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The Adani Group denies engaging with Myanmar’s military leadership over port deal but video suggest otherwise. The Adani Group is paying up to $US52 million ($68.1 million) to a Myanmar military-controlled company that has just been slapped with sanctions by the United States over human rights violations.

The Adani Group denies engaging with Myanmar’s military leadership over port deal but video suggest otherwise

Key points: Myanmar's military seized power in a February coup, triggering violent protests The US imposed sanctions on a Myanmar conglomerate involved in an Adani Ports dealAustralia's Future Fund says it has no plans to divest its holdings in Adani Ports over the issue Leaked documents in a report by human rights lawyers and activists obtained by the ABC reveal the scale of Adani's cooperation with the junta over a proposed container port in Yangon.

Australia's ambassador to China says Beijing's trade behaviour is 'vindictive' Australia's ambassador in Beijing has labelled China’s campaign of economic punishment against Australia “vindictive” as the diplomatic relationship between the two countries remains stuck in a rut.

Australia's ambassador to China says Beijing's trade behaviour is 'vindictive'

Key points: Australian trade with China has declined across virtually all industriesAustralian ambassador Graham Fletcher says China has proven "quite unreliable" and "even vindictive"US President Joe Biden has said that the 21st century is a competition between democracy and autocracy Last night, officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed that Australian trade with China had plummeted across almost all industries, with overall figures propped up largely by Beijing's strong demand for iron ore. In the last nine months, China’s government has targeted several Australian industries — including barley, coal, timber and lobsters — as it tries to force Canberra to give ground on a wide range of disputes. Philippines accuses Beijing of 'provocative action' after 220 Chinese vessels encroach South China Sea. The Philippine defence chief has demanded more than 200 Chinese vessels he said were manned by militias leave a South China Sea reef claimed by Manila, saying their presence was a "provocative action of militarising the area".

Philippines accuses Beijing of 'provocative action' after 220 Chinese vessels encroach South China Sea

Key points: The vessels' presence in the area raises concern about overfishing and safe navigationChinese fishing fleets have long been suspected of being used as maritime militiasAn international tribunal invalidated China's claim to 90 per cent of the South China Sea in 2016 "We call on the Chinese to stop this incursion and immediately recall these boats violating our maritime rights and encroaching into our sovereign territory," Delfin Lorenzana said in a statement, adding without elaborating that the Philippines would uphold its sovereign rights. Authorities said the Philippines coast guard had reported that about 220 vessels were seen moored at Whitsun Reef, which Manila calls Julian Felipe Reef, on 7 March. Taiwan looks to export pineapples to Australia, as China ban bites. Is Australia about to start importing fresh pineapples from Taiwan?

Taiwan looks to export pineapples to Australia, as China ban bites

Key points: Australia approved Taiwan's market access request for decrowned pineapples in March 2020China abruptly banned pineapple imports from Taiwan, citing biosecurity concernsTaiwan will reportedly export its first consignment of pineapples to Australia in May, which is concerning Australian growers The Taipei Times has reported that a shipment of six tonnes of pineapples is expected to arrive in Australia in May, and "smaller quantities [will also] be sent by air cargo". If true, it will be the first shipment to arrive since the Australian Government approved Taiwan's market access for decrowned pineapples in March last year.

Gavin Scurr, the managing director of Piñata Farms, which is Australia's biggest pineapple producer, said Australian farmers were concerned about the biosecurity risks of imports. Three weeks after arriving in Malta, Alana's husband said if she left him, he wanted to keep the children there. A mother of two says she is stranded in Malta, as she fights a bitter custody dispute with her husband for the return of her children to Australia.

Three weeks after arriving in Malta, Alana's husband said if she left him, he wanted to keep the children there

Key points: Three weeks after arriving in Malta, Alana's husband hired a lawyer and said if she pursued a separation he would seek to keep the children thereHer husband, via his lawyer, says the family's plan was always to settle in MaltaBetween 2013 and 2018 there was a 76 per cent increase in the number of international custody disputes involving Australians The two girls — aged four and six — are currently living with their father in Malta, as their mother fights for their return to Australia The children's mother Alana, travelled to the country with her husband Matthew in August 2019. Taiwan urges people to eat more pineapples after China bans imports amid campaign of 'intimidation' Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen has called on people to eat more pineapples to help farmers, saying Taiwan had been "ambushed" by a Chinese ban on the fruit, reminiscent of Beijing's use of tariffs to sting Australia.

