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Facilitators, Institutes & Schools. Products. Why Mindset is Critical in Successful Relationships. Since the publication of her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck’s theories on fixed and growth mindsets have made an important impact on education nationwide, even if some of her advice was drastically misunderstood.

Why Mindset is Critical in Successful Relationships

Of equal importance is her chapter on relationships. Perhaps because education is quantifiable the focus of mindsets has gone there. Regardless of means of measurement—common core is one juggernaut of controversy, for example—how we educate children and young adults will most likely always be measured in some manner. Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck Growing til the End. Your Vagina is More Beautiful Than You Think. The Four Qualities of a Conscious Relationship. Love, ultimately, is a practice.

The Four Qualities of a Conscious Relationship

A practice of acceptance, being present, forgiveness, and stretching your heart into vulnerable territories. We are approaching a period of time when relationships are ready to go through a major redesign. The current paradigm isn’t working. People are unsatisfied in love; people don’t know how to make relationships work. The Art of Being Unbound. This Is A Call To Conscious Men And Women Everywhere - Tantra : Awakening The Kundalini Shakti. According to the philosophy of Tantra, the entire universe is a manifestation of pure consciousness.

Tantra : Awakening The Kundalini Shakti

In manifesting the universe, this pure consciousness seems to become divided into two poles or aspects, neither of which can exist without the other ... all creation is the divine union of the opposites ... Yin & Yang ... Shiva & Shakti ... One aspect, Shiva, is masculine, retains a static quality and remains identified with unmanifested consciousness. Pleiadian Teachings on Sexuality & Consciousness. The Pleiadians who speak through the trance channel, Barbara Marciniak share many truths in the book titled, "Bringers of the Dawn".

Pleiadian Teachings on Sexuality & Consciousness

Just finished reading the book some days back and have to say, it is a must read for all who seem to find themselves tuned into the mysticism of UFOs, ETs, Crop Circles, the History of Planet Earth, our origins and whats really going on in our world today. The information shared in this book answers a lot of questions which one might have, about our place in the cosmic order of things and where exactly we're headed. One of the Chapters in the book is all about Sexuality in our world and how its been manipulated so we are restricted to seeing it merely as a means to procreate or achieve orgasm. Here is the complete chapter 20 titled "Sexuality : A Bridge to Higher Levels of Consciousness". The orgasm has been distorted from its original purpose.

Twin Flames & Twin Souls

Why Sex Should Be Treated As A Spiritual Practice - Conscious Reminder. Mention the word sex and eyes widen and ears perk up.

Why Sex Should Be Treated As A Spiritual Practice - Conscious Reminder

The strong reaction the subject arouses reflects the spicy nature of sexual energy. We may be at the gym feeling tired and depleted, but if someone we find attractive starts working out next to us, our energy level is suddenly boosted. That energetic intensification represents the activation of our Lower Dantian (energy center below the navel), which holds our sexual energy in reserve. Pure sexual energy is as unstable as dynamite and just as explosive. It can transport us to sublime states of bliss and delight, or cast us into the darkest pits of anguish, terror, and depravity. Authenticity, Intimacy and Erotic Consciousness. Seks, liefde en porno- hoe zeg je 'nee' als iets niet goed voelt? - Pioniersmagazine. Secrets For Sensitive People: Why Emotional Empaths Stay Lonely. Some people feel lonelier than others do, and sometimes it stays with some more than others do.

Secrets For Sensitive People: Why Emotional Empaths Stay Lonely

However, the reason behind the phenomenon may not always be obvious. Judith Orloff, author of the New York Times bestseller Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life, explains lonliness from a medical and personal perspective. Chinese Sexual Secrets So Secret, Nobody Knows They’re There. Western women never reach higher than the 5th level of orgasm,” my Chinese Medicine teacher told me.

Chinese Sexual Secrets So Secret, Nobody Knows They’re There

As he was both a Master Martial Artist and an MD as well as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I thought I’d better pay attention. “In China, the ninth level would be considered minimal expectation. Why An Alpha Female Is The Best Girlfriend You’ll Ever Have. The Minds Journal A strong alpha female might seem intimidating at first, but there’s more to her than just her fiercely strong persona.

Why An Alpha Female Is The Best Girlfriend You’ll Ever Have

The alpha female, if you dare dabble, is the best girlfriend you’ll ever have. Here are just a few reasons why: What is Consent? – As important as consent is, we don’t talk about it enough.

What is Consent? –

So it’s understandable if you’re a little unsure about what it is – and what it isn’t. You may have heard the idea that “no means no,” but this doesn’t really provide a complete picture of consent because it puts the responsibility on one person to resist or accept. It also makes consent about what a partner doesn’t want, instead of being able to openly express what they do want. Tantra, Yoga & the Power of Sexual Healing with Psalm Isadora. The Lingham (Penis) Massage: Awakening a Man's Sexual Energy. {Adult, Nudity} Get elephant's newsletter Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ and the translation of the word refers to a pillar of light.

The Lingham (Penis) Massage: Awakening a Man's Sexual Energy. {Adult, Nudity}

In Tantra the Lingam is honoured and respected as it is a channel for sexual energy and pleasure. The lingam massage focuses on clearing energy, blockages and promoting healing, and the pleasure that is gained from it is purely a side effect of the massage. Although the aim of the massage is not to achieve an orgasm, it is very common for a man to become highly aroused resulting in an orgasmic climax.

