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Google attēlu meklēšanas rezultāti: Love’s Echo. The Silver Necklace | The Vision of Poets. Book Magic, a poem by RasmaSandra. All poetry poets - All Poetry. Book magic as old as the hills each volume full of mystery full of words that could fill the sea so many times my soul has refreshed itself there Friends come and friends go here words like smoky vapors envelop me coming together to tell a story which at times can be full of glory pages take me for a journey to another time and place Books are for everyone for kings and paupers, for ordinary folk they bring the wisdom of the ages each book as it’s opened has a scent of centuries past On every page one can find new mysteries love, laughter, drama and tears enthralling adventures traveling far and wide With each book we can take a magical ride never leaving the ground we can fantasize and learn and see if dreams really do come true © Rasma Raisters. Enjoying the River. The Hopeless Romantic.

Poetry 101 | Retkon Poet. Fall in love with a poet. That’s the closest you’ll ever come to living forever. He’ll canvas neighbourhoods with all the reasons you should be preserved, reconstruct your reserves of unparalleled beauty and strength. Because as uncertain as you are, to him, you’re the wild card in his deck, in a world lonely queens are one-upped by their Jacks. So pack your suitcase, call a taxi, because we’re never coming back. We’ll live in deserted airports, more home to us than four star hotels; eat with plastic cutlery and gaze in bewilderment through superfluous gift shop windows; travel the world and visit No Man’s lands to gauge the span of time I’ll keep you in the battlefields of my heart, once a city that glowed in the dark but went the route of Babylon, immune to dawn.

In former need of fire, you became my spark, and for that, I’ll ensure your immortality. Like this: Like Loading... Teddy, My Friend. Child of Nature. Poetry and Viral Videos. Katherine’s Moments to Raiders of the Lost Bark A lover's invitation to a magic moment One for lovers, one for pet lovers Katherine’s Moments (poem) Katherine come journey with meDon’t close your eyes to moments to beMoments which wait a lifetime to free-Can’t you feel it tickingMoments on the pagesOf a book unfinishedWhispering its secretsTo a heart left longingFor a tune to follow-Katherine come journey with meDon’t close the door to moments to beMoments which wait a starlight to see-Still they are repeatingMoments dreams surrenderTo forgotten slumbersWishes cast in sunsetsDrifting in an oceanReasons left behind-Katherine come journey with meDon’t turn away from moments to beMoments which wait a fond memory-What veils keep disguisingMoments once so hoped forBy that endless fountainOf refreshing watersThe myriad of seasonsAll reflecting you-Moments which wait for your destiny Let's top this off with Vargo "The Moment" Plus The electric chair, used in executions, was invented by a dentist.

Love So Evergreen. Other than inward | velvetmedia. Posted: December 30, 2014 in My Poetry Tags: amor, arts, author, Chris Lawrence, desire, emotion, feeling, film, image, literatura, literature, love, passion, poème, poem, poema, poesia, poesie, poet, poezi, Sunday Whirl, writer, writing alone on a dreams forgotten shore that stray thundering sea reached towards the sky wind creased and folded grass, elemental human hearts away from pale insignificance chime together the fire has not vanished silent dune blue air, these memories will scar and no holy intervention can claim a dedicated tear sigh and embrace an eloquent arrival of intimacy ripe silent love ingest the once plain indifference short breath saliva glisten someone else can trace you by indentation in the sand and what sea birds say in discordant voice Like this: Like Loading... Deep in my Northeast Kingdom .........verse. In Remembrance of Poets. Love at Christmas. The Poet and His Muse.