Taiwan urges people to eat more pineapples after China bans imports amid campaign of 'intimidation'

China has recently been conducting repeated fighter and bomber drills near Taiwan's airspaceBeijing has also over the past year imposed steep tariffs on numerous Australian commodities Taiwan exported about 46,000 tonnes of pineapples last year Amid what some have labelled a campaign of "intimidation", China said on Friday it was suspending imports of pineapples from sub-tropical Taiwan, citing "harmful creatures" it said could come with the fruit, threatening China's own agriculture.

The move, which is due to begin at the start of March, prompted condemnation from Taiwan's ruling party. Ms Tsai said in a Facebook post that the island's agricultural exports met international standards. China's trade sanctions on Australian agriculture force farmers to find new markets. Farmers who fell victim to the multi-billion-dollar China-Australia trade spat are seeing signs for optimism as they find new customers for their produce.

China's trade sanctions on Australian agriculture force farmers to find new markets

Key points: Farmers caught out in Australia's trade dispute with China are finding new markets for their produce The cost of tariffs and the unofficial trade bans is unclear Cotton, barley diversify, lobster exporters still face an uncertain future Barley growers say they are getting good prices from markets in the Middle East and Asia, while wool, wheat and dairy are largely unaffected by the trade bans and, despite impacts on some abattoirs, red meat sales to China remain high. Cotton growers are also making some inroads in markets including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh and the wine industry has been active in finding new markets. But the lobster industry has struggled to fill the gap caused by the loss of the China market. 'Ecocide' proposal aiming to make environmental destruction an international crime. A group of leading international law experts has defined a new super-crime.

'Ecocide' proposal aiming to make environmental destruction an international crime

They're calling it "ecocide". They plan to submit a draft of their new law to the governing body of the International Criminal Court, in the hope that the ICC will adopt it for future prosecutions. If successful, ecocide will become the court's fifth jurisdictional responsibility, alongside genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression. The group behind the proposal, Stop Ecocide, argues that climate change knows no borders and the destruction of local ecosystems can have huge global consequences. Australian exporters feel the pinch as shipping container shortage, COVID-19 protocols take a toll. Australian food exporters are being caught in a global supply chain crunch as a shortage of food-grade shipping containers drives up costs and slashes the shelf life of fresh produce.

Australian exporters feel the pinch as shipping container shortage, COVID-19 protocols take a toll

Key points: Australian fresh produce exporters are struggling to source food-grade containersOne major WA citrus producer has started planning its shipping stem six months in advanceProducers are also facing significant delays at international ports After the grounding of international airlines all but crushed the air freight trade, many producers looked to the sea as an avenue to the market. But that channel is narrowing as global container shortages and booming consumer demand blow out transit times.

The container shortage is also compounding the challenges faced by exporters, who are experiencing significant delays at international ports because of stringent COVID-19 management protocols. Papua New Guinea politician criticises Australia's reaction to Chinese fisheries park. A Papua New Guinean governor has criticised Australia's response to a plan to establish a Chinese fisheries park on PNG's border, saying Australia wants the "status quo" of poverty in the region to remain.

Papua New Guinea politician criticises Australia's reaction to Chinese fisheries park

Key points: A proposal for a Chinese fisheries park at Daru Island has raised concerns in CanberraLocal governor Toboi Awi Yoto has criticised the Australian Government in a social media postHe accused Australia of deterring foreign investment that would "alleviate poverty and improve social services" In November last year, the Papua New Guinean Government signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to look at building a $200 million "comprehensive multi-functional fishery industrial park" on Daru Island, which borders the Torres Strait.

