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My Life In The Locker Room: A Female Sportswriter Remembers The Dicks. Howard Stern Incinerates Kirk Cameron. Sex, Lies... and the Truth - 1/3. Bette Midler on Ariana Grande: Don't Make a Whore of Yourself. 10 Sexual Positions Women Don't Like. The Problematic Hunt for a ‘Gay Gene’ Five up-and-comers who never had a chance.

The Problematic Hunt for a ‘Gay Gene’

“And i ain’t scared n---a how i be lackin if i ain’t dead n---a, ill put a quarter pound on yo head n---a, watch shorty smoke it off with they friends n---a once you dead n---a.” —Young Pappy, “Savages” When the cameras are rolling Young Pappy appeared untouchable. To End HIV, Stop Violence Against Adolescent Girls. After countless renovations for strangers, the Property Brothers are inviting you to their home.

To End HIV, Stop Violence Against Adolescent Girls

First, they dispel rumors (they’re not gay!) And share their secrets to success. It’s been 20 years since Drew and Jonathan Scott got into fight. Inside ‘The Sex Factor’: Where 16 Men and Women Vie For Porn Immortality. They’ve transported dolphins, satellite parts, even wolves.

Inside ‘The Sex Factor’: Where 16 Men and Women Vie For Porn Immortality

Then came a call to pick up two stricken American health workers. How Phoenix became the U.S. government’s go-to rescuer. Phoenix Air Group, a U.S. -based air charter, can fly anything. Designed for “special missions,” the privately owned company is capable of transporting precious cargo anywhere in the world. This July, Phoenix got a call from a new client, this one the most serious of all. For the immediate future, the thousands of American troops, hundreds of nurses and doctors bravely fighting Ebola in West Africa, Phoenix is the only quick way home. Phoenix Air Group, Incorporated, was launched in the rolling hills of Georgia in the late 1970s by Mark Thompson, an Atlanta native and former U.S.

‘Pick-Up Artist’ to Be Banned from UK. Sex in Film - Cinematic History. Sex in Film - An Illustrated Cinematic History: In the following illustrated compilation are some of the most significant, memorable, and influential films in the display of sex and eroticism on the screen throughout cinematic history.

Sex in Film - Cinematic History

The influential film milestones and their memorable sexual/erotic scenes are thoroughly described. Including portrayals of sex and/or nudity, these films were often considered quite erotic, groundbreaking, unique and/or controversial at the time and remain so today. Classic sex/erotic films and/or scenes throughout film history can be found in erotic dramas, erotic thrillers, sex comedies, coming-of-age films, romantic dramas, and many other film genres and sub-genres.

See also the multi-part Sexual and Erotic Films in Cinema, The Most Controversial Films of All-Time, Sexy Hollywood Bombshells, Sexiest Films of All-Time, and the Best and Most Memorable Film Kisses of All Time in Cinematic History. Can sex make us smarter? Maybe. Researchers found that the keys to... Photo-2855448.77817. Study Reveals Why We All Suck at Flirting: The Daily Details: Blog. Remember that time when the salesperson was following you around the store, keeping eye contact for what seemed like an intense amount of time, and offering to contact you with more information about that item if you'd leave your number—and you just couldn't tell if this was a true come-on or a sales technique?

Study Reveals Why We All Suck at Flirting: The Daily Details: Blog

Well, a new study says that these and other borderline experiences you've been pondering for years may well have been missed opportunities. Hookups that slipped through your finger. The ones that got away. . . Here's how we know: Researchers at the University of Kansas paired up 104 male and female heterosexual college students and had them chat each other up for 10 to 12 minutes. 10 Stubborn Sex Myths That Just Won't Die, Debunked. 14 Things You Can Say To Bisexual People That Are Guaranteed To Annoy Them. The Gender You Associate To God May Indicate How You Feel About Gay Marriage. Referring to God as 'Father', 'Lord' and 'King' may have wider implications than people think.

The Gender You Associate To God May Indicate How You Feel About Gay Marriage

Clemson University sociologist Andrew Whitehead has a new report out in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion demonstrating that people who believe in a masculine God are more likely to oppose same-sex marriage and civil unions. "Those who believe God is masculine also hold very traditional views of gender roles," Whitehead writes. "Individuals who ascribe to a masculine image of God are much more likely to espouse traditional gender ideologies compared to those who do not view God as masculine. " Beliefs about the nature of God can influence individuals' world views in many ways, including their their political views and their opinions, on things like abortion and capital punishment. For this study, Whitehead analyzed data from a 2007 Baylor Religion Survey of 1,648 U.S. citizens administered by the Gallup Organization and defined "traditional" by creating a gender roles index.

