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3D printing

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How to Get Started 3D Modeling and Printing. Modeling a shirt button takes about 2 minutes; my paperweight took a great deal longer—about an hour, including 15 minutes to get used to the app and no small amount of trial and error.

How to Get Started 3D Modeling and Printing

Getting used to the stamp-and-cut behavior of the program was the biggest challenge; in its current incarnation, there's no way to move or resize an object—a block, for example—after it's been placed on the grid. Getting the spacing of the letters right took a few tries. The core of the paperweight was composed of just seven shapes: one block for the base, four blocks for the M, and one block and a disc for the P. After creating the core, it was a matter of cutting, trimming, and adding accents. I subtracted small pieces of material from the middle of the M to match our iconic typography and carved out a hole for the P. 3D Printing Advanced Prototyping Software for 3D modeling ranges in price from free to thousands of dollars and varies hugely in complexity.

There's room to grow with Shapeways as well. Build plate stack feeds 3D printer for continuous printing possibilities. Just last week, Stephan Schürmann launched the BlackBelt on Kickstarter, a 3D printer that catered for continuous printing thanks to a carbon fiber conveyor belt instead of the usual print bed.

Build plate stack feeds 3D printer for continuous printing possibilities

Now Korea's Opencreators has also kicked off a crowdfunding campaign for a 3D printing system that feeds in new build platforms for each object from a stack to, again, allow for continuous production. The Opencreators BS210 fused filament printer's standout feature is its ABC Module, which houses a stack of tempered glass build plates that are fed into the printer one at a time for each new print. Actually useful FDM printed roller bearings - Christoph Laimer : 3Dprinting.

Didn't think it would come out this clean! : 3Dprinting. Solved: Snap, Crackle, and Pop while printing : 3Dprinting. Going to be a fun 10 hours : 3Dprinting. Falling in love with vapor smoothing : 3Dprinting. Went gigantic with the Low Poly T-Rex : 3Dprinting. How is the wireframe, in the Wireframe Skull Pencil Holder made? : 3Dprinting. ABS and a dash of acetone in a (PP) lunchbox is more than OKAY! : 3Dprinting. Only my second print, and I'm in love. : 3Dprinting.

3D Print Problems, any help troubleshooting? : 3Dprinting. Another day. Another giant mech print! 28mm mini nest to a 255mm tall mech. Printed on a custom Graphite reinforced SLS material. Later thickness 0.1mm More pics here: : 3Dprinting. After 2 weeks of printing parts, I finally finished my jet engine. These are still cool, right? : 3Dprinting.

600 Watt, 3d-printed, Halbach Array, brushless DC electric Motor : 3Dprinting. HatchBox Carbon Fiber is my new favorite filament : 3Dprinting. Blackbelt 3D - What we know about the latest 3D printer from the Netherlands - TCT Magazine. In the midst of the numerous football, comedy, current affairs and 3D printing tweets that clog up my timeline (@docefc in case you're interested) it's easy to miss the genuinely interesting stuff.

Blackbelt 3D - What we know about the latest 3D printer from the Netherlands - TCT Magazine

But last week a retweet from the Dutch materials manufacturer Colorfabb (@colorfabb) really grabbed my attention. The RT showed an enormous (in 3D printed terms) automotive part on what looks like a treadmill by an account called Blackbelt 3D Printer. The size, quality and the fact it was printed with filament immediately got the spidey senses tingling.

I began scrolling through Blackbelt's other tweets to see incredible part after incredible part all printed using Colorfabb's materials and, perhaps most intriguingly, printing overhangs without supports. Blackbelt are, like true karate masters, remaining tight-lipped about the printer until its launch on June 1st but here is what information we do know from that amazing resource that is the internet: How to design 3D Printable Hinges - Make moving parts! What's happening here? : 3Dprinting. Stop 3D printing crap : 3Dprinting. Here's a non-crap print: a 6 axis robotic arm (seen on /r/robotics) : 3Dprinting. PSA: print a spare probe mount now, before you break off the one you need to print the replacement. : 3Dprinting. The Hangprinter #3DMeetup.

IKEA Lack Enclosure for Rostock Max v2 : 3Dprinting. Mewtwo Pokemon on Two 3D Printers Using Dissolvable Support (PVA Filament) Open Source Pick and Place Robot with 3D printed parts : 3Dprinting. Rocket nozzle printed in PLA plastic on a Prusa I3 then heat coating is applied before we put live rocket engine through them. Nozzle survives the thrust sequence but hard PLA destroys itself on relaxation, flexible PLA survives the whole stress sequence. Now that I have a filament run-out sensor, I can use up all the nearly empty spools :) :) : 3Dprinting. Instantly 3D Print Cities with SketchUp PlaceMaker - SolidSmack - SketchUp has a very interesting extension called “PlaceMaker” to instantly generate 3D models of cities.