The proposal has raised alarm in Australia about national security and potential overfishing in the region. They met with the local governor, Toboi Awi Yoto, who was a signatory to the MOU. Australian exports booming despite trade restrictions from China. Trade with China is crucial — it's Australia's largest trading partner. Huge imports of iron ore and coal into China helped Australia avoid a recession during the global financial crisis.

Chinese tourism into Australia and students studying in the country's tertiary institutions further helped support a record run of economic growth. And, in 2020, the Australian coronavirus recession would have been deeper if it were not for, again, surging exports of iron ore into China. So, when China began putting up trade barriers to Australia during a particularly difficult time for drought-ridden farmers, it caused some anxiety. Now, the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABC) shows, on the whole, the trade spat hasn't hurt Australia. Chinese President Xi Jinping warns against 'new Cold War' in Davos speech, calls for 'open world economy' Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for "an open world economy" in an address to the World Economic Forum, saying that excellence rather than "wrestling" should be driving global prosperity.

Key points: Mr Xi is urging nations to remove trade barriers to create fair competitionHe warns a new Cold War could start after "exclusion, threats and intimidation"He says fighting the pandemic is the "most urgent task" facing the world In a virtual gathering instead of the annual in-person meetings at the Switzerland ski resort of Davos, Mr Xi urged nations to remove all barriers to trade. "We should build an open world economy … discard discriminatory and exclusionary standards, rules and systems, and take down barriers to trade, investment and technological exchanges," Mr Xi said in a 25-minute speech. China is building border walls with Vietnam and Myanmar to keep people out, but also in. Border closures have become a key feature of the COVID-19 era, but China's decision to reinforce border walls with its South-East Asian neighbours has stirred up fresh controversy.

Key points: China strengthens borders with Vietnam and MyanmarBeijing says the aim is to target smuggling and control COVID-19Experts say the walls are there to curb the outflow of migrants and dissidents US president Donald Trump gained world-wide attention when he announced his plan in 2015 to build a 1,609-kilometre long "beautiful border wall" in an effort to keep Mexican migrants out of the US.

But on the other side of the Pacific, China is working on its own lesser-known projects along the borders of Vietnam and Myanmar. "It looks like a national program," South-East Asia expert and emeritus professor Carl Thayer of UNSW Canberra told the ABC. From Matt Damon to Zac Efron, Hollywood stars are decamping for Australia. So are their lucrative film projects. If the history of Hollywood were a film, 2020 would be the dark night of the soul — the moment when all hope appeared lost. In North America, last year saw the lowest number of cinema tickets sold per capita in at least 40 years, if not a century.

And as the coronavirus situation steadily worsened, it made it difficult not just to screen movies but to shoot them. That raised concerns about a lack of content in the pipeline right when demand from homebound consumers was highest. As Patrick Clair, the Emmy-winning title designer, told the ABC in September: "I think we are all going to have to get very creative about how we keep telling stories in a world where filming is restricted for safety reasons. " China authorises coastguard to fire on foreign vessels in disputed waters of East China and South China Seas. China has passed a law that for the first time explicitly allows its coastguard to fire on foreign vessels, a move that could make the contested waters around China even more volatile.

China has previously sunk other countries' vessels in maritime disputesThe new law allows the coastguard to use a variety of weaponsBeijing says the laws are in line with international practices China has maritime sovereignty disputes with Japan in the East China Sea and with several South-East Asian countries in the South China Sea. It has sent its coastguard to chase away fishing vessels from other countries, sometimes resulting in the sinking of these vessels. China's COVID-19 vaccines are being given the green light without the data being revealed. Why? Barley finds a home in Mexico as CBH sends first shipment from WA.