The 13 Best Stripper Movies. Penthouse Forum’s Kelly Shibari and the Rise of Plus-Size Porn Stars. 10 Fascinating Films About The Porn Industry. Don’t worry, you don’t have to watch these next ten films at 2am with the volume down low.

10 Fascinating Films About The Porn Industry

The Weinstein Company. James Deen Porn Star: Porn Women Like to Watch. Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images.

James Deen Porn Star: Porn Women Like to Watch

In the winter issue of Good Magazine, Amanda Hess has a fascinating profile of James Deen, a young, handsome porn star who is becoming famous for actually appealing to women. Due to his boyish, slightly skate-punk aesthetic, naturally toned body, and ability to connect emotionally (or at least appear to) with his female co-stars, Deen has garnered a following of devoted young women in an industry that in most cases ignores them entirely. Hess explains that Deen’s school-boy charm is what makes him approachable—and sexy—to his female fans: The UK's number one for hen party life drawing - Home Page. How to Get Laid in Brooklyn a la Adelle Waldman’s Nifty Novel of Manners.

Two cousins with an almost-forgotten terrorist group may have just started a third intifada.

How to Get Laid in Brooklyn a la Adelle Waldman’s Nifty Novel of Manners

BETHLEHEM—In a shared taxi driving through Bethlehem on Tuesday morning, news broke over Arabic radio: The two suspects in an attack on a synagogue in West Jerusalem that left four rabbis and a police officer dead were from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). “That’s just like them,” said Mustafa al-Araj, an activist from the Aida refugee camp, referring to the long-dormant leftist militant group. “We don’t hear from them for years, and then when they come back, they do it with a bang.” Certainly the cousins who carried out the synagogue massacre were PFLP members, and Palestinians in Gaza, especially, celebrated the news, but the organization as such has not gone so far as to claim responsibility. Culture - Sex on screen: No longer taboo? Blue Is the Warmest Colour and Nymphomaniac have attracted attention for their graphic sexual content.

Culture - Sex on screen: No longer taboo?

San Francisco News and Events. YouTube If you think about it, online-dating profiles are basically dating resumes. Users scroll through the profiles of other users and contact the ones who best meet their personal criteria, much like an employer sifting through resumes to determine whom to hire. Although unlike searching for a job, people looking for a date don’t fill out and submit a dating application for a specific person — but what if they did?

10 Natural Aphrodisiacs for a Cold Winter’s Night. The snow is flying and the fog is rolling in, so there’s no better time for getting comfortable between the sheets. But just because you’ve trekked inside with mini-icicles hanging from your eyebrows doesn’t mean you can’t heat things up at home. And there are many ways you can bring sexy back without turning to Viagra and unfortunate candle wax issues. Check out these ten tips to keep your libido cooking until spring. (Note: As with all medications, seek the advice of a professional before taking any supplements.) Support and Advice for Escorts. Free Qi Gong Exercises To Improve Sexual Health And Sex Life. 5 Reasons Why Boobs Fascinate Guys. Women have boobs. Men are obsessed with them. Pamela Anderson launches animal charity at Cannes. The Seven Best Nude Beaches. Strap on your Oculus Rift and get ready: Interactive porn is coming.

The future of arousal is virtual. The Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset is getting porn. Man pays $42,000 for Webcam session (with fetish model) Pat Robertson Blames Pornography For Opening Our Doors To Demons. Former minister and current chairman of the Christian Broadcast Network Pat Robertson sat down to answer some questions for his loyal viewers earlier this week, and one such viewer tapped into the unholy realm of the film industry. Study Says Your Spouse's Porn Habit Might Not Be So Harmless After All. Is Our Understanding of Sexual Orientation Changing?  In 1999 I had the privilege of performing in Larry Kramer's Just Say No, a comedic farce, with Alexandra Billings. What Do Girls Like About Porn? Did you know that, despite the widely held belief to the contrary, a lot of women really like porn? Dziewczyny on Pinterest. Actress Jenny Mollen Talks Hiring Prostitutes for Husband Jason Biggs and Embracing Her Crazy.

This Site Is Redefining Porn for Women. Why Handjobs Should Play A Bigger Part In The Bedroom. The Banks’ War on Porn. Too Hot for Google: Why The Internet Giant Is Scared of Porn. Study Reveals Why We All Suck at Flirting: The Daily Details: Blog. Cara Delevingne Posts Protest Picture Of Her Boob. The Rise of Polyamory: So What If Celebrities Have an Open Marriage? Paying for Paying for Sex. My Night at the NSFW Oscars (Things Get Weird at the AVN Awards) The Podcast Too Hot for iTunes. Hook Up Apps Have Gone Too Far. Benefits and Pros Of Watching Porn For Women and Men.