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Some Literary Criticism quotes. (there's a blog version at Purposes and Definitions of the Arts PurposesPoetry and other Arts"Poetry, unlike music, is a meta-art, and relies upon non-physical structures for the production of its effects.

Some Literary Criticism quotes

In its case, the medium is syntax, grammar and logical continuity, which together form the carrier-wave of plain sense within which its deeper meanings are broadcast. Form (back to top) "The rules of formal poetry generate not static objects like vases, but the same kind of bottom-up, self-organizing processes seen in complex natural systems such as flocking birds, shifting sand dunes, and living trees. ... symmetrical forms such as sonnets, villanelles, and ballad stanzas are not static 'received forms'; they evolve, like plants, through a process of iteration and feedback.

Poetry/Prose (back to top) "I think that writing prose and writing poetry are so different, you almost use different sides of the brain ... Linear/Spatial Form (back to top) Meaning (back to top) Commentaries.


STORY TELLING. ENGLISH LITERATURE LINKS. Modern Art Articles. Yeats. Literary theory: an evaluation. Page Organization As far as is possible with literary theory, this section is organized logically: Theory: Need for theory:arguments for and against: practical benefits: this page Preface So large and perhaps intimidating a section may need a few words of explanation.

literary theory: an evaluation

Some readers will find it hard going, and more will wonder why it's necessary. First it should be said that theory has definite limits. Electronic Poetry Center. A Franc Sonic by Laura Moriarty. For Jerry Estrin Snow covers The hills one by one Our neighborhood Characters become San Francisco 1874 Words later language A photograph At home when Light writes 1974 Or 1979 We move where.

A Franc Sonic by Laura Moriarty

That Guy's Blues Thing

Hyperallergic — Sensitive to Art & its Discontents. On The Composition of "The Waste Land" On The Composition of The Waste Land Richard Ellman Pound's criticism of The Waste Land was not of its meaning; he liked its despair and was indulgent of its neo-Christian hope.

On The Composition of "The Waste Land"

He dealt instead with its stylistic adequacy and freshness. Breaking the ?Spell of Tradition?: Ezra Pound?s Co Creation of T. Tree-sitter hit with tear gas cannister in the head. (03-13) 15:06 PDT OAKLAND -- An Oakland man who was among the tree-sitters who fought to save a grove of oaks and redwoods next to UC Berkeley's Memorial Stadium was critically wounded in the West Bank today by an Israeli-fired tear-gas canister, officials and acquaintances said.

Tree-sitter hit with tear gas cannister in the head

Tristan Anderson, 38, was injured during a protest over the separation barrier that Israel erected between it and the West Bank. An Israeli soldier fired the canister during a clash with protesters and hit Anderson in the head, said Ulrika Jenson of Sweden, an activist with the International Solidarity Movement. Jenson, who saw the incident, said in a statement released by the group that "the Israeli soldiers were standing on the hill looking over us, firing tear-gas canisters straight into the crowd.

" "Tristan was hit and fell to the ground," Jenson said. "He had a large hole in the front of his head. Click to expand... Avoiding The Adjective Fallacy. You’re reading this, so I’ll assume your English is pretty good.

Avoiding The Adjective Fallacy

What’s wrong with these phrases? Old little lady Red big dogVietnamese spicy food Do you have a logical reason why they sound strange? Or are they just “off”? Building the 21st century scientist. Editorial Features Books and Arts Careers Scientific American Elsewhere Scitable A collaborative learning space for science.

Building the 21st century scientist

Mythical beasts The science myths that will not die False beliefs and wishful thinking about the human experience are common. Literature: Free Courses Online. THE ONLINE HOVEL OF POET MIGGY ANGEL. Thinking i think i think by Charles Bernstein. Donald Davie. Donald Davie was born in Barnsley, Yorkshire, to George Clarke and Alice Sugden Davie, received his early education at Barnsley Holgate Grammar School, and spent his boyhood in “the industrially ravaged landscape,” as he called it, of the West Riding.

Donald Davie

As a Northerner, he has said that in literature he grew to like “the spare and lean.” From his mother, who had a liking for poetry and knew, according to Davie, “the greater part, perhaps the whole” of Francis Turner Palgrave‘s The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language (1861, 1897) by heart, he developed an early interest in verse. From the art master of Barnsley Grammar School, he learned to appreciate church architecture, an appreciation expressed in a number of his poems.

Of Baptist parentage, he was, to quote from an essay written in his fifties, “an Englishman bred ... near to the heart of English Dissenting Protestantism.” In 1957 Davie’s A Winter Talent and Other Poems was published. Words used to describe the state of people s hair - synonyms and related words. Bad hair day noun informal a day when your hairlooksuntidy and you do not feelattractive bald adjective.

words used to describe the state of people s hair - synonyms and related words

Just So Stories, Rudyard Kipling. Click here to download a text-only version.

Just So Stories, Rudyard Kipling

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