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Luisa Pereira and Manuela Donoso collaborated on this musical instrument made of elastics and light. On the first version they used regular elastics coated with conductive ink and on the final version opted for stretch ... Playing With Food is fun video by Manuela Donoso, Yucef Merhi, and Michelle Boisson made for ITP's Tech Crafts class. The assignment was to test the capacitive properties of food by wiring edibles to an Arduino running ... BeetBox from Scott Garner on Vimeo. Scott Garner, a student at NYU-ITP, created this wonderful musical instrument where the drums are actual beets.

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GE launches 'microfactory' to co-create the future of manufacturing - TechRepublic GE has launched FirstBuild, a microfactory and open community space in Louisville, Kentucky for students, makers, and engineers to co-create the smart appliances of the future. On Wednesday, General Electric announced the launch of FirstBuild, a "microfactory" and open community for students, engineers, and innovators on the University of Louisville campus in Louisville, Kentucky. The company wants to create a new business model for the manufacturing industry by harnessing open innovation, the maker movement, and community involvement to build a revolutionary new wave of smart appliances. The project is a collaboration between GE, the University of Louisville, and Local Motors, an open source hardware platform. "This is global co-creation paired with a microfactory on site," said Chip Blankenship, CEO of GE Appliances. "We will innovate and bring products to market faster than ever before."

Mindsets online Download or View the Design and Technology edition of Product News. Download or View the Special Science edition of Product News. front Is it possible to let a first sketch become an object, to design directly onto space? The four FRONT members have developed a method to materialise free hand sketches. They make it possible by using a unique method where two advanced techniques are combined.Pen strokes made in the air are recorded with Motion Capture and become 3D digital files; these are then materialised through Rapid Prototyping into real pieces of furniture.See the movie of the process of making a sketch into a piece of furniture in just one pen stroke. Click here The Swedish design group FRONT has been working in Japan since September.

Videos Right out of the gate I was enamored with the aesthetic; it evokes movies like Tron and WarGames which – whether they hold up now or not – were seen in the brain-like-a-sponge days of my childhood and, as a result, a welcome flutter of warm nostalgia cascaded through my brain. About a minute in though my interest started to wane; when were things going to pick up? I was a bit bored and having trouble understanding what this whole thing was about but, since Max made it, I stayed locked in (and am glad I did). I build systems all day and, before construction actually starts, I first have to understand what I’m building and why it’s worth the effort. Usually there’s some kind of raw, chaotic element that, if thoughtfully reconfigured, can transform an unwelcome existing reality into a new, useful one. What are these shapes?

An Organic Light Emitting Diode </p><p><h2>ENABLE JAVASCRIPT<br />TO PLAY MOVIES<br />OF EACH STEP</h2> Modification by Jason Marmon, George Lisensky, and Wendy deProphetis from Frank G. Gao and Allen J. Bard, "Solid-State Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Tris(2,2'-bipyridine)ruthenium(II) Complexes," Journal of the American Chemical Society, 122(30), 7426-7427 (2000) and Hannah Sevian, Sean Muller, Hartmut Rudmann, and Michael F. Rubner, "Using Organic Light-Emitting Electrochemical Thin-Film Devices to Teach Materials Science," Journal of Chemical Education, 81(11), 1620 (2004). A coordination complex between a transparent tin oxide electrode and an active metal electrode produces light when an external voltage is supplied.

sculpting About Newsletter Contact Recipes Ingredients Workshops The Thread Wrapping Machine by Anton Alvarez Threads and glue replace joints and screws in the furniture that emerges from a custom-made machine designed by Royal College of Art graduate Anton Alvarez (+ movie). The Thread Wrapping Machine creates objects by binding components in hundreds of metres of thread while coating them in glue. Above: photograph is by James Champion Pieces of material such as wood, steel or plastic are passed through the machine as it spins round, controlled by a foot pedal. Above: photograph is by Märta Thisner As the object is moved through the machine and wrapped in thread, additional components can be added to create chair legs, seat backs and other elements.

Open Source Energy Network (OSEN) (Teaser page created prior to Oct. 22, 2005 launch) An alternative energy non-profit organization preparing to launch. Will feature inventor tools, open source communication resources, daily news with radio and video component, blogs, comprehensive directory. Available Features Official Websites - Brief splash, with "under construction / coming soon" notice. ShopBot Desktop Architect, designer and educator John Thomas Heida relaxes in his retro, flat-pack chair John Thomas Heida is an architectural designer, a furniture designer, and a digital-fabrication specialist at the School of Visual Art’s Visible Futures Lab. He teaches at the New York School of Interior Design, School of Visual Arts and at Pratt Institute in New York City. Serving the NYC and SF Bay Area for over 8 years, John has worked with Architecture Firms (& related industries), Jewelry Designers, Furniture Designers, & world class Branding Agencies in various capacities. He brings a toolkit packed with software, construction, and fabrication knowledge which helps him to provide cutting edge solutions to the most demanding clients. I caught up with John by phone recently:

precious metal clay precious metal clay (PMC) is clay made from fine metal particles suspended in a binder. When fired, the binder burns off and the metal particles sinter to form a solid metal. Instructional Resources Faceture by Phil Cuttance London designer Phil Cuttance has built a machine to cast faceted vases that are unique every time. The Faceture series is made of water-based resin, rotated inside a folded mould as it hardens. The mould can be altered before each casting by pushing and pulling parts of the folded plastic net inwards and outwards. Royal College of Art graduate Julian Bond developed a similar process in 2010 by pushing plaster rods back and forth to continuously alter the cast form.

Toltec Active Dreaming Technique, from Cry of the Eagle by Theun Mares. Reprinted by permission of Charles Mitchley Lionheart Publishing Email: Web site: It is quite impossible to practise active dreaming when the physical body is tense and uncomfortable; therefore, the very first prerequisite in setting up dreaming is to cultivate the ability to achieve complete relaxation at will in the chosen moment. We term this state of relaxation, deep relaxation, and in the final analysis it is nothing more than a conditioned reflex. In setting up dreaming it is important to set aside a room and a time of the day in which you will not be disturbed for at least thirty minutes. Ultimately an experienced warrior can dream anywhere, at any time, no matter what his or her circumstances or surroundings may be, but in the beginning it is a great help to create the ideal environment in which to dream. Having chosen the room and time of day, dress in something which is comfortable and just warm enough.

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