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Let’s Talk About Extreme Porn. The other day I saw an ad for a porn site that I found rather disturbing.

Let’s Talk About Extreme Porn

It was a looped flash video ad that featured a couple having very rough sex. What Women Want: Porn and the Frontier of Female Sexuality - Lifestyle. "Become a Porn Actress": Sasha Grey's Equal Pay Day PSA Misses the Point. March 20 is Equal Pay Day in Belgium, and to draw attention to the country's 22% wage gap for women, zij-kant (a women's group organizing the equal pay efforts) has launched an awareness video and corresponding campaign starring porn actress Sasha Grey.

"Become a Porn Actress": Sasha Grey's Equal Pay Day PSA Misses the Point

It hinges on the fact that, according to the video, porn is one of the few industries where women are consistently paid more than their male counterparts. It is also a very strange and weirdly sad PSA that misses the point by making the equal pay issue all about porn, with a tone that is at once both slut-shaming and sensationalistic. Porn: Pleasure or Profit? Ms. Interviews Gail Dines, Part II. In Part I of my interview with Gail Dines, the self-described anti-porn feminist discussed sexual freedom, coercion, safety and harm.

Porn: Pleasure or Profit? Ms. Interviews Gail Dines, Part II

Part II continues the conversation. And this time, porn actors respond. Nerds and Male Privilege. Fantasy Armor and Lady Bits - Mad Art Lab. The brilliant tumbler feed Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor has inspired me to add my two cents to the discussion.

Fantasy Armor and Lady Bits - Mad Art Lab

Why does my opinion matter? I’m an armorer. I make actual armor that people wear when they hit each other with swords. When making armor I have to strike a balance between comfort, protection, range of motion, and appearance. Two Revolutionary New Sex Toys, Plus 14 Top-Selling Dildos. Hello Touch X When it comes to pleasure peripherals, dildos aren’t for everyone.

Two Revolutionary New Sex Toys, Plus 14 Top-Selling Dildos

So some companies are thinking outside the (dick in a) box with new sex toys, like Jimmyjane’s powerful fingertip vibrator. Inspired by Sigourney’s cyborg suit in Aliens, it’s meant to be an extension of your body. Two-pronged touch Most ladies want stroking, not just poking, so for its signature model, Jimmyjane took inspiration from the popular Rabbit vibrator, building two flexible vibrating fingerpads—like rabbit ears—to deliver clitoral sensation in stereo. Coin motors Fingertip vibes often use large DC motors, but the X hides a 14,000-rpm coin motor, half the size of a penny, in the sleeve of each pad. Eva : The first truly wearable couples vibrator. An Expert Critiques the Sex Toys at an Adult Novelty Expo. The Adult Novelty Expo is the CES of sex toys: booth after booth of dildos, toys, and equipment of all kinds.

An Expert Critiques the Sex Toys at an Adult Novelty Expo

It’s part of Adult Video News’ annual porn industry convention in Vegas. We decided to check it out for our 2015 sex issue. What a Sex Toy Startup Taught a Designer About His Craft. This talk is from WIRED by Design, a two-day live magazine event that celebrated all forms of creative problem solving.

What a Sex Toy Startup Taught a Designer About His Craft

Many designers leave big-time gigs to found startups. Ethan Imboden might be the only one who’s ever set off on his own to make sex toys. The Vibrator of the Future Is Here — And Women Should Be Excited. When it comes to sex, female self-pleasure often gets swept under the rug.

The Vibrator of the Future Is Here — And Women Should Be Excited

According to data from the 2009 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior analyzed by FiveThirtyEight, only 7.9% of women ages 25 to 29 masturbate two to three times a week, while 23.4% of men do. Which means women aren't enjoying the countless benefits of self-pleasure as much as they should be. Jimmyjane - Live Sexy. Homemade Sex Toys - Free DIY Sex Toys. New Sex Toys Sync Up to Virtual Reality Porn. You knew this was coming, even if you didn’t want to believe it: A sex-toy company and a VR porn outfit are creating a way to enjoy synced-up virtual reality sex.

New Sex Toys Sync Up to Virtual Reality Porn

And while virtual-reality headsets haven’t yet hit the mainstream, Lovense and VirtualRealPorn hope their collaborative stroke of genius can thrust VR into the spotlight. The friendliest collection of vibrators on the planet. One Size Doesn't Fit All: The Making Of A Next-Generation Sex Toy. The ultimate challenge in sensory design and branding—a next generation adult pleasure aid conceived to bring both innovation and excitement to the sex toy market—gets its first official showcase by its British creators at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York this week.

One Size Doesn't Fit All: The Making Of A Next-Generation Sex Toy

Crescendo is the world’s first adult toy that takes the shape each user wants, according to its maker MysteryVibe, a U.K. company whose philosophy is: one size does not fit all. Furthermore, it vibrates according to an individual’s mood and desires thanks to an app which allows the user to select preferred vibrations and vibration combinations. However the product is just a step along the road to an even bolder vision, MysteryVibe chief executive and former management consultant Soumyadip Rakshit says: the creation of a complete sensory experience that learns and adapts to the user’s body and desires.

