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Naissance et connaissance. Early Gnostics. Buddhism. Kabbalah. Groupes problématiques. Shaivism. Occult Mysteries - Ancient Wisdom and Occult Truth. La cérémonie de Wesak 2019. 18 mai 2019 2019 pleine lune de taureau Le Wesak est la Descente et la Bénédiction des énergies Bouddhique et Christique : Le Bouddha et le Christ viennent ensemble bénir la Terre et toute l'Humanité à la Pleine Lune du Taureau de chaque année.

La cérémonie de Wesak 2019

Les Maîtres de Lumière préparent cette Fête quelques jours avant et la terminent quelques jours après sur une période de 14 jours environ. Ils vous invitent tous et chacun à y participer avec le cœur. Le Wésak est la fête du Bouddha, Représentant du Plan Divin. Participation Grande Invocation. Utilisation et Promotion de la Grande Invocation.

Participation Grande Invocation

La cérémonie de Wesak 2019.


Sacred Clown - Heyoka. Why is there such chaos in the world? So we are trying to find out, trying to observe together what is the cause of the extraordinary things that are going on in our life.

Why is there such chaos in the world?

What is the essence of that cause? Is it that the very beginning of man - and also woman - don't get het up when I don't mention woman - when man and woman began, is it that they took a wrong turn? Look at it please, go into it with me. Why should we suffer? If man is the creation of god, god must be a rather horrible entity, a monstrous entity that is making human beings go through hell. Save as favorite.


Sacred Geometry. Wisdom. Paroles du curé d'Ars - Sanctuaire d'Ars. Miséricorde et sacrement du Pardon Tête statue « Si nous comprenions bien ce que c’est d’être enfant de Dieu, nous ne pourrions faire le mal… être enfant de Dieu, oh, la belle dignité !

Paroles du curé d'Ars - Sanctuaire d'Ars

» « La miséricorde de Dieu est comme un torrent débordé. Elle entraîne les cœurs sur son passage. » « Ce n’est pas le pécheur qui revient à Dieu pour lui demander pardon, mais c’est Dieu qui court après le pécheur et qui le fait revenir à lui. »


Esoteric orders. Sacred sex - Tantra. Sacred Texts. Interesting concepts. Dragon Rouge : Ordo Draconis et Atri Adamantis. "The darkness is a mirror of the depths of the soul.

Dragon Rouge : Ordo Draconis et Atri Adamantis

All that is hidden inside us, our desires and our fears, is projected on the darkness. " Dragon Rouge is an esoteric society that is non-confessional, undogmatic and eclectic. We are interested in philosophy, psychology, religion, science and culture. As esotericists we aim to achieve: 1) individuation, 2) autonomy and 3) creativity.

Cours dispensés à Poudlard - EHP. Aperçu Les cours de Poudlard se déroulent dans de nombreux endroits du château.

Cours dispensés à Poudlard - EHP

Certains, comme les sortilèges, se font dans des salles à l’intérieur du château. Gnose de Samaël Aun Weor - Accueil. Fuck New Age Purity. Get Dirty. Get Off on your shadow. — Alana Louise May. Your shadow offers you gifts that the light never could.

Fuck New Age Purity. Get Dirty. Get Off on your shadow. — Alana Louise May

Your trash is filled with treasure. Your darkness is what affords you light. It is our teacher, our guide, our parent full of tough love - with harsh tendencies, but sometimes it takes us a long fucking while to learn the same lesson. Shit I would kick my ass too. Trying to rise above our shadow will only achieve more suffering and dissonance, distancing ourselves from what we truly desire; connection, wholeness, unity, peace, all that love and light bliss. The Ekmans' Atlas of Emotions.

Welcome to the Atlas of Emotions.

The Ekmans' Atlas of Emotions

LE TIBETAIN - LIVRE III - 45. Par cette maîtrise le pouvoir d'exiguïté et les autres siddhis (ou pouvoirs) sont atteints, ainsi que la perfection corporelle et l'affranchissement de toutes entraves. Détails.