The Poet and His Muse Like a bright, colorful butterfly no one is as beautiful as you once again I’m young and in love and heady from your perfume In your lovely face I gaze completely mesmerized and there like green emeralds I see your eyes glitter and shine Your rainbow arches over my sorrow carrying all the colors in your hands and I follow behind you knowing you’ll take me to a better land But my hands begin to tremble I cannot reach out to you for perhaps like a wonderful dream like a butterfly that’s here and gone you’ll fly That is why in my poetic thoughts there is a touch of sorrow because I am not your master, only a humble poet standing before you and loving you my muse Like this: Like Loading... About Rasma R I live in Riga, Latvia. Didn't know I'd lose you that soon .......poem.

The House. When Two Hearts Meet. Ode to Winding Road. Inter-racial relation elation .............Poem. The Bluest Christmas. Faithless Love, a poem by RasmaSandra. All poetry poets - All Poetry. Wonderful You. Dearly Belovéd. The Whispers Of Thunder I am nothing more than a spirit Lost in a celestial… Love for Now and Always. The Stream of Life (a poem of inspiration) Turning His World Upside Down. Miracles The rising sun, floated slowly, Through the sky and then Disappeared… Changes - Vincent Moore. His World, His Love. His Elusive Love. In Response to Bill's Challenge: The Woman on the Mountaintop (Poem) by Manatita. Memories of Love. Ode to the Mocking Bird ( a poem of tribute) Alone with the wind .....poem. Summers End - Vincent Moore. The summer has come to an end,Fall has come and gone with color leaving naked trees in its absence.People hurry and scurry about, with crunching sounds of footprints left on natures palette of naked leaves.Fast approaching is winter chill, the air is crisp, heads are bowed with conviction as spirits plow with hunched shoulders fighting against the onslaught of flying and whirling snow in the air.

Yes like a Lion in winter, the throne of summer is now empty and its people will pull their garments on to protect them from whatever elements come their way. This is a poem I wrote ending my summer drought, I believe my Muse has found me and come from the shadows once more, maybe this time he will stay awhile. Where are you Muse, have you forgotten me, it’s been very lonely, and I from you been absent all the summer long. The lilies bloomed, the roses thorn pricked yet another’s heart that yearned for summer love to put the spirit of youth and joy back in their souls. darkest corner of hell. No poet ever wrote a poem | homoestmachina.

Must Be the Stardust. Quietness and Solitude | The Creative Chic. THE CLEANSING TIDE. The child in his arms, such a precious gift, Her sweet loving smile would make his heart lift. Born into a love that none could compare, Baby blue eyes framed with curly blonde hair. Conceived and born on love filled days, From the moment he held her he was blown away. His heart did a flip and his smile was so wide, His devotion to his daughter could not be denied. And he looks on down to the rocks below. Waves crashing over as a cold wind blows. Her eyes never dulled, she always had a grin, Never a bad word did she have for him. He’d always be there support her in all, He’d pick her up whenever she’d fall. And the glistening rocks washed by tidal attack. The debilitating fear as they stood by her bed. The clock on the wall slowly ticking away, The moments of life till the end of her days. And the rocks are beckoning, inviting release. Her chilling cries in the dead of the night. Standing there, knowing that soon she would fade, Wondering now at decisions they’d made.

Dreams and Stardust. The Ascent And Descent of Heaven (The Scent of The Seductive, Just ...) by Manatita. My Dearest, | Words I Should Be Saying. Against the darkness | nothingunderthesun41. Getting Together Again. Warriors of flesh and bone ...... When the Music Died in Me. A Distant Shore (tanka) The Shores Of Think Of You. LOOKING IN | VERSICALS NEWBIES. When Muses Rule. A Common Melody. It Calls To Me (poem) by Mhatter99. Autumn breeze My shutters feel broken; neither closed nor open, just flapping… Having Good Times. Autumn Hearts | RAD dreamz. Winds blow through leafs of yellow Hollow pumpkins stare, eyes aglow, and empty grins. Long gazes towards golden horizons as the world browns and burnishes around us. Summer has come and gone, Autumn rolls in with thunderous storms. In the greyness of rains, and the orange of cloudless middays, Your hand blankets mine. Creating a warmth in a chill of the air, Waiting for seasons to race by, These autumn hearts by the crackling fire.