The starting point was a brand model conceived by Seymourpowell to explain the underlying philosophy behind MysteryVibe. D.I.Y Sex Toys: Self-Love Edition. Pop Quiz: What activity can help you de-stress, fall asleep, and, for most people, also feels quite nice? If you answered " masturbation. 18 Sex Toy DIYs That Are Kind Of Brilliant. Can Any of These DIY Sex Toys Make Me Orgasm? Sex toys are really great, but with our bank accounts still weeping from the sucky recession we've just stumbled out of, we need to get our priorities right. Which means spending our hard-earned/borrowed cash on boring necessities, like food, energy bills, and crank pipes.

Dead at 17: ‘The Fatal Consequences of Masturbation’—a handy guide from 1830. Dead at 17: ‘The Fatal Consequences of Masturbation’—a handy guide from 1830 ‘He was young and handsome…his mother’s hope.’ He was young and handsome, his mother’s pride and joy—but he died in torment, blind, sick and paralyzed—at the age of seventeen. If only he’d known the perils of masturbation, then he might have lived a better life. This, in a nutshell, was the warning to young French men as published in Le livre sans titre (“The Book With No Title”) in 1830.

Aphrodisiacs – Natural Aphrodisiacs Food. Distracting Thoughts Block Women from Orgasm. The old adage that a woman's biggest sexual organ is between her ears may be true, according to new research that finds that a lack of erotic thoughts during sex is linked to the trouble some women have reaching orgasm. Women who reported more trouble reaching orgasm during sex also had more automatic negative thoughts during the act. These negative thoughts included everything from those lacking erotic imagery to thoughts of sexual failure and sexual abuse. "There is no easy way to avoid negative or distractive thoughts," study researcher Marta Xavier Cuntim, a clinical psychologist in Portugal, told LiveScience. "However, if we know that they exist, it is easier to learn to deal with them. " About one in four women experiences difficulty reaching orgasm for months at a time, and the inability to orgasm is the second-most-common female sexual complaint after lack of desire.

How Big Is the Average Penis? Science Finds Out. The average American man's penis is 5.6 inches (14.2 centimeters) long when erect, a new survey of 1,661 men finds. The study, published online July 10 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, is relatively consistent with the results of prior surveys of penis size. Penis size has been the subject of dozens of studies, as well as countless urban legends, myths and spam emails. For many men, the idea of not measuring up can cause a great deal of anxiety. Booty Call: How to Spot a Fertile Woman. Ask the average person how the menstrual cycle affects women's moods, and you're likely to get an earful about PMS, or premenstrual syndrome. 10 Things Every Woman Should Know About a Man's Brain. Most popular notions about the male brain are based on studies of men ages 18 to 22 — undergrads subjecting themselves to experiments for beer money or course credit. Delaying Sex Makes Better Relationships, Study Finds.

5 Ways Love Affects the Brain. By Tanya Lewis, Staff Writer | February 14, 2014 11:04am ET. Pot Use May Mellow Out Men's Sexual Function. Marijuana users sometimes report that pot enhances their desire for sex. But a new review of research on marijuana and sexual health suggests that male smokers could be courting sexual dysfunction. The History of Pornography No More Prudish Than the Present. What Falling in Love Does to the Brain. 5 Ways Relationships Are Bad for Your Health. Why Men and Women Get Jealous for Different Reasons. New Clue to Constant Sexual Arousal in Women. 6 (Other) Great Things Sex Can Do For You. The 10 Most Surprising Sex Statistics. Hot Stuff? 10 Unusual Sexual Fixations. Aphrodisiacs – Natural Aphrodisiacs Food. 51 Sultry Facts About Sex. Penis Size Matters in Bed, Study Finds. Distracting Thoughts Block Women from Orgasm.

Premature Orgasm Affects Women Too, Study Suggests. Semen is 'good for women's health and helps fight depression' Have More Sex, Make More Money: Study. Men and women do not have different brains, claims neuroscientist. The Female 'Viagra' G-strings and Ph.D.s. What do women want? It depends on the time of the month. Men Think Women Who Listen To Them Are Sexier. Men and women do not have different brains, claims neuroscientist. No such thing as porn 'addiction,' researchers say. Rohaq's Short History of Porn. Pornography Actresses: An Assessment of the Damage... [J Sex Res. 2012.

Blood, Sweat and Sex: My Hard Life in Porn. Research Suggests All Men Watch Pornography. An avalanche of live porn is heading our way. Regulators can't stop it. Men And Women Aren't That Different. Women repeatedly short-changed in case of premature ejaculation : World : Daily Zone. Casual Sex Is Actually Excellent for You. Semen is 'good for women's health and helps fight depression' Art of Seduction. Forum-seduction.artdeseduire. Wallpapers - Hot model and celebrity images, photos and pics for your desktop - free pictures - on Nude Erotic Blog: Naked Women and Nude Girls Pretty & Beautiful.