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15-150. Amazon. QuickSort. Object Oriented Design. Play + Java + CRUD - Typesafe Activator. A quick tour of relational database access with Scala. Update: Added Squeryl, thanks to @JoeZulli for the heads-upUpdate 2: Added link to latest Squeryl release for Scala 2.10 and 2.9.2 I recently started working with relational databases again from within Scala, after a while in JSON-land (mostly MongoDB and elasticsearch).

A quick tour of relational database access with Scala

During that time, I’d been happily working with lightweight libraries / DSLs that take care of case class serialization, such as the impeccable Salat and elastic4s. So I started looking for a tool that would let me achieve the following: The trouble seems to be that just like for JSON libraries or HTTP Client libraries, it seems to be quite fashionable in Scala-land to roll your own Scala library for relational database access, each of those implementations having their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

100 Vim commands every programmer should know. Play Framework Support. Cedar java play scala Table of Contents The Heroku Cedar stack natively supports both Play framework 1.2.x, 2.x applications.

Play Framework Support

This document describes the general behavior of the Heroku Cedar stack as it relates to the recognition and execution of Play framework applications. Play framework applications written in either Java or Scala can be run on Heroku. For framework specific tutorials visit: Getting Started with Play! Usage · playframework/play-slick Wiki.


Usage · playframework/play-slick Wiki

"Node.js v.s. Play Framework" by Yevgeny(Jim) Brikman at ScalaMatsuri 2014. Macintosh Accent Codes. View Windows ALT Codes | View Mac Extended Codes | Mac Character Palette This page list codes for accented letters and other characters.

Macintosh Accent Codes

The list is organized by type. Git Reference. Git reset is probably the most confusing command written by humans, but it can be very useful once you get the hang of it.

Git Reference

There are three specific invocations of it that are generally helpful. git reset HEAD unstage files from index and reset pointer to HEAD First, you can use it to unstage something that has been accidentally staged. Let's say that you have modified two files and want to record them into two different commits. You should stage and commit one, then stage and commit the other. Cocoa Core Competencies: Cocoa (Touch) Cocoa and Cocoa Touch are the application development environments for OS X and iOS, respectively.

Cocoa Core Competencies: Cocoa (Touch)

Both Cocoa and Cocoa Touch include the Objective-C runtime and two core frameworks: Cocoa, which includes the Foundation and AppKit frameworks, is used for developing applications that run on OS X.Cocoa Touch, which includes Foundation and UIKit frameworks, is used for developing applications that run on iOS. The Frameworks The Foundation framework implements the root class, NSObject, which defines basic object behavior. Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts and Gestures: Menu Command Shortcuts (By Menu) Each table in this section lists the commands in an Xcode application menu and the keyboard shortcuts associated with each command.

Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts and Gestures: Menu Command Shortcuts (By Menu)

Android Games Tutorial. You now have a socially-enabled game, which is more fun to play and feels more personalized.

Android Games Tutorial

Next, let's implement invites and challenges with requests to take advantage of organic distribution through Facebook. We'll focus on how to use Facebook requests, to let users invite their friends to the game. This section of the tutorial walks through the following steps: Implement basic requests Requests are one of Facebook's primary social channels, used for direct communication between users.

You'll see a 'Challenge' button on the title screen. 1) The sendChallenge() method is currently empty. Bundle params = new Bundle(); params.putString("message", "I just smashed " + application.getScore() + " friends! Create an Android Game From Scratch (or port your existing game) - Kilobolt. SpriteBuilder & Cocos2D programming guide. Please note that you are not viewing the latest version of this documentation.

SpriteBuilder & Cocos2D programming guide

You can select the version through the dropdown in the top left. Copyright © 2014 MakeGamesWithUs Inc. All Rights Reserved. Created with Lightdoc. Programming with Objective-C: Working with Protocols. In the real world, people on official business are often required to follow strict procedures when dealing with certain situations.

Programming with Objective-C: Working with Protocols

Law enforcement officials, for example, are required to “follow protocol” when making enquiries or collecting evidence. In the world of object-oriented programming, it’s important to be able to define a set of behavior that is expected of an object in a given situation. Key-Value Observing Programming Guide: Introduction to Key-Value Observing Programming Guide. Key-value observing is a mechanism that allows objects to be notified of changes to specified properties of other objects.

Key-value observing provides a mechanism that allows objects to be notified of changes to specific properties of other objects. It is particularly useful for communication between model and controller layers in an application. (In OS X, the controller layer binding technology relies heavily on key-value observing.) A controller object typically observes properties of model objects, and a view object observes properties of model objects through a controller.

In addition, however, a model object may observe other model objects (usually to determine when a dependent value changes) or even itself (again to determine when a dependent value changes). Simple delegate tutorial for ios development. Hello everyone, I’m writing this tutorial as an introduction to the delegate design pattern in IOS development. This tutorial is based around a very simple example I’ve put together as an iphone project. As I was teaching myself iphone development I avoided properly learning using delegate functions other than getting a table view to work which was a real drag with my projects because creating custom delegate methods is a powerful tool that I should have been using all along. How to Convert Between Datatypes Types in Xcode. Datatypes in objective-c are easy to change between. But often you find yourself looking all over the web, on forums for the answers.

Converting between types is a big problem if done wrong. Fisher–Yates shuffle. Fisher–Yates shuffling is similar to randomly picking numbered tickets (combinatorics: distinguishable objects) out of a hat without replacement until there are none left. Fisher and Yates' original method[edit] The Fisher–Yates shuffle, in its original form, was described in 1938 by Ronald A. Fisher and Frank Yates in their book Statistical tables for biological, agricultural and medical research.[1] Their description of the algorithm used pencil and paper; a table of random numbers provided the randomness. The basic method given for generating a random permutation of the numbers 1 through N goes as follows: Provided that the random numbers picked in step 2 above are truly random and unbiased, so will the resulting permutation be. The modern algorithm[edit] Cocos2d-iphone: CCDirectorIOS Interface Reference. Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts and Gestures: Menu Command Shortcuts (By Menu)

SpriteBuilder & Cocos2D programming guide.