Despite the trade tensions with China and the massive tariff imposed on barley exports, there are some good signs for grain growers on international markets. Coal exports from Port of Newcastle strong despite China's ban on Australian coal. China slams Australian Government for 'politicising trade' over decision to block Probuild sale to Chinese company. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un admits his economic development plans have failed at ruling party congress. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un says his economic development plans have failed as he opened the nation's first full ruling party congress in five years, according to state media. Mr Kim said that "almost all sectors fell a long way short of the set objectives" under a previous five-year development planHe made the comments at a national congress designed to help him show a worried nation that he's firmly in controlLast year, Mr Kim acknowledged economic "shortcomings" caused by "unexpected and inevitable challenges" Mr Kim said that "almost all sectors fell a long way short of the set objectives" under a previous five-year development plan established at the 2016 congress, reports the North's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

"We should further promote and expand the victories and successes we have gained at the cost of sweat and blood, and prevent the painful lessons from being repeated," Mr Kim is quoted as saying. There's global interest in Tasmania's wind farms — but can foreign ownership laws cope? On the south-east corner of Australia, the winds known as the Roaring Forties whip across from the Indian Ocean. Key points: Most of Tasmania's wind turbines have some form of Chinese ownershipAn analyst believes investors are banking on a proposed cable to export energy to the mainland that may not stack upSome are warning the regulator to learn the lessons of past foreign investments As they cross Tasmania they lick its mountainous ranges, making the island one of the best spots in the world for wind farms.

China enters 2021 a stronger, more influential power — and Australia may feel the squeeze even more. Great power competition in the Asia-Pacific region has been building for years. Australia called for a COVID-19 probe. China responded with a trade war. 2020 was a horror year for everyone, but Australian diplomats working on relations with Beijing are likely preparing themselves for more of the same in 2021.

The bilateral relationship between Australia and China hit its lowest-ever point last year, according to former ambassador Geoff Raby. China warns of retaliation after New York Stock Exchange delists three major companies. China-Australia trade war forces winemakers to look to US, UK, and India to market. Suspected Chinese submarine drone found by Indonesian fishermen in crucial maritime passage to Australia. Taiwanese MP calls for enhanced cooperation with Australia in face of Chinese aggression.

China suspends Australian timber imports from New South Wales and Western Australia. Mannar Island is a bird paradise that survived Sri Lanka's civil war. Now an Australian mining company wants its sand. Australian dollar tipped to hit 80 US cents on back of coronavirus recovery and China's demand for steel. Meet the woman heading $1 trillion investor group ACSI unseating corporate Australia's main men for their 'misdeeds' China's trade war with Australia is having very real consequences for stranded seafarers.

China's 'dark' fishing fleets are plundering the world's oceans. Why PNG's Daru would 'reluctantly' support a $204 million Chinese fishing plant on Australia's doorstep. Taking China to the World Trade Organisation plants a seed. It won't be a quick or easy win. China's list of sanctions and tariffs on Australian trade is growing. Here's what has been hit so far - ABC News. What is the World Trade Organization? How will it help our trade with China? - ABC News. Torres Strait Islanders' fear over $200m Chinese fishery handshake with PNG - ABC News. Australia refers China to the World Trade Organization over barley tariffs amid ongoing tensions - ABC News. Thunderbird mineral sands mine gets Chinese buy-in approval from Foreign Investment Review Board - ABC News. Australia's Future Fund 'in bed with Adani' after freedom of information request reveals $3.2 million investment - ABC News.

China accuses Australia of playing the victim and politicising trade, says coal ban is 'responsible act' - ABC News. List of Australian businesses with Chinese links leads to 'unfair' abuse at home as trade war rages - ABC News. China's plan to build a fish processing facility in the Torres Strait raises alarm over fishing, border security - ABC News. China's The Global Times appears to confirm a ban on Australian coal imports amid perilous trade tensions - ABC News. Foreign investment clampdown prompts claims of Chinese buyers being 'frozen out' - ABC News. As Australia's relationship with China deteriorates beyond repair, we need to find new trade partners - ABC News.

Why Indian farmers are protesting against Prime Minister Narendra Modi's farming reforms - ABC News. As the Australia-China relationship deteriorates, a $200m PNG 'fishery' deal raises eyebrows - ABC News. More Australian timber exports to China blocked as pressure grows to take trade dispute to World Trade Organization - ABC News. Van Dairy Group, owner of Australia's largest dairy farm, sued in relation to milk price crash - ABC News. China's unofficial ban on Australian coal sees exports halt as trade war rages - ABC News. The Federal Government's new foreign relations laws have passed Parliament. Here's what that means - ABC News. Australian honey, fruit, dairy and vitamin producers on 'high alert' over China tariffs threat, report says - ABC News.

