince some that fungus can be fun and not just something that grows in the back of your fridge or a nuisance that contaminates your plates. Please enjoy these funky fungal holiday art forms.

Fungal Christmas tree. Fungal snowman. Fungal Christmas Tree. Projects. As part of Winnipeg’s Public Art Program, Vancouver-based Pechet Studio won an international competition to create a public artwork to invigorate the center of the city.


Together with artist Bill Pechet and lighting co-designer Chris Pekar of Lightworks, Lumenpulse provided the illumination for the urban sculpture, called Emptyful, in downtown Winnipeg. Standing 35 feet high and 31 feet wide, the stainless steel frame of a flask-like structure has been installed at the Millennium Library Plaza. Funded by the Canadian government and the City, the $575,000 artwork represents the idea that something can be empty and full at the same time. “It was influenced by the phenomenon of weather and human endeavor,” Pechet says. PLASTICITES   « Entre matière et forme, entre expérience et conscience, la plasticité active du monde. »

ARTS ET SCIENCES : DESTINS CROISÉS. Quand la recherche se transforme en art... et dévoile la surprise des oeufs Kinder. Avez-vous déjà partagé cet article?

Quand la recherche se transforme en art... et dévoile la surprise des oeufs Kinder

Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Twitter. Art et science, même combat! Par David Carter, secrétaire de l'Association des communicateurs scientifiques.

Art et science, même combat!

«Soulever de nouvelles questions, de nouvelles possibilités, regarder les vieilles questions sous un angle nouveau exige de l’imagination créative et marque les progrès réels.» —Albert Einstein Les révolutions scientifiques majeures ont généralement coïncidé avec de grandes périodes artistiques. Trop souvent aujourd'hui la science évolue, mais ne révolutionne pas. Peut-être parce que nous avons enlevé l’art de la science? Rencontres-i : au croisement des arts et des sciences. Le début du mois d’octobre n’est pas de tout repos dans la région grenobloise : outre la très médiatique Fête de la Science, l’agglomération a accueilli la 6e édition des Rencontres-i, biennale arts-sciences maintenant bien connue du public isérois.

Rencontres-i : au croisement des arts et des sciences

Ce festival, qui mêle deux mondes que l’on a tendance à opposer, a réuni pas moins de 70 partenaires qui se sont retrouvés cette année , autour du thème de l’énergie. Une rencontre entre scientifiques, artistes, industriels et étudiants, l’occasion de faire le plein d’i-maginaire, d’i-nnovation et d’i-dées. Facebook. Where Art Meets Gif: The Hypnotic Animated Gifs of David Szakaly. Since 2008 Hungarian/German graphic designer David Szakaly has been churning out some of the most dizzying, hypnotic and wholly original gifs on the web under the name Davidope.

Where Art Meets Gif: The Hypnotic Animated Gifs of David Szakaly

His blend of twisting organic forms, flashes of black and white, and forays into pulsing technicolor shapes have inspired legions of others to experiment with the medium, many of whom have been featured here on Colossal. It’s hard to determine the scale of Szakaly’s influence online, but a simple Google image search for “animated gif” brings up dozens of his images that have been shared around Tumblr hundreds of thousands of times.

Szakaly began experimenting with the vector animation program Macromedia Flash back in 1999 where he used the software to create presentations, banners, and other creatives for clients. Hypnotic Wind-powered Kinetic Sculptures by Anthony Howe. In Cloud Light.

Hypnotic Wind-powered Kinetic Sculptures by Anthony Howe

Stainless steel. 224″h x 104″w x 52″d. Linked stainless disks rotating around a circular axis. Spins in ultralight winds but overbuilt to withstand strong. Octo. Stainless steel. 204″h x 48″w x 20″d. In-Out Quotient. About Face. Kinetic sculptor Anthony Howe lives and works in a rural area in Eastsound, Washington surrounded by little more than trees, wind, and other natural elements that inspire his incredible kinetic sculptures. New Geometric Projection by Felice Varini in Paris. Gherm Swiss artist Felice Varini is know for his large scale projections of geometric forms onto rooms and exterior spaces. His latest work at the Grand Palais in Paris went up just last month, you can watch the video above to see how he works with projectors and stencils to create his artwork that only appears proportional when seen from a specific viewpoint.

Dvdp. Vi Hart: Blog. Higgs Boson Mural: Artist Josef Kristofoletti. Arts numériques. Blprnt.blg.

Photos/Vidéos Sciences

Zik et science. Vidéo. Symphony of Science - the Quantum World! Ciné Sciences. Light graff / light painting. This Anamorphic Portrait by Bernard Pras is Made From an Entire Room of Objects. French artist Bernard Pras works almost entirely within the realm of assemblage and anamorposis, a visual illusion where a distorted projection—often made from paint or a collection or objects—must be viewed from a specific vantage point to reconstitute the intended image.

This Anamorphic Portrait by Bernard Pras is Made From an Entire Room of Objects

His latest piece, a portrait of Malian actor Sotigui Kouyaté, is comprised of numerous objects including clothes, paint, wood, rubber, and other objects found or scavenged around the installation site. Only when viewed through the lens of his camera is the image clearly visible. Watch the video above to see everything come together. Paul Friedlander. Astrophoto. Astroart. BD Sciences.

Théâtre et Sciences

Sensation Versus Digital Trouble Makers. Danse, lumière et géométrie.