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New Apps for Help Reading Shakespeare. Still, pure text from more than 400 years ago can be a bit bewildering to a modern audience looking to explain lines like “Prithee, keep up thy quillets.”

New Apps for Help Reading Shakespeare

But good cheer! It’s the 21st century, and modern technology has made wonderful advances in making Shakespeare’s plays and poems more accessible — even enticing — for an audience equipped with iPads and smartphones. William Blake: Auguries of Innocence – An Analysis (Part I) « Johanistan. Joseph von Eichendorff:   Wünschelrute > Magic Wand   (Translation / Uebersetzung) But the poetry now got lost in translation, you say?

Joseph von Eichendorff:   Wünschelrute > Magic Wand   (Translation / Uebersetzung)

Well, what else? But at least you knew your Robert Frost... Honestly, though, did you really expect me to preserve the sparkle of such a gem, through all that semantic regrinding? Wilhelm Busch:   Verzeihlich > Pardonable   (Translation / Uebersetzung) Was Busch describing a famous painting by Carl Spitzweg (1808-1885)?

Wilhelm Busch:   Verzeihlich > Pardonable   (Translation / Uebersetzung)

Der Arme Poet dates from 1835 and exists in more than one version/museum. Want to see the oil that hangs in the Neue Pinakothek in Munich? Or, come to think of it, is this Spitzweg's idealized premonition of this my very own Website (see detail opposite)? Well, yes. Sorry, sorry. Love is all... Poems straight from the heart by Wendy Cope. ValentineMy heart has made its mind upAnd I’m afraid it’s you.Whatever you’ve got lined up,My heart has made its mind upAnd if you can’t be signed upThis year, next year will do.My heart has made its mind upAnd I’m afraid it’s you.

Love is all... Poems straight from the heart by Wendy Cope

Bloody MenBloody men are like bloody buses —You wait for about a yearAnd as soon as one approaches your stopTwo or three others appear. You look at them flashing their indicators,Offering you a ride.You’re trying to read the destinations,You haven’t much time to decide. If you make a mistake, there is no turning back.Jump off, and you’ll stand there and gazeWhile the cars and the taxis and lorries go byAnd the minutes, the hours, the days. Rondeau RedoubleThere are so many kinds of awful men —One can’t avoid them all. She often saidShe’d never make the same mistake again:She always made a new mistake instead. Homepage] What is poetry? - What is poetry? This unit introduces common techniques underlying free verse and traditional forms of poetry, and how it is necessary to use these techniques in order to harness what T.S.

What is poetry? - What is poetry?

Eliot called the ‘logic of the imagination’ (Eliot, 1975, p. 77). We discuss the possibility of using your own experience, but also the power of imagination, and of utilising different personae in your poems. Poetry Bombing bei Glaserei. Petrichor. Petrichor (/ˈpɛtrɨkɔər/) is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil.


The word is constructed from Greek, petra, meaning ‘stone’ + ichor, the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology. In 2015, MIT scientists used high-speed cameras to record how the scent moves into the air.[5] The tests involved approximately 600 experiments on 28 different surfaces, including engineered materials and soil samples.[6] When a raindrop hits a porous surface, small bubbles form that float to the surface and release aerosols.[5] Such aerosols carry the scent as well as bacteria and viruses from the soil.[5] Raindrops that move at a slower rate tend to produce more aerosols; this serves as an explanation for why the petrichor is more common after light rains.[5] Some scientists believe that humans appreciate the rain scent because ancestors may have relied on rainy weather for survival.[7] References[edit]

Heinrich Heine - Mein Herz, mein Herz ist traurig (Interpretation #41) Homepage] Home. PoemHunter.Com - Thousands of poems and poets.. Poetry Search En. Poetry Daily, a new poem every day. The Works of John Donne. Complete - Luminarium Editions The Flea The Good-Morrow Song : Go and catch a falling star Woman's Constancy The Undertaking.

The Works of John Donne

WH Auden

Gerard Manley Hopkins. Hughes/Plath. WB Yeats. Shakespeare. Erich Kästner. WENDY COPE. Tools. Elizabeth Alexander. Neonatology Is funky, is leaky, is a soggy, bloody crotch, is sharp jets of breast milk shot straight across the room, is gaudy, mustard-colored poop, is postpartum tears that soak the baby’s lovely head.

Elizabeth Alexander

Then everything dries and disappears Then everything dries and disappears Neonatology is day into night into day, light into dark into light, semi- and full-fledged, hyperconscious, is funky, is funny: the baby farts, we laugh. The baby burps, we smile, say “Yes.” The baby poops, his whole body stiffens, then steam heat floods the pipes. He slashes his nose with nails we cannot bear to trim, takes a nap, and the wounds disappear. Walt Whitman’s Watering Hole: Pfaff’s Cellar, NYC - The Rumpus.n. Whitman became a regular at Pfaff’s after getting fired from the Brooklyn Daily Times in 1859.

Walt Whitman’s Watering Hole: Pfaff’s Cellar, NYC - The Rumpus.n

The years before the Civil War were a decadent period where Whitman played the bon vivant, finding friends and lovers among the New York counterculture. “The Two Vaults” an unfinished poem c. 1861. One Sentence - True stories, told in one sentence.