Wool scour's resurrection could save the industry, from fibre to fabric, in face of China trade tensions - ABC News. Keswick Island tensions rise as developer says chopping of Christmas tree 'fabricated' - ABC News. Mothballed NT iron ore mines reopen amid soaring demand for steel in China - ABC News. Scott Morrison demanded an apology from China, but instead he became a target of internet trolls - ABC News. Scott Morrison handled coronavirus by going against his political instincts. He could do the same with China - ABC News. Australia and China may not be best friends anytime soon, but they can reset the relationship - ABC News. China's wine industry is growing fast, but can it replace Australian exports? - ABC News. China slaps 169pc tariff on Treasury Wine Estates imports, including Penfolds, Wolf Blass, Lindeman's - ABC News.

Forty years after Yeppoon bombing that stunned the nation, Capricorn Resort's future still shaky - ABC News. Australia prepares to escalate action against China to World Trade Organization over barley tariffs - ABC News. Scott Morrison's new vision for Australia accepts the old global order is changing - ABC News. China claims 'quality' problem with Australian coal as $700 million worth sits idle off ports - ABC News. Australia's top diplomat urges China not to dictate to smaller nations amid bilateral tensions - ABC News. Australian businesses stop exporting to China due to risk as trade tensions hit home - ABC News.

Ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Oxfam releases report on Australian fashion brands - ABC News. Australia's biggest export could be key against tensions boiling over with China - ABC News. Australia's trade clash with China is a lesson in what Beijing's power really means - ABC News. Crown whistleblower demands apology from casino giant over 'gold-digger' attack ads - ABC News.

China blames Australia for trade spat — do we need more alternative markets? - ABC News. Australian officials respond angrily to fresh attacks from Chinese diplomat - ABC News. China faces backlash for its unproven testing of food imports for COVID-19 - ABC News. An iconic American brand has lost its cool in Australia. Now a takeover is looming. - ABC News. Australia signs Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, the world's largest trade deal - ABC News.

Dairy exports to China reach new record, set for increased tariffs for remainder of 2020 under ChAFTA - ABC News. Victorian timber log exports blocked from entering China due to bark beetle - ABC News. Australian businesses prosper in world's biggest shopping festival despite trade tensions with China - ABC News. British court throws out $9 billion lawsuit against BHP over 2015 Brazil dam disaster - ABC News. The world's in a 'global liquidity trap'. What does that mean for Australia? - ABC News. Wagina Island residents win bid to stop bauxite mining plan in Solomon Islands - ABC News. Merino Sisters head marketing campaign as Australian wool trade becomes more reliant on China - ABC News. Apple industry raises biosecurity concerns about latest step towards US imports - ABC News. Australia's canola trade is 'dangerously exposed' to global disruptions and must diversify, experts warn - ABC News. Queensland Government investigates whether new trains use parts made by slave labour from Chinese Uyghur camps - ABC News.

US emphasises importance of economic links to Australia with new report - ABC News. Coronavirus is focusing attention on how fragile global supply chains can be, so how will Australia respond? - ABC News. Bega Cheese wins legal stoush against US food giant Heinz over peanut butter labelling - ABC Rural - ABC News. The exponential growth of coronavirus can be explained by rice on a chessboard. And we should be worried. Coronanomics: Eight things we've learnt about how coronavirus will change the economy. Contractors handling Australia's sensitive diplomatic mail dismissed for alleged misconduct - Politics. Coronavirus devastates Australian export businesses as economic costs of emergency filter through. AFCA warns bushfire victims targeted by 'bullying' insurance middlemen.

Greta Thunberg tells Davos leaders that planting trees isn't enough as Donald Trump talks up economy - Donald Trump's America. Fish sold in Australia being caught by modern-day slaves who are forced to spend months at sea. Australia called to reassess ties to Cambodian microfinance amid reports of child labour, debt bondage. NASA scientists visit NT site which could eventually blast rockets to the Moon. Biosecurity Tasmania boss 'not aware' of cruelty investigations at Chinese dairy giant VDL.