Instantly 3D Print Cities with SketchUp PlaceMaker - SolidSmack -

I don’t often recommend SketchUp for 3D printing purposes, as it is primarily focused on visual 3D, rather than the solid 3D required for proper 3D printing. It’s just too easy to create non-3D printable models in SketchUp and you are best to use other 3D print-specific tools. Nevertheless, SketchUp does offer a very interesting extension I haven’t seen in other environments yet. Their “PlaceMakers” extension has the wonderful ability to automatically generate a 3D model of cities, including buildings, roads, and greenery. Take a look at the image above and imagine building that by yourself, even with an efficient 3D tool.

But instead, you can literally generate this in seconds using SketchUp and PlaceMaker. Essentially, they allow you to select a region of terrain and then they extract information from the Digital Globe database to create the 3D shapes. DIY Laser SLA printer tested on by Angus from Maker's Muse : 3Dprinting. Baby Groot, printed and painted by my boyfriend : 3Dprinting. T-Rex in carbon fiber : 3Dprinting. Hydro dipped 3d printed mod i made. : 3Dprinting. 6 color Quick-Print gear bearing (separate prints) : 3Dprinting. I came up with 2 nozzle/hot end tube cleaning techniques. : 3Dprinting. Another Anti-Friction Roller Bearing from the Box of Crazy - Print It! : 3Dprinting. Have a delta printer? Get a 32bit controller. Rostock Max v2. Top: Rambo x16 ustep. Right: Duet x16 ustep. Left: Duet x64 ustep : 3Dprinting.

3D Printed 6-Axis Robotic Arm : 3Dprinting. Figured out how to print a graphic pattern into my infill, sorry for the cruddy photo! : 3Dprinting. DIY DLP Resin printer : 3Dprinting. Howdy from Australia - Welcome to the SeeMeCNC Forum. Model of the Week: 3D Printed Quadruped Robot [Four Times the Awesome!] - SolidSmack - Glory be!

Model of the Week: 3D Printed Quadruped Robot [Four Times the Awesome!] - SolidSmack -

I’ve always said I wanted a baby quadruped of my very own. Those gang members with knives laughed, but I still kept saying it. After I got them all shirts with a cute baby quadruped graphic on it, they stopped trying to cut me. Just goes to show you Huey Lewis & the News, that’s The Power of (Quadruped) Love. And this quadruped by Instructables user Toglefritz (aka Scott), is sure to stir the emotions of anyone. He has the whole project laid out, step-by-step, and includes assembly animations and videos–it’s one of the finest guides I’ve seen on Instructables.

All together it’s made up of Lynxmotion Botboarduino, a SSC-32 Servo Controller, 12 Hitec Servo, a 16 LED NeoPixel Ring, and 38 3D printed parts, all controlled via a modded wireless PS2 controller. He goes into great detail on each step of the build and has some great tips along the way that are sure to help you with other builds. Have a model you think everyone needs?

3D Printer Material Chart Details 30 Types of Filament - SolidSmack - With the continual introduction of new 3D printer filament materials, it’s become hard to keep track of them all.

3D Printer Material Chart Details 30 Types of Filament - SolidSmack -

Until you see this terrific chart. The chart was produced by UK-based ThreeDotZero Studios, who provide “support service to fast-growing technology-based businesses.” Currently, they offer services in VR/AR, Home Automation, UAVs/Drones, Maker Market, Gaming Hardware, MVNO/MVNE and “Other Gadgetry”. As a result of their work, they have no doubt become involved in 3D printing and have been exposed to the myriad of 3D printing materials. And their experience caused them to produce a very interesting chart that covers quite a bit of ground. Vibration Analysis for 3d printers; by CNC Kitchen : 3Dprinting. Ultimate Guide to Product Design, Development and Mass Production.