LE TIBETAIN - LIVRE III - 45. Par cette maîtrise le pouvoir d'exiguïté et les autres siddhis (ou pouvoirs) sont atteints, ainsi que la perfection corporelle et l'affranchissement de toutes entraves.

EWAO Scientific evidence of how thoughts and feelings attract events and create circumstances in our lives. For thousands of years great teachers such as Buddha, Jesus, Confucius and so many others have told us about the power of thought and belief.

EWAO Scientific evidence of how thoughts and feelings attract events and create circumstances in our lives

The greatest teacher in this regard may have been Jesus, he would state that when you pray you must believe as though it has already been received and even outright explained that “Anything is possible to those who believe.” Pub. Index to this page: a. Books: 1. Der allwissende Buddha. Ein Beweis und seine Probleme. Les 8 grands principes taoïstes - Désir d'être. Avant tout, une petite question : Connaissez-vous les bases du Taoïsme ? Un petit résumé ici… A présent pratiquons concrètement : Les paroles de Mahomet qu'on vous cache — France Laïque. Comme l’explique parfaitement dans cette vidéo Anne-Marie Delcambre, spécialiste française de l’islam (Docteure de 3ème cycle de l’Université Paris IV en études islamiques, Docteure d’État en droit et agrégée d’arabe classique, professeure d’arabe littéraire et auteure de nombreux livres), l’islam et les musulmans ne suivent pas les seuls enseignements sacrés du coran, mais également ceux des nombreux hadiths qui recèlent les propos et actions de leur « prophète » Mahomet et qui indiquent les traditions à respecter.

Trimondi Online Magazin - FR. Chapitre 2 de la première partie du livre L’ombre du Dalaï-lama. 6th Tibetan ~ The Big Draw. AYP Home Page - Free Lessons in Meditation, Pranayama, Kundalini, Tantra. Corps astral. India and Egypt. Neither historical events nor cross-cultural currents can explain the unique parallels in the myths and imagery of ancient Egypt and India. Walafrid Strabo (c. 809–849) German scholar has said: "The lotus flower, sacred to Buddha and to Osiris, has five petals which symbolizes the four limbs and the head; the five senses; the five digits; and like the pyramid, the four parts of the compass and the zenith.

Other esoteric meanings abound: for myths are seldom simple, and never irresponsible. " Dan Dennett: The illusion of consciousness. David Chalmers: How do you explain consciousness? Exploring Chakras: Awaken Your Untapped Energy - Susan G. Shumsky. The 500 Year Old Map that Shatters the Official History of the Human Race. Am I Reincarnated? Gesar Mukpo. V: Gesar la, what was it like growing up with an unconventional dad in a house fashioned into a court or cultural center thronged by poets, artists, educators, businessmen, medical professionals and all sorts of characters from a diverse community? G.M: It was very busy and very fascinating. There was always a sense of something important going on constantly and as a child I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on but I knew that my father was important to lot of people.

It was fun to travel around with him and everywhere he went he was received with lot of fanfare and open hearts. He traveled a lot so I did not get to spend a lot of time with him, which was something I wish I had been able to [do]. Yoga Nidra. Top Brain waves are at Delta Correlation with brain waves: While the goal of Yoga Nidra is spiritual insight and experience, not just to change the physical brain activity, there is some correlation with the brain wave patterns, as is summarized in the following: Relaxation may come first: When first practicing Yoga Nidra, there is a good chance that one might not experience Yoga Nidra itself.

The practices might be very relaxing, with brain waves slowing from Beta to Alpha or Theta, but not slowing to the Delta level. Or, the other possibility that often happens initially, is that one falls asleep into the Delta level, losing conscious awareness, and thus not experiencing true Yoga Nidra. Chemin de Vie – Pourquoi les gens ne guérissent pas ? Un médecin intuitif partage avec nous sa vision unique de la raison pour laquelle les gens ne guérissent pas. Il a longtemps pensé que tout le monde voulait être guéri. Mais il a fini par se rendre compte que « la guérison était très désagréable !