Erodanza initiates women into Queens. Mark Gungor - Sex is what men want from women.wmv. Waardevol huwelijksadvies van een man die nooit had willen scheiden - Holistik. The Science of Stress, Orgasm and Wellbeing. To understand the vagina properly is to realise that it is not only coextensive with the female brain, but is also, essentially, part of the female soul. “The more closely we analyse what we consider ‘sexy,’” philosopher Alain de Botton argued in his meditation on sex, ‘the more clearly we will understand that eroticism is the feeling of excitement we experience at finding another human being who shares our values and our sense of the meaning of existence.’

But in his attempt to counter the reductionism that frames human sexuality as a mere physiological phenomenon driven solely by our evolutionary biology, de Botton overcompensates by reducing in the opposite direction, negating the complex interplay of brain and biology, psychology and physiology, that propels the human sexual experience. A woman’s bodily experience influences nearly every aspect of life Wolf writes:

How to OM - Step by step (18+ Only) The One Thing Men Want More Than Sex - Conscious Sex ~ When a Man Enters a Woman with His Soul — Love Has Won. By Sophie Gregoire, 03/06/2017 When two people are deeply connected as Souls, they experience new heights and forms of Sexuality. Sex doesn't have to mean Duty. Sex isn't a Contract or a written line in the middle of a marriage's agreement. Female Ejaculation. What it feels like and how to make her squirt! When Sexual Intercourse Is An Act Of Exchanging Love, It Becomes Divine - Conscious Reminder.

It’s because today’s society doesn’t really understand the difference between love and sex , that many of us don’t recognize the importance of the role that the soul plays in the male-female relations. Many people lose their power and influence because they’re not good at channeling their sexual energy. The family, which is the basic building unit of our society, is not the same anymore.

It’s falling apart. What Is A Daddy Dom? - A Little Understanding. The previous explanation was taken directly from another website. This explanation was written by my friend Llie. Thank you Llie! A Daddy-Dom is simply the Dominant partner in a D/s relationship. De-armouring: 5 steps to get a fully feeling and orgasmic vagina.

Babyface comment: My friend and tantra teacher Bea Dominic here gives you her second blog post. Those of you who read my last guest blog post know that I am more then happy with my sex life these days. It is over all my expectation on how great sex could be. De gewonde man en vrouw & dé vijf punten op je tijdlijn. A Polyamorist View of Monogamy » Together. The Divine Masculine with the Return of the Divine Feminine. Before you pursue a Strong Woman, Read This. So You Say You Want a Conscious Man - Rewilding for Women. Ethical Practices: Containers, Conversations and Assessment Protocols for Somatic Sex Educators and other Sex Workers.

The emotional and spiritual benefits of deepthroating ~ Pure Wilrieke. Love Lessons from Polyamory. De destructieve aantrekkingskracht tussen een hoog sensitief persoon en een narcist. A Polyamorist View of Monogamy. Why can’t men hold their sexual energy? - Psychosexual Somatics : Psychosexual Somatics. Liefdesrelaties, zoals ze in de toekomst gaan worden. The Dirty Little Secret in most Relationships. If You're Dying to Sleep with Them, RUN!! - Fusion Tantra. No Man Can Handle You? Here’s Why. What is an Awakening Man? ~ Jeff Brown. What Men Want from Women {but Rarely Ask For}. Why Tantra and Polyamory Don't Mix - Boodaism. Discernment in Relationships and Conscious Relating – Piercing the Veil of Reality. Natural Bliss – VRIJ IN VERBINDING. This is a 3D model of a clitoris – and the start of a sexual revolution. ~ Pure Wilrieke. Liefdesacademie. Home Page. Alana Louise May. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt. Intimacy—and What it Really Means.

Discernment in Relationships. Goddess, Dismount Your High Horse and Listen: The Sacred Masculine is Calling. Sacred Dreams – We come from the stars and we shall return… we are SOUL SPIRITS entwined within the heavenly stars. We are visitors here just passing through… our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love, and to return home… remember. Sex and Alchemy The Great Arcanum Revealed Gnostic Teachings 2014. It’s 2016 And We’re Total Prudes Compared To Our Horny Ancestors - Dose - Stories Worth Sharing. What is Spiritual Sex? Transforming Sexual Energy Into Spiritual Energy. Why The Male Orgasm Is Not As Simple As Everyone Tries To Tell You. Energetic Muddling: Why couples shouldn't sleep in the same bed every night — Tantric Alchemy. Mindful Masturbation - Why Developing Your Own Erotic Practice is Important — Tanya Koens @ Surry Hills Therapy. Shamanic De-armoring » Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies. Does Tantra Therapy Work? De kracht van de buik.

Esoteric Teachings of the Tibetan Tantra Index. Relatietherapie. Lisa Renee - Alchemical Unions. Invocation for Sacred Sexual Embodiment - Ascension Glossary. Facing Sexual Wounds - Energetic Synthesis. After the Honeymoon. Tantric Body De-armouring & Sexual Healing - Tantra Touch Tantra Touch. Welcome to the home of Shamanic De-armoring. The Power of the Wild Masculine - The Fountain Of Life.