J – CAD Inc. have worked with clients all around the world, including in their home town of Toronto, Canada although 90% of their clients are located in virtually every major city and state in the USA including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Austin, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Columbus, Fort Worth, Charlotte, Detroit, El Paso, Seattle, Denver, Washington DC, Memphis, Boston, Nashville, Baltimore, Oklahoma City, Portland, Las Vegas, Louisville, Milwaukee, Albuquerque, Tucson, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Kansas City, Mesa, Atlanta, Virginia Beach, Omaha, Colorado Springs, Raleigh, Miami, Oakland, Minneapolis, Tulsa, Cleveland, Wichita, New Orleans, Arlington, Worcester and more!

Ultimate Guide to Product Design, Development and Mass Production

Got an idea you need help with? Cool idea : 3Dprinting. Three-dimensional printing of continuous-fiber composites by in-nozzle impregnation. There is nothing like printing out a monitor stand to keep you chin up. : 3Dprinting. I 3D Printed a Stirling Engine : 3Dprinting. 3DBenchy from a slightly different perspective : 3Dprinting. Now, Everyone Can Afford 3D Printing (Monoprice Mini Select Review) Dat bridge. : 3Dprinting. LPT: get more accurate print-time estimation in Cura 2.4 : 3Dprinting. Just another piano printed using wood filament. : 3Dprinting. Help! All four corners of my larger base prints are curling up! : 3Dprinting. Tiko 3D Printer. Stegasaurus! Printed at 190% in PLA. : 3Dprinting. How to remove white marks on ABS-Prints : 3Dprinting. Cubic Trisection : interestingasfuck. Here's how moisture ruins your 3D-prints : 3Dprinting.

The best 3D model design tool I've found, support in slicers would be great now. : 3Dprinting. When you get back from the weekend and your massive print didn't mess up : 3Dprinting. Monoprice Launching $149 Delta Mini Desktop 3D Printer, And More - SolidSmack - Monoprice has become very well known for their low-cost 3D printer options, but things are about to change significantly.

Monoprice Launching $149 Delta Mini Desktop 3D Printer, And More - SolidSmack -

We managed to get a peek at their new set of equipment to be released soon. Currently the company offers a small selection of basic filament-powered desktop 3D printers, one of which, the Select Mini Desktop 3D Printer, is priced at the ridiculously low price of USD$199. That low price has attracted many buyers, including those wishing to experiment in 3D printing and don’t want to risk a high price.

Sure, there are more powerful machines, but a low cost machine like this is often the first machine seen by new 3D printer operators. But in 2017 Monoprice is set to release not one, but several new machines that could shake the market. The one that is most earthshaking to me is the all new MP Delta Mini. But it’s most incredible feature is its price: only USD$149, the lowest priced filament 3D printer I’ve yet seen. There’s more. And yes, there’s even more. I hoped for better from my Rostock Max v2 w/ PETG - suggestions? (comments for settings) : 3Dprinting.

Anyone modeling in Blender? : 3Dprinting. A satisfying use of 3D printing : interestingasfuck. Rostock Max v2 - over 1700 hours of printing. Am I printing too hot or is it cooling? : 3Dprinting. Model of the Week: Pegusus MK3 Rocket Engine [Blast Off!] - SolidSmack - Who needs a rocket engine?

Model of the Week: Pegusus MK3 Rocket Engine [Blast Off!] - SolidSmack -

WHO DOESN’T?! And a 3D model of a rocket engine? Well, just think of the possibilities… You could place it randomly in the model of your new product and have a good laugh when everyone starts questioning it during a design review. You could 3D print it, set it on your desk and charge people to touch it. And YES, you could Photoshop your face and use it to give yourself JET ENGINE JOWLS. Hans de Ridder created this model using SolidWorks, and although it’s mostly modeled up as a single part, it fun to play around with and get some ideas on modeling your own rocket engines or Sci-Fi 3D modely bits to use in a multitude of ways. The SolidWorks .sldasm and .sldprt files are available to download, but you may need to request a .step or .iges version if you use another 3D modeling software.

Have a model you think everyone needs? My first 3d prints! : 3Dprinting. Well color me impressed. : 3Dprinting. Wood engraving with my D-Bot and a soldering iron : 3Dprinting. Bought the Rostock Max v3 kit! Anyone else built this monster? What can you tell me about the experience? : 3Dprinting. TEVO Black Widow 3D Printer Kit Build and First Impressions Review : 3Dprinting. Meet the Dangalang2000 my 6ft delta printer : 3Dprinting. $2000 Makergear VS my $300 homemade printer : 3Dprinting. Rostock MAX™ v2 Desktop 3D Printer Kit. I printed in vase mode for the first time and decided to throw in ninjaflex as well to see what happens. It turned out well! : 3Dprinting.