Roja Ariel Douglas October 9, 2013. Like this: Like Loading... The Fragile Facade | Long Poem By Darren Scanlon • High On Poems. How frail, in truth, is the world that we tread The captains and kings predicting calm seas ahead As they’re riding high, upon their silver spoons Laughing, as below the world withers; dying blooms How thin the membrane of life’s brittle bubbles Building our barriers and avoiding all troubles Do we wonder at the reasons; do we hide or protect As we inch to the edge to see what we can detect What was that sound; was there movement out there Should I really be asking; do I even dare Tentatively touching the flimsy façade So supple is the skin that I, daily, guard Looking back at my life; the days growing harder The air is much thicker; little left in the larder Hands hardened by toil beneath a burning sun Yet there, outside, I hear people having fun Am I guardian or prisoner within this creaking cocoon A creeping curiosity and yet, gone just as soon As I wonder what would happen if I pressed against the skin Would it hold or would it buckle, this shield of light, so thin.

Loving a Memory. The Seasons. Little Dancing Bear. Voices on september winds ......Verse. The Making Of Sir Willow | Uncle Tree's House. Stealing a glance under my branch,I spied a green-eyed lady,as if, by Chance, or Fate’s romance,she found me cool and shady. I heard her sigh for times gone by,her breath grew slow and steady.I knew not why, but in her cry,old tears stood at the ready.

Releasing all, the rain did fallon ruddy roots and timber.Like thunder calls that break down walls;like leaves turn in September. Like storms pass on, She turned to song,my rigid frame grew limber.Like grass loves sun, Love made us one:A Day Made To Remember. – Uncle Tree Photograph by Bruce Marlin @ Wikimedia Like this: Like Loading... This can't be me A poetic collaboration by Priya Patel and Cornelius Hodge I…

Burning Love | iiThinks. A Love Till the End of Time. His Gentle Smile. My Angel, My Muse | The Poetry Channel. The Seasons are Changing. Lovers’ Afternoon (Poem) The Gentle Tear. Let the dogs run.......poem. “I’m going crazy, a little everyday”… | Eye Will Not Cry. Dancing is Romancing. Suzette Says:: Dreams. The only opinion about your dream that really counts is yours. The negative comments of others merely reflects their limitations not yours. ~ Cynthia Kersey I Touch the SkyI reach to touch the skyTo ever expand my vision And reach.I touch the starsAnd gently pull a starTo my heart;Oh!

The dreams within meBecome forever imprinted on my heartI cradle my dreams withinAnd nurture them;They can come true becauseI touch the sky.Copyright (c) 2014 Suzannah Wolf Walker all rights reserved. Don't Close Your Eyes by Vincent Moore. All Our Yesterdays. Are you awake ?.......Poem. So Much More Than I Bargained For. Alzheimer's Disease: In rhyming fashion. It Calls To Me. No Better Love. Harsh rains soak through me suddenly refirtilized once again I bloom my roots… Today's new poem: Silence     By: Liza Lomax Be still my heart Peaceful and… Today's new poem: Silence     By: Liza Lomax Be still my heart Peaceful and…

The Long Goodnight. Today's new poem: You And Me      By: Liza Lomax Your face is a melody Plays… Today's new poem: You And Me      By: Liza Lomax Your face is a melody Plays… Remember Me. Stay, My Love. Tarry a Little Longer. Dedicated to Gypsy Rose Lee. By Manatita. Home Where birdsong beckon a new day's dawn And faint naked footsteps stain… An Intonation of Love. The Locket For My Love | Maxima. Names Across The Sky (poem) La Riva Sulla riva dei fianchi dimentico me stesso e aspetto la tua armonia… Destinies fool After the last sunset, Came the dawn, With clouds kissing the… Peace, love and patchouli | A blog of life according to me. A Hummingbird Kind of Love.