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Master T-Shirt Graphic Designer – Glenn Jones

Master T-Shirt Graphic Designer – Glenn Jones

22 new business cards – Best of march 2010 - DOJO Werbeagentur » Arbeit Allgemein alles arbeiten kampagne print web werbung alles arbeiten kampagne print werbung alles arbeiten kampagne print web alles arbeiten identity kampagne print web alles arbeiten print alles arbeiten identity kampagne web alles arbeiten kampagne print web werbung Allgemein alles arbeiten kampagne print werbung alles arbeiten kampagne alles arbeiten web alles arbeiten identity kampagne print web werbung alles arbeiten kampagne print Allgemein alles arbeiten kampagne print alles arbeiten identity kampagne print Allgemein alles arbeiten identity kampagne print alles arbeiten identity web alles web alles arbeiten identity print web alles arbeiten kampagne web Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама Most creative and interesting advertisements for 2011 It is always said that first impression is the best impression so to grab public attention towards their products the agencies and the large conglomerates stick to the creative advertisements. These advertisement techniques and unique idea helps you to spread your product or services successfully. Whether the ad is about cars, cool drinks, electronics anything which you think off; with its hilarious and creative ideas will either impress you or makes you look twice. We will take you to an excursion into the world of stunning creative ads enjoy! About the author

Opinions on Corporate and Brand Identity Work UnderConsideration is a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work. Run by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit in Austin, TX. More… products we sell Flaunt: Designing effective, compelling and memorable portfolios of creative work. Brand New Conference videos / Individual, downloadable videos of every presentation since 2010. Prints / A variety of posters, the majority from our AIforGA series. Other: Various one-off products. writing Graphic Design, Referenced: A Visual Guide to the Language, Applications, and History of Graphic DesignRockport: 2009 Women of Design: Influence and Inspiration from the Original Trailblazers to the New Groundbreakers HOW Books: 2008 The Word It Book: Speak Up Presents a Gallery of Interpreted WordsHOW Books: 2007

Browser not supported - StumbleUpon One Sheet of Paper (30 pics) We already had a post of Weird Toilet Paper Roll Art, showing Yuken Teruya’s beautiful cutouts of Toilet paper rolls, and now I present another super creative artist, Peter Callesen, who does something similar, but this time out of single A4 paper sheets. “Lately I have worked almost exclusively with white paper in different objects, paper cuts, installations and performances. A large part of my work is made from A4 sheets of paper. It is probably the most common and consumed media used for carrying information today. This is why we rarely notice the actual materiality of the A4 paper. By taking away all the information and starting from scratch using the blank white A4 paper sheet for my creations, I feel I have found a material that we are all able to relate to, and at the same time the A4 paper sheet is neutral and open to fill with different meaning. I would have never thought that one could make such masterpieces using just one sheet of paper! Looking back, 2006 White Hand, 2007

The Observatory House Le photographe d’architecture Iwan Baan a shooté cette résidence « The Observatory House », conçue par l’artiste mexicain Gabriel Orozco. Inspiré par le Jantar Mantar, l’observatoire astronomique, elle est dotée d’une piscine en haut des rochers avec un panorama incroyable. 30 Creative Bag Advertisements Have you ever seen a cool bag advertisement in your real life? I mean those viral bagvertising examples which are now all over the Internet. I bet 99.99% of you haven’t, but at the same time 99% of you have seen them on the net. So, my question is – what are advertisers aiming at? I leave it for you to decide, but what I know for sure is that they are super creative and is a must-see thing. P.S: before any of you start complaining “I’ve seen this already” – I can assure you haven’t seen every bag advertisement on our list as it’s probably the biggest and the most complete collection of the coolest bagvertising examples over the net. 1. This bag was given when you bought a book by Belgium’s most famous crime-writer. 2. A guerrilla marketing concept for Ann Summers (underwear and accessories shop). 3. Advertising Agency: Noble Graphics Creative Studio, Sofia, Bulgaria 4. Advertising Agency: Agence V, Paris, France 5. Advertising Agency: TBWA, Philippines 6. 7. 8. Credit: Jung von Matt, Berlin

Design Crush & Popsicles! - StumbleUpon Not to sound full of myself, but I’m pretty sure this is the be all, end all of popsicle roundups. There’s a little something for everyone: the foodies, the purists, the ones who prefer frozen yogurt, the ones who prefer a little alcohol, everyone. Tweny-five options to be exact. The post I did last summer on the cold guys was one of DC’s most viewed ever, so I thought you’d all be up for another round – was I right? Click on the photo to be taken to the recipe. All photos and recipes copyright of their respective source unless otherwise noted. Clever and Creative Tea Packaging Clever tea packaging and creative tea bag designs from all over the world. Cigarette Tea Bags Cigarettea are creative tea bags that look just like real cigarettes. [link] Ineeka Tea Bags Cool tea bags that have paper arms on the sides that fold out in order to make them into a single-use filter. tPod Tea Bags Small paper boats attached to tea bags by Elisabeth Soós. Tea Forté Tall polyhedral infuser tea packs by Peter Hewitt, each with a disarmingly natural-looking leaf/sprout tag. Tea Stick Cool tea bags designed for people who do not make their tea in a kitchen: gardeners, builders and campers. T Bag Example of literal design applied to a tea bag by Felix Reinki. Tea To Go Sticks Tea bags are attached inside of the tea stick so there is no need to use the spoon for stirring. Maum Tea Bags Cool tea bag designs look like people with different personalities. Tea Stick Stirrer Lighting Tea Bag Cool lighting concept by Wonsik Chae imitates the form of a tea bag. Hanger Tea Herbal Tea Bags

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