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America and Britain first / populism and far right terrorism

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The Making of a Boogaloo Boi. White Nationalist Groups Celebrate Trump’s Refusal To Condemn Them. America's militias are armed and ready. A GERMAN VIEW: Trump warriors - Highly determined and heavily armed militias in the US. /watch?v=QixZ4Nx_tUc& Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VICE News Tonight on HBO. Inside America's Largest Right Wing Militia. A Short History of 'America First' A Short History of 'America First' Controversial memorials are surprisingly easy to pull down. Fixing the world that built them is harder.

The 'Far Right' in America: A Brief Taxonomy. Nazis and Neo-Nazis The term “Nazis” is generally reserved for former members of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, which ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945 under the leadership of Adolf Hitler and oversaw the Holocaust.

The 'Far Right' in America: A Brief Taxonomy

The Allies legally abolished the party at the end of World War II; only a handful of its original members are still alive. Race war: The history of a white supremacist ideology. Ku Klux Klan. American white supremacy group The first Klan flourished in the Southern United States in the late 1860s during Reconstruction, then died out by the early 1870s.

Ku Klux Klan

It sought to overthrow the Republican state governments in the South, especially by using voter intimidation and targeted violence against African-American leaders. Each chapter was autonomous and highly secret as to membership and plans. Its numerous chapters across the South were suppressed around 1871, through federal law enforcement.

Members made their own, often colorful, costumes: robes, masks and conical hats, designed to be terrifying and to hide their identities.[16][17] Years & Years S01E01 (2019) YouTube. (14) ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, 50 years on: Setting the scene in 1968. Rivers of Blood speech. The expression "rivers of blood" did not appear in the speech but is an allusion to a line from Virgil's Aeneid which he quoted: "as I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see 'the River Tiber foaming with much blood'.

Rivers of Blood speech

"[1] ‘A politics of nostalgia and score-settling’: how populism dominated the 2010s. On Wednesday 28 April 2010, 20 months had passed since the financial crash of 2008, and there were eight days left until the UK general election.

‘A politics of nostalgia and score-settling’: how populism dominated the 2010s

Soon, the reins of government would be taken by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition, committed to a programme of austerity that would still be making its effects felt a decade later. Viewpoint: Why racism in US is worse than in Europe. Media playback is unsupported on your device News stories emerge almost daily in the US about police being called over black Americans doing nothing more than being black.

Viewpoint: Why racism in US is worse than in Europe

Writer Barrett Holmes Pitner explains why he thinks American racism is unique. Last week in California, three black people - a Jamaican, a Canadian of Nigerian descent, and a London native - were confronted by seven police cars as they checked out of their Airbnb because a white American thought they were robbing the house. Though they were not American, they were still subjected to racist American stereotypes - and being confronted with tense, potentially life-threatening altercations with police without ever committing a crime.

I've travelled a fair amount around the world, but America's racist status quo remains unique and alarmingly oppressive. Years ago during one of my trips to France, a woman at La Poste refused to sell me stamps because she thought I was African. Image copyright Getty Images. 'America First' or 'America Alone?': US should decide, Tony Blair says. Former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Tony Blair speaks during the Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal on November 7, 2018. ( Photo by Pedro Fiúza/NurPhoto via Getty Images) NurPhoto | NurPhoto | Getty Images The U.S. needs to look at where it stands in relation to its allies like Europe, the U.K.’s former prime minister told CNBC Tuesday, saying there are concerns over whether the country is putting itself first, or in isolation.

'America First' or 'America Alone?': US should decide, Tony Blair says

The rise of the far right — the UK’s fastest‑growing terror threat. Fastest-growing UK terrorist threat is from far right, say police. Police have vowed to thwart the rise of the far right, which they have said is the fastest-growing terrorist threat in the UK, as they try to stop race hate ideologues from bringing violence to the country’s streets.

Fastest-growing UK terrorist threat is from far right, say police

Britain’s top counter-terrorism officer, the Met assistant commissioner, Neil Basu, said the most likely attempts would come from “lone actors” and, as with Islamist terrorism, the authorities could not guarantee to foil every plot. The Guardian understands that investigators have found links on far-right material on legitimate platforms such as YouTube that allow people to find more extremist propaganda. Police said they and MI5, which since 2018 has taken the lead on the most serious extreme rightwing plots, were carrying out 80 investigations to stop violence fuelled by ideologies such as white supremacism and Islamophobia. Basu said police were battling to stop extreme rightwing terrorism gaining more of a foothold than it already had.