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How to Design a Seamless Repeat with Procreate | Spoonflower Blog. Buy & Create Clothing & Fabrics Online UK: Fast Print on Demand. 2017 Spring Online Catalog | Spoonflower. Fabric Printing Prices | Digital Fabric Printing | Digital Fabrics, Sydney. SuperSoft Inkjet Transfer Paper. Update:The makers of the awesome Super Soft paper have been having a bit of difficulty with their suppliers. After finding a new supplier they are now the testing phases and have given the rough estimate of August 2016 before a full production might be made available. Take anything you print on an INK JET PRINTER and with a home iron or heat press and transfer the image to fabric or clothing. Now in NEW 17" x 150' ROLLs for those really big projects!

Of the transfer papers we sell, this one is our favorite. This paper is super soft and leaves practically no feel on the fabric. Unlike traditional transfer papers it's stretchy as well. Due to the super soft feel of this paper, the image quality looks a little less crisp/bright than normal transfer papers like our Professional Transfer paper. When transferring onto synthetics be aware of the melt point of the fabric. From our own tests we find it works best on knit fabrics like Jersey, so it is fabulous on tee shirts!

Advantages of Digital Textile Printing | On Demand Fabric Prints. 1. The easiest way around those minimums at a conventional print plant. Conventional methods understandably require large minimums due to longer setup times. Digital Printing allows us to print the small runs much more efficiently. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Home | Tech Style Lab. Design a floral fabric with your scanner  |  Seamwork Magazine. My first encounter with scanned floral prints was not in a fabric store, but on a gardening blog. Craig, the writer and gardener behind Ellis Hollow, scanned various flowers, sometimes grouped by color, to create images reminiscent of antique botanical prints. The idea was captivating, not just because of the visually stunning results, but because of the personal connection the creator had to the image.

My thoughts quickly turned to textiles, as they often do. The vibrant, realistic flowers placed against the stark black background would make incredible fabric, I thought. Not only that, but by using flowers with special significance to you, you could create meaningful garments from beginning to end. Imagine sewing yourself a summer dress decorated with plants you’d grown in your own garden that year.

The natural world can become a partner in creating a story, one that you wear close to your skin. Equipment Creating a print like this is easy, but takes some special equipment. E&M GREENFIELD WHOLESALE FABRICS WHOLESALE SILK WHOLESALE ACCESSORIES. / Custom Digital Printed Fabrics Greenfields are now very excited to be able to offer you a new service of digital printed fabrics. We are able to offer you direct digital printed silks and cottons (only specific base clothes) with your designs .

The price is all inclusive,(strike off for approval, fabric and printing)and the whole process can take less than 6 weeks from beginning to end. There is a minimum of 50 metres per base cloth with this service. We also offer a digital printing service on any of our stocked synthetic fabric range can print your design on our fabrics and offer you an all inclusive price (strike off for approval, fabric and pricing). with a minimum as low as 5 metres!! For most of our stocked synthetic fabrics the prices are under $20/metre ex GST inclusive of fabric, printing and strike off for approval!

For ALL digital print inquiries please contact Grace or Anthony at If you are interested in buying artwork we recommend N.Milani Designs. Black milk clothing - examples of digital prints. FREE Standard International Shipping Leggings DESIGNER Leggings PRINTED Leggings Adventure Time Bro Ball Leggings Available : XXS , XS , S , M , L , XL Adventure Time Montage Black Leggings - LIMITED Artoo and Threepio Leggings - LIMITED Available : XS , S , M , L Aurora Skye Leggings Available : XXS , XS , S , M , L Made to Order : XL, Aurora Skye Orange Leggings - LIMITED Available : L Baby Batman HWMF Leggings Baby Giraffe High-Waisted Leggings Available : XS Beetlejuice Leggings Birds In Paradise Leggings Available : XS , L , XL Made to Order : XXS, S, M, Black Milk Leggings - LIMITED BM-PRO Highlighter Black Combat Pants - LIMITED Sold Out - Not Available :( BM-PRO Highlighter Black Ninja Pants - LIMITED Available : XXS , L , XL BM-PRO Highlighter Pink Combat Pants - LIMITED Available : XXS BM-PRO Highlighter Pink Ninja Pants - LIMITED Available : XXS , S , M , L , XL BMO HWMF Leggings - LIMITED Available : XXS , XS , L , XL Burned Velvet Leggings Available : XS , S , M , L , XL Burned Velvet Sheer Spartans.