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100 Vim commands every programmer should know

100 Vim commands every programmer should know
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The Twelve-Factor App 5 Sites Providing Free IT Certification Training Image Source: There are so many IT certifications out there; where do you start? What if the expensive study guide you buy ends up being the wrong track for you? Why don’t you start with what’s free? They don’t give you free tests, though some might have sample tests available. ProProfs free resources include a great deal of subject matter as well as thorough study guides, practice questions, and basic information like how much the tests cost and where to take them. Professor Messer The good professor offers a bunch of online video courses in entry level IT careers. W3Schools You can use W3Schools as a quick reference to find that HTML tag you can’t quite remember, but you can also use it as a guide to earn Web development certifications. SeachSecurity Got a hankering to become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)? INE has a section of their Web site devoted to free prep for the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert exam. Guest Post by: About Guest

The Best Linux Applications of 2013 2013 – What A Year, Right? This time last year we knew nothing of Ubuntu Touch; Canonical attempting to raise $32 million for a cutting-edge smartphone would’ve sounded insane; Mir was a space station while Wayland was the future; and as far as Saucy Salamanders and Trusty Tahrs are concerned, they were nothing but adjunct words on the pages of untroubled thesaurus. It’s been a busy year. Canonical continue to stride forwards towards a converged future for the OS, while an estimated 25 million people continue to use the regular desktop version for their day-to-day computing needs. But key to both experiences are apps. We’ve opted to exclude ‘obvious’ choices like Firefox, Chrome, LibreOffice and Steam (because we all know they’re awesome anyway) to highlight lesser-known apps and utilities that, this year, made the desktop experience all the more awesome. What did we pick? Geary Those who insist that the days of desktop mail clients are over are fast being made to eat their words by Yorba.

Want to Write a Compiler? Just Read These Two Papers. Imagine you don't know anything about programming, and you want learn how to do it. You take a look at, and there's a highly recommended set of books by Knute or something with a promising title, The Art of Computer Programming, so you buy them. Now imagine that it's more than just a poor choice, but that all the books on programming are at written at that level. That's the situation with books about writing compilers. It's not that they're bad books, they're just too broadly scoped, and the authors present so much information that it's hard to know where to begin. Not surprisingly, the opaqueness of these books has led to the myth that compilers are hard to write. The best source for breaking this myth is Jack Crenshaw's series, Let's Build a Compiler! As good as it is, Crenshaw's series has one major omission: there's no internal representation of the program at all. That brings me to A Nanopass Framework for Compiler Education [PDF] by Sarkar, Waddell, and Dybvig.

Linux Newbie Guide by Stan, Peter and Marie Klimas Intro. We are relative Linux newbies (with Linux since Summer 1998). We run mostly RedHat and Mandrake -> the solutions might not be directly applicable to other Linux distributions (although most of them probably will be). Hope this helps; we try to be as practical as possible. Of course, we provide no warranty whatsoever. If you spotted a bad error or would like to contribute a part on a topic of your choice, we would like to hear from you. General description of this Guide. Conventions: <> = single special or function key on the keyboard. Part 0: For the Undecided (Linux Benefits) If you are wondering what the Linux pros and cons are, and whether Linux is for you. Part 1: Before Linux Installation What distribution should I use, how to obtain it, Linux hardware requirements, how to partition your hard drive, about dual boot, which packages to install, which graphical user interface (GUI) to install (gnome or kde?) Licence, Acknowledgments and log of changes.

10 Secrets to Becoming a Great Remote Developer | X-Team | Development Agency (Note: This is a condensed version of my keynote originally presented at DrupalCamp Manila 2014) X-Team has been leading the remote movement by building apps and websites with remote teams for the last decade. Over that time, we’ve learned a lot of secrets (the hard way) about what qualities make up a truly effective and productive remote developer. It’s time we shared some of those secrets. If you can discipline yourself and your team to truly adopt these beliefs and methods, you will see immediate, noticeable differences in your remote team’s output. Key to remember here: don’t allow common sense advice to seem less important. Contribute trust every day It all begins with trust. The very definition of a team is a group of individuals who are bound by trust. Physical teams suffer from physical barriers (such as a floor for each department) which consequently create tribes and ultimately compartmentalize trust. Remote teams, however, live and die by their trust. Inspire each other. Why?

Graphical Network Simulator - GNS3 Datavu: Useful Unix commands for exploring data While dealing with big genetic data sets I often got stuck with limitation of programming languages in terms of reading big files. Also sometimes it is not convenient to load the data file in Python or R in order to perform few basic checks and exploratory analysis. Unix commands are pretty handy in these scenarios and often takes significantly less time in execution. Lets consider movie data set from some parallel universe (with random values) for this assignment. With few duplicate records Lets start with few basic examples, Check column names of file head -1 movies.csv We can use cat to display the file but we are interested in column names which is only first row of the file. Check number of records in the file wc -l movies.csv The command wc gives us number of characters, number of words and number of lines in a file. Check 50th record head -50 movies.csv | tail -1 The operator | is called pipe and it will forward the output of first command as input of second command. Hint:

deWiTTERS Game Loop – Koonsolo Games The game loop is the heartbeat of every game, no game can run without it. But unfortunately for every new game programmer, there aren’t any good articles on the internet who provide the proper information on this topic. But fear not, because you have just stumbled upon the one and only article that gives the game loop the attention it deserves. (Thanks to Kao Cardoso Félix this article is also available in Brazilian Portuguese, and thanks to Damian/MORT in Polish) The Game Loop Every game consists of a sequence of getting user input, updating the game state, handling AI, playing music and sound effects, and displaying the game. bool game_is_running = true; while( game_is_running ) { update_game(); display_game(); } The problem with this simple loop is that it doesn’t handle time, the game just runs. FPS is an abbreviation for Frames Per Second. Game Speed FPS dependent on Constant Game Speed Implementation This is a solution with one huge benefit: it’s simple! Slow hardware Fast hardware

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