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I love sports, working out, and everything healthy. I earn and money online, personal finance blogger and internet enthusiast.

Why Homebrewers Are Now Crafting DIY Hard Seltzers. Homebrewers are tackling hard seltzers.

Why Homebrewers Are Now Crafting DIY Hard Seltzers

But the reasons behind this endeavor aren’t necessarily related to taste or turning a drinking craze into a craft product. As reported by VinePair, the $4 billon and growing hard seltzer market was pretty much launched early last decade by Nick Shields, who came from a beer legacy and utilized a brewed alcohol base in his original SpikedSeltzer (now Bon & Viv) canned cocktail. Youtube. 3 Times Taking on Debt Might Be Better Than Draining Your Savings. Don't get stuck without cash when you need it most.

3 Times Taking on Debt Might Be Better Than Draining Your Savings

Avoiding debt is often touted as a top financial priority -- and for good reason. With debt looming over your head, it can be hard to get ahead and start planning for the future, especially if you're trying to keep up with snowballing interest fees. If you can afford to pay for something in cash, it's almost always better to do that than take out a loan or run up a credit card balance. 8 best coffees for at-home brewing, according to baristas and coffee experts. This Barre Workout Specifically Targets Your Arms and Abs. One of the things I miss most about pre-pandemic life is my barre class; I loved it so much, and not just because it reminded me of the long-gone days of my ballerina youth but also because a barre workout offers legit benefits for your arms and abs.

This Barre Workout Specifically Targets Your Arms and Abs

Barre makes even my most obscure muscles quiver in the “good pain” kinda way, and they’re noticeably more sculpted as a result. These days, while my legs are at least getting some sort of maintenance work due to regular walks, the rest of my body isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Fortunately, in the latest episode of Good Moves, Barre3 owner Alicia Sokol offers us bunheads a compelling incentive to step back into our tights.

Where creative freelancers can earn extra money online: Career coach. MoMo Productions | DigitalVision | Getty Images Covid-19 has shifted so much work online it’s been a blessing of sorts for those who were already comfortable working from home, including the professional class of creative freelancers.

Where creative freelancers can earn extra money online: Career coach

From traditional career sites to gig postings, there are plenty of freelance job platforms to make an extra buck online now. Career coach Rachel Heyman advises setting your sights based on your experience level or desired compensation. One good example of the creatives positioned well in a Covid world, according to Heyman, are professionals with freelance writing and editing skills. 25 Best Personal Finance Articles of 2020. Every month here on Dyer News, we compile the Top 10 Personal Finance Articles of the Month.

25 Best Personal Finance Articles of 2020

These lists consist of blog entries and posts that we appreciated or found interesting and that we felt deserved some additional recognition. Well, with 2021 having arrived, we decided to look back over the previous year to assemble the 25 Best Personal Finance Articles of 2020! Below are some of the articles that caught our eye over this past year along with the authors behind them and the site on which they originally appeared. By the way, since ranking all of this great content would certainly prove a daunting task, they are instead presented in no particular order. Home brew store had uptick in interest during pandemic. FARMINGTON – During the trying times of COVID-19 when bars were closed and people found themselves shut in, at least one home hobby store saw an increase in sales – U Bru, a home brewing supply store.

Home brew store had uptick in interest during pandemic

Linda Cossum, owner of U Bru, said sales increased during the first couple of months of the pandemic, but restrictions limiting which stores could stay open “became an issue.” Since then, however, Cossum said business has leveled out and is steady. U Bru was established in 2009, but wasn’t owned by Cossum until May 2011. “I had become a new home brewer,” Cossum said. “(The) previous owner was selling the store so we bought it. 8 tips on how to make money from your work. Making money from your creative work might be easier than you realise.

8 tips on how to make money from your work

Because if there’s one thing the internet values, it’s creative work. There are over a billion websites online as of 2020, and almost all of them rely on creative professionals in one way or another. From the blogs you love to read to the cat pictures you scroll through, every type of content that makes up the internet is built from creative effort. Gyms aren't coming back. Here's how you'll work out in the future. Yahoo fait désormais partie de Verizon Media. Yahoo fait partie de Verizon Media.

Yahoo fait désormais partie de Verizon Media

Nos partenaires et nous-mêmes stockerons et/ou utiliserons des informations concernant votre appareil, par l’intermédiaire de cookies et de technologies similaires, afin d’afficher des annonces et des contenus personnalisés, de mesurer les audiences et les contenus, d’obtenir des informations sur les audiences et à des fins de développement de produit. My dad retired comfortably at 54 thanks to a simple savings rule. My dad encouraged me to start saving for retirement as soon as possible, so when I got my first job, I contributed to my 401(k) and opened a Roth individual retirement account.After grad school, I continued investing 10% of my salary in my employer-sponsored retirement plan, even though it meant that I continued to live like a broke college student.My dad was proof that the strategy works: When he had to retire at 54 because of a terminal illness, he had $750,000 in his retirement accounts — more than enough to enjoy his life and travel for several more years.For me, saving early allowed me to take time off to raise my kids — I wasn't worried about falling behind on retirement.Check out Vanguard Personal Advisor Services® to get the investment advice you need to help build the life you want » Growing up, my dad was always giving financial advice and services to those who needed it.

My dad retired comfortably at 54 thanks to a simple savings rule

How Fintechs Are Transforming Personal Finance. November 11, 2020 4 min read This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies.

How Fintechs Are Transforming Personal Finance

Errors may exist due to this process. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Today there are several types of fintechs to improve personal finances; however, not all are available in the Mexican market. Despite this, there are some efforts by companies to incorporate elements that improve financial management. How to Tell If You've Had a Good Workout.

Exercise shouldn’t feel horrible—although it can often feel hard. It’s tempting to think of soreness or sweat as a sign of a good workout, but neither of those really tell you whether what you’re doing is improving your health or making progress toward your goals. Instead, look at some of these measures. Can you do more than last month? Personal Finance: Wealth Planning in an Insecure World. Photographer: Ron Antonelli/Bloomberg There’s nothing like a global pandemic to get people to start thinking about their futures. What I've Been Learning About Tidying and Minimalism. For the past few months, I’ve made it a point to review at least one book a month as part of my Money at 30 column on Dyer News. While I’ve enjoyed most of the books I’ve read for this effort, more often than not, I write my review and then move on with my life. That wasn’t the case with one recent read, however: The More of Less by Joshua Becker (of Becoming Minimalist fame). Before I had even finished the book, I was motivated to start tidying up my apartment and getting rid of things that had long cluttered my home.

In fact, my wife and I had bemoaned the need for such actions before but Becker’s book was just the kick of inspiration we needed. Sure enough, as we’ve started to make progress in our quest, we’ve encountered some of the issues, lessons, and rewards Becker writes about. What We’ve Pared Down So Far. Practices for low-risk sports begin Monday in Monroe County. Working out at home? Here’s how to keep your house from smelling like a gym.

Even with gyms reopening at limited capacity, it’s still safer to exercise at home or outdoors. So, we’re dubbing this September Muscle Month to help you keep up your fitness, power, and health in socially distant times. Working out at home is the best alternative to going to the gym, but if you don’t happen to have a dedicated space for it, chances are your living room will start to smell. That sweaty stench is definitely a downside of doing your push-ups on that bouncy carpet of yours, but it’s also easily avoidable and manageable. Travel Tuesday: Don't Let a Good Deal Pressure You Into Traveling Again. As we enter month five of quarantine, the number of canceled trips continues to grow. What’s more, while some of us may have been optimistic about the possibility of autumn trips back in March (like when I moved my plane tickets to Paris from April to September), those hopes have since been dashed.

Nevertheless, even as most international excursions are completely off the table, domestic travel is slowly resuming — even resulting in some attractive offers, deals, and other incentives. Last week, I received an email from Expedia. It informed me that, as a valued Gold member, they were gifting me the equivalent of $50 in rewards points. If used at a VIP property, the value of these bonus points would actually be $100. On the one hand, that date seems far enough away that it could be doable — especially since you seemingly only need to book by that date, not travel by then. Recovery: The key to an effective workout routine. Now, in this final installment, we're looking at the key to keeping your exercise program working for you: recovery. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee and Wisconsin breaking news and investigations. Homebrewing: A hobby, a passion, a growing trend during the COVID-19 pandemic – WXOW.

ONALASKA, Wis. (WXOW) - People have been making their own batches of beer, mead, and cider for thousands of years. What once was a task has now become a hobby in homes throughout the world, especially in the United States. According to the American Homebrewers Association, over 1.1 million people brew their own beer. SaverLife Review (2020): Win Money Just for Saving. Personal Finance For Young Adults: Understanding Credit. Do you want to help your children develop smart spending habits that will last a lifetime?

Fit In A Workout—Even With Your Kids In Tow - 5280. Long before a global pandemic tested parents with the longest summer break ever, Compass Fitness co-founder Heather Harrington recognized the challenge of working out with a kid in tow. A parent herself, she made sure the South Broadway gym she started with Jillian Keaveny in 2018 offered childcare. {QUICK TIP} American Express Adds BONUS Perks to Platinum Card. Dry Quarantine Unleashes Home Brew Amateurs, Exploding Pineapples. America’s Most Passionate Sports Fans 2020. America’s stadiums may be silent, but its fans aren’t, and the Cheeseheads of Green Bay are proving that they are the loudest of them all: The Lambeau loyalists come out on top in the Forbes ranking of the best fans in sports.

Measuring passion is a tricky thing. Crazy certainly helps, but Pope hats, gold and black death paint, and gladiator getups aren’t the reason New Orleans Saints fans rank third on our list. We look at more concrete evidence, including television ratings, game attendance, merchandise sales and social media reach. We evaluated every one of North America’s 123 professional teams in the NBA, the NFL, the NHL and MLB.

One takeaway: NFL fans are the most devoted, with fans of the league’s 32 teams grabbing six of the top ten spots. Homebrew Projects to Tackle While Social Distancing. Aspiration Plus Review — Is it Really an UPGRADE? A guide to home brewing: how to make your own beer and wine. How to prepare your personal finances for coronavirus recession. Unbelievably easy ways to make real money online. Not everything that you find online is bogus. Yahoo fait désormais partie dâVerizon Media. Forex Trading: Tips, Hints and the Scams to Look Out for While Betting Online. - The Washington Post.

Do You Tip Photographers? - PhotoBooker Blog. Lower Abs Workouts to Build Core Strength and Muscle. Denver sports and the ‘altitude advantage’: Is it real? 9 New Ways to Make Money Online. When Homebrewing to Style, It’s All About the Yeast. Growing Hops In Your Backyard? Company Brewing Wants to Brew With Them. As women’s sports grow, tennis history will be more relevant than ever. Are Online Allocation Tools Useless? Digitaltrends. Smallest State to Host Biggest Homebrewing Event: Homebrew Con 2019. Financial Downsizing: Easy First Steps and Big Benefits. Personal finance quiz: How healthy are your personal finances? Take this quiz to find out. Bestow Term Life Insurance — Walking Through the Online Application Process. A Brief History of American Homebrewing, the Foundation of Craft Beer. Personal Finance for Women and Young People: What You Need to Know. Forget AI and machine learning, WordPress is about to disrupt your business.

10 Ways to Make Money Online You May Not Have Thought Of. How Long Should A Full Body Workout Be? An Expert Breaks Down Exactly What You Need To Know. Old West Homebrewing's Gary Lee talks history and basic gear for homebrewing. If you're 50+, you still need to exercise. Visual Capitalist Takes On Personal Finance With New Project. Americans are clueless when it comes to personal finance. Nothing like home (brewing) for the holidays. 2017 Sahl Hasheesh Triathlon: The unlikely sport Egyptians can't get enough of. The Never-Ending Battle Against Sport’s Hidden Foe - The New York Times.

59% of Americans are making a big personal finance mistake - AOL Finance. Home winemaking spreads across California. Here's How Working Out Can Help You Kick a Bad Habit. Personal finance expert: Do these 6 things to save an extra $700 per month. Don't Make Working Out A Chore: Motivation Is The Key To Staying Fit. How I Ditched Debt: My Shiny Nickels - NerdWallet. Household Uses for Beer You Didn’t Know About. The 19th-Century Black Sports Superstar You've Never Heard Of - History in the Headlines - via barrysmithnp74 - Newsvine. Winter Storm Stella: At-Home Blizzard Workout. The Colonel's Home brew. Breaking down the sports owner conundrum. Will a Test for Brain Trauma Protect NFL Players—or End the NFL? - Bloomberg.

Jamie Vardy: Leicester prints 30,000 masks in protest. The Cowboys have an insane theme song courtesy of Skip Bayless. 8 Reasons Why You Don't Have Money. Log In. Don't want to work into your 80s? Then wake up! Log In. 32 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home. How to stay out of debt – MaxOffshore. Peak Everything: Eight Things We Are Running Out Of And Why.

The Roman Chair – 3 Workout Programs For Sculpted Abs And Core Strength - Garage Gym Designs 2016 – Definitive Home Gym Guide. Timeout. Health Savings Accounts – The Other Retirement Plan. Infographic: The True Cost of Homeownership